I say almost every year, but in the summer I tend to focus on short sleeves and shorts.

This is too simple and boring. ……

Besides, now is the season of sweating, but the air conditioner in the room is cold because I am listening!

It is also a special summer men’s clothing special award.

In addition, I want to know whether clothing men’s clothing will be popular in the summer of 2021.

After all, as long as the popular items are added, wearing it will be very seasonal, and it will be gorgeous.

In order to solve the troubles of men, we will continue to propose the combination of iron plate men’s matching skills that never fade in the summer men’s fashion in 2021.

Summer temperature rises and the weather is hot.

After all, the protagonist of the dress is often the top.

I want to maintain two points as the top trend

As the trend of tops, I want to keep in mind the following two points.

2021 Summer men’s fashion top trend ① Earth color single

Due to the trend of sustainable trends, many earth -colored projects have appeared.

Even in summer, isn’t it solid color?

You might think so.

However, this dull earth tone increases the feeling of adults.

The earth color is the general name of brown to green, and is used to depict natural objects such as the earth and plants.

It is also the color of hippie movement in the 1970s.


The earth color can be said to be the most basic natural color.

Dressing is really difficult! It’s not like that.

It is a good thing to put on it to improve the atmosphere, so please try it.

2021 Summer Men’s Top Trends ② Side is still a large silhouette

Big silhouettes have been popular for several years, but this summer, which seems to be loose, will continue to be popular.

The large outline makes it very suitable for relaxation at home.

For the long bottom, you basically have a good balance, so you don’t have to worry about coordination.

You can combine it into the outline of the shape of the iron plate. It looks very fashionable and has a volume on the top.

So it is very suitable for a slim figure.

Of course, T -shirts are the protagonists of men’s summer tops, and no one will miss it.

Even if it is a T -shirt, there is a trend every year.

The earth pigment T -shirt introduced earlier is a must -have item for this year.

After all, the most reliable is a plain T -shirt.


Moreover, this year’s emotions are “sustainable” and “ecology”.


It is recommended to introduce the earth pigment T -shirt above.

It is a good idea to have a project that follows this trend.

The fancy colors and patterns are a bit similar. ……

Even for men, it is easy to integrate if it becomes earthy.

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