In summer, it depends more on the home environment in life. Summer is the season of text, especially families with babies at home. We must thoroughly repel mosquito mosquito coils and mosquito coils. Everyone does not know that only the safe summer is inseparable from the safe summer. The weather is hot. When using the household appliances, you must pay attention to the precautions and usage of home appliances. Today, I will tell you!


1. Family mosquito coils or mosquito coils

2. A piece of mosquito coil tablets for electric mosquitoes. In the end, I think the heart of the mosquito coils is not only convenient, but also durable. Put it in a more prominent position. When you get up in the morning, the switch is enough. A bottle is probably used for a month without smell and no pollution. The most important thing is that it does not cause fire.

3. Electric mosquito fragrance is divided into electric mosquito and fragrance tablets and mosquito coil fluids. Because mosquito coils are harmful to the human body, and bottle, the dose is large, in case of dumping out, poisonous, although mosquito coil tablets are also poisonous, but the tablets are stored, the drug dose is stored, the dose of the drug Relatively smaller and safe.

4. Finally summarize: Safe and comfortable to consider mosquito coils. It is convenient and fast and comfortable to consider mosquito coils for a month before changing the medicine. If you kill it thoroughly, please use the sprayer to leave. If you save, consider smell mosquito coils.


2. Precautions for using home appliances in summer

1. Regular dust removal of air conditioners, regularly clean the condenser, evaporator, filter, heat exchanger to prevent the heat sink from blocking the heat sink.

2. To prevent combustible materials around the refrigerator. The refrigerator cannot be used in an environment with combustible gases and cannot be used by flammable paint by the refrigerator.


3. Pay attention to the lighting and lightning and lightning and lightning on the TV. In the summer, it is easy to suffer from lightning strike antennas. Pay attention to moisture, dustproof, and do not expose it.

4. Electric water device checks whether the leakage protection is valid regularly. The fire of the electric water heater is mostly caused by the short circuit of the circuit. The “test” key for the leakage protection plug is regularly checked to ensure that the leakage protection is effective.

5. The range hood will regularly remove the oil to prevent the fire. If the range hood does not pay attention to daily maintenance, it may also become a “killer” in the kitchen. In recent years, the fire accident caused by the range hood has occurred frequently. The main reason is that the oil stains have too much pressure, and the fire caused by the fire caused by the fire.


6. The power socket is not grounded. Due to the humid working environment of the washing machine, it is easy to leakage, and the grounding of the power socket can avoid electric shock.

7. The remaining temperature of the hair dryer is easy to cause fire. The hair dryer is high, and the heating is fast. Often, the air outlet temperature is still very high after blowing the hair. It is easy to cause fire and endanger the safety of life and property.


The above is the use of mosquito repellent knowledge mosquito coils and mosquito coils shared by Xiaobian and everyone. Which one is safe and non -toxic in the summer, it is not as heavy as a baby who needs to repel mosquitoes. Our sleep. Use air conditioners in hot summer. Be sure to pay attention to the safety of home life, and do not open it for a long time to fall into aging. For the safety of the family, pay more attention when using home appliances!

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