Especially girls around 30 years old, in fact, they are mainly pursuing a relatively simple feeling, which can attract their attention more simplicity. There is another kind of mature and stable, and there is also a stylish temperament. How can it be better?


So let’s take a look at the wear of girls in their 30s, simple and generous and temperament.


1. Pants with a shirt

In fact, in addition to its own conditions, there is also the pursuit of clothes, which can achieve a beautiful temperament. These factors are added together, that is, the 30 -year -old woman takes the best results.


A simple white shirt, and it is a long -sleeved, long -sleeved white V -neck shirt, it will also look particularly temperamental and loose. How to match such clothes is beautiful, with the most basic style, the most basic style, the most basic style, the most basic style, the most basic style, the most basic style, the most basic style. Or the simplest style is very interesting.

So if you want to feel more mature, just match black pants, and black pants also look very mature, but it will not affect the skin color. The skin color can affect the top. Essence

If the weather in autumn is colder, because sometimes it is cold and hot, it is really difficult to grasp, so prepare a suit jacket directly in order to prepare from time to time. It is enough to take it out when the weather is cold. This is also very temperamental. This is also very temperamental. I don’t wear a jacket, they are very simple and fashionable.


Although this kind of dress is relatively rare, it is a perfect sense of fashion, and many girls particularly like it, especially shirts with pants, which can also be said to be classic and versatile.

Second, shirt with pleated skirt

The shirt actually has a very good sense of formal sense, and it is particularly beautiful together, and many girls often use this basic model to match. Although these basic models are relatively simple, the feeling of matching is not simple.

Everyone should be more common in pleated skirts. Many girls’ wardrobes can be rolled casually. There will definitely be a pleated skirt, and the pleated skirt is better to girls, strong tolerance, and many legs are slightly fat. Or the fatter, it is completely different.

So use a yellow shirt to directly match the Khaki pleated skirt. Two more casual styles can wipe out different sparks and can look very aura. Essence


When many people wear her skirt, they will choose a high heels. It is also very temperamental to wear high heels, because skirts with high heels may be more consistent. If jeans, especially tight denim, will be contrary to it. See it. I don’t want to see the feeling.


Therefore, in our daily life, although this combination is more common, it is completely different styles of different people, so everyone has to find their own style.


Third, sweater with a half skirt


Many people will be found in the autumn wardrobe. One style is a sweater. Most of the fat girls are half skirts. There are jacket sweaters, turtleneck sweaters, knitted hair, and various sweater styles. Let’s choose.

Especially everyone prefers a little pale color system, and there are some relatively large sweaters. It is actually more versatile to wear, especially this taro purple. Many girls like it very much. a feeling of.


A relatively loose potato purple long -sleeved sweater is paired with a cake skirt, and the cake skirt will be very layered, a layer of a big layer, and the color of the wave dot. Different.

It can be paired with a relatively long boot. In the fall, the boots may have begun to wear. This is a sense of fashion, which is completely different.

So for us, many of these styles are very popular, and women in their 30s pay attention to a simple, simple and clean, and feel very mature, which is the most beautiful pursuit of fashion.

Women in their 30s should not choose some of them are too green and green. It is not easy to match, and the upper body effect is not good. Although some styles look pretty, they are too complicated to wear.

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How does 30+ girls wear temperament? White shirt with long style is simple and generous, age reduction and foreign

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