With the improvement of people’s health awareness, more and more people are beginning to like massage, but it is not convenient to go to massage stores. It is time to buy a massage chair once and for all, but if the home is small, it is difficult to accommodate.

Considering the average housing price of the next tier cities, it is 100,000 small, and a massage chair takes an average of two square meters. For many people, buying a massage chair is simple, and it is not easy to buy it.


In this case, buy a massage cushion, put it on the sofa, chair, and even driver’s seats. It has a simple and mobile chair in minutes to become a very cost -effective choice.


Old rules and three companies are better than three. The observation of this massage industry also selected three well -known brands of massage cushion products for a horizontal evaluation to provide a purchase guide for everyone to buy massage cushions.


The massage chair we selected in this review is Rongtai RT2187, Aojiahua OG1302, Ao Sheng OS-260. All three massage cushions are from famous doors and are star products in the market.

Next, we evaluate from the brand’s origin, appearance value workmanship, massage experience, hardware parameters, and user comprehensive scores.

Part1: brand origin

For the convenience of understanding, we will take everyone to familiarize themselves with these brands before the evaluation.



: Founded in 1997, it is a large -scale enterprise with integration, production and sales of well -known domestic massage equipment in China. One of the only domestic massage chair listed companies has thousands of offline stores and a large number of users.

Ao Jiahua

: Founded in Malaysia in 1996, but since entering the Chinese market in 2005 and continued deep cultivation, it has become a well -known domestic massage chair brand. Like Rongtai, it is the same A -share listed company. Thousands of offline stores. At the same time, there are global stores in more than 20 countries and regions such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

During 618 this year, Aojiahua ranked first in Jingdong Health Electric, and the sales of the entire network exceeded 140 million.


It is worth noting that Aojiahua not only has the first massage chair, but also the small part is not inferior. Massage cushion, cervical/lumbar vertebrae, eye massage instrument, etc. are well received.


: (Osim Internal) was founded in 1980. The company’s predecessor is a trading store, mainly selling kitchen appliances and family supplies. After that, the company started selling hand massage and reflex areas. In 1987, the company expanded its business and sales network to sell household supplies and health products in markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

Part2: Yan value workmanship

Massage cushion is also an important part of home. It is necessary to consider the degree of matching it with sofas, office chairs, and even car seats. The beauty of beauty and workmanship must also be considered.

At the level of aesthetics, the three massage cushions have achieved fashion atmosphere, but the details such as color matching, material matching, and whether they have different wings.


Rongtai RT2187 and Aojiahua 1302 are close to the outside. They all use the back and hip airbag semi -wrap design. When the airbags are charged, there are wraps and squeezing feelings similar to a massage chair.

In terms of color selection, Rongtai RT2187 has two colors: red and brown colors, which are relatively stable.

Aojiahua 1302 has two colors with light pink and brown. It is more younger and focused on the color depth coordination and bright edge of the edge of the edge, which is more fashionable.

In terms of material selection, both of them are more particular. For example, Aojiahua 1302, the outer leather uses the same material as the massage chair, five years of water -resistant PU leather, and the use of breathable mesh cloth on the back is conducive to the hot compress and massage experience. Use ultra -soft elastic cloth and remove the outer layer to avoid cleaning troubles.

On the side of the chair, both have side bags for remote control and power cord storage. The back has a fixed magic strap, which can be fixed to the sofa, seat back, etc., which is convenient and easy to use.

Ao Sheng OS-260 shape is closer to common ordinary chair backs. There is no half-packed siege design on the back and hips. Relatively rich, there are three available yellow, happy red, and gray.

Part3: Massage experience and hardware parameters

As a giant in the massage chair industry, all three extended the housekeeping skills to the massage cushion.

Let’s take a look at the comparison of the hardware parameters of the three massage cushions.

From the perspective of parameters, Rongtai’s strength lies in the long distance of the massage head. The maximum massage head of the neck can be adjusted by 15 cm up and down. It is suitable for people with different heights, especially those with beautiful swan necks.

At the same time, the Rongtai airbags are widely distributed, and the airbags are distributed on the waist, both sides of the hip, and under the hips, and the total number reaches 13 groups. There is a clear sense of squeezing in the inflatable mode.

Aojiahua 1302 has two highlights from the parameters:

One: The massage head is specially dedicated, with three parts: neck, back, and waist, equipped with 3 different massage heads.

The neck is the head of the two groups of big sons, with a combination of height and size.

On the back is the two groups of boys to massage their heads, from the bottom to the back of the back, there are three adjustments, which can realize the governance of massage depth.

The waist massage head is even more highlighting. It is the only one in the three massage cushions to design a single head massage head for the waist. It can make a deep beating massage to let the lumbar spine completely relax and bid farewell to the soreness.

Secondly, the half -packet pulse airbags brought precise massage enjoyment comparable to the massage chair.

Aojiahua’s small parts are also very willing to lower the book. The airbags used are also pulse airbags for massage chairs. With the structural characteristics of bilateral wings, a semi -encirclement structure can be formed during massage, which can be fixed to accurately massage.

During the massage, the three different massage heads plus the pulse airbag squeezing and positioning, the acupoint finding is accurate, the strength is in place, the back of the back and buttocks is strong. You can get a pressing feeling of a massage chair. Continuously rise to achieve massage effects.

Ao Sheng OS-260 uses a V-type 4-ball massage movement. The massage method is delicate and comfortable. However, you can only massage the back. There is no airbag on the waist and hips, which cannot be positioned, and the hips cannot enjoy the comfort brought by the massage.

The highlight of Ao Sheng is the removable head pillow. If you feel that the massage is strong, you can put on the head pillow and disassemble. At the same time, there are 4 groups of intelligent massage modes, which are the largest of three massage cushions.

In terms of the size of the three products, Ao Jiahua is relatively spacious. With 10 cm, it can increase the height. The height of the upper body reaches 97 cm and the cushion width reaches 51.5 cm, which is suitable for more body types.

In general, the three massage cushions have their own Qianqiu, and users can choose according to their preferences.

Part4: Comprehensive user score

In order to do this evaluation, we called for more than 20 people to participate in the experience. Among them, the proportion of men and women was basically half, covering the different types of high, short, fat, and thin. From a Meng girl with a minimum of 1 meter 55 meters less than 90 pounds, a strong man with a height of 1.96 meters height of more than 220 catties was measured. Everyone expressed their opinions and scores.

After being sorted out by the staff, the comprehensive scores obtained by the final 3 massage cushions are as follows:

Rongtai RT2187 experience experience:

The material of the massage shop is good, that is, the color is slightly darker, and the strength is just right. The neck and back can be heated. This will be very practical in winter. There are also many techniques, and the actions of kneading, pinching, and hammer are available. Putting a massage on the computer chair is absolutely enjoyable, bowed his head 996, raised his head to kill chickens, and the stiff neck and shoulders were much more comfortable. When the airbags are filled, it is very powerful. What can feel that the body is tightly squeezed is a little bit of a little bit of people around the neck and the back of the brain.

Aojiahua 1302 experience experience:

Before using a massage cushion, I felt that the massage cushion could not press the massage chair. After all, a massage chair was more than enough to buy 10 cushions. I did not expect to be educated a few minutes later.

The massage head in each area of ​​Aojiahua is different. The big back of the mind is large, and the strength is quite strong when the massage. The more tired you are, the better. When the little hammer knocks, it feels that the stiffness of the body is knocked softly, cool and not painful. I look forward to the a few times when the massage head is knocked from below, that is, the shoulders need to be strengthened, and it is best to grab the shoulders.

The heating function is also worthy of praise. I thought that the massage of the cushion was small, and the heating would be a little bit water. I did not expect that the infrared thermal compresses were heated and fast and wide. Functions will be more practical in autumn and winter. In addition, the heating function on the remote control has an independent control key, and people who are afraid of heat can be turned off in summer.

The airbags of the waist and buttocks are also good. There are rhythm when it is filled. The airbags here are large and full. There is one below the buttocks, and the office workers often use estimates to prevent big ass.

There is also an unexpected point. I heard that the massage small items were produced in the OEM, but from the perspective of workmanship and brand, Aojiahua products are the same as the massage chair, which shows that they are originally produced by their original factory and have passed the quality.


OS-260 experience experience

At first glance, Ao Sheng was a Japanese goods. The skin was comfortable. The fit of the back and the human body was very high. I could feel that the massage ball walked upstream and downstream. The technique is very delicate, one -click to choose four intelligent modes, simple and easy to operate.


Unfortunately, the back is comfortable, the waist and buttocks cannot be enjoyed, and they cannot be pretended to be on the driver’s seat. It is a small shortage, but the headrest is good.

In general, the three massage cushions are well performed. Among them, Aojiahua is welcomed by more experienced massage heads and original quality. Considering the current price of the three products, Rongtai RT2187 is sold The price of 2080 yuan, Ogahua OG1302 is priced at 1549 yuan, Ao Sheng OS-260 is priced at 2299 yuan.

Taken together, Aojiahua 0G1302 can be regarded as the ultra -cost -effective choice in the massage cushion. In the near future, there is also a light -matching lounge chair with colors as gifts, which is quite cost -effective.

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