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深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

In order to know what confusion you have, Jian Brother sent a questionnaire a few days ago, and found that there were a lot of problems! From the perspective of 778 questionnaires, more than half of the pregnant mothers who took Eleville to produce adverse reactions …

▲ Questionnaire results are for reference only

Let’s take a look at what pregnant mothers say ~

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

How can you still have this problem that has been sold for so many years? Don’t panic first, Jian Brother helped you study it ~ Take the Chinese version of Elevi composite vitamins as an example. It is actually a drug. The medicine is allowed to have side effects, and the product has also made clear marks ↓

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

However, many pregnant mothers regard it as daily health products, and it is no wonder that dizziness, nausea and other problems will occur.


Eleville composite vitamin is not suitable for being used as an ordinary dietary supplement during pregnancy

, Prepare the seeds of melon, Jian brother is going to start performance, look at the results in a hurry, read the content below carefully ↓

Five versions of Elevilius composite vitamins,

No one is suitable for Chinese pregnant women!

Before entering the topic, let me show you the five versions of the compound vitamins of Elevilius, and any of them you eat.

What happened, let’s say one by one!

Iron adds exceed the highest tolerance of the country

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

Although it is easy to be iron deficiency during pregnancy, excessive iron intake can also cause adverse reactions. The biggest affecting the liver, pancreas, heart, joints, and pituitary gland will increase the risk of liver cancer.

But let’s take a look at the addition of the five versions of the Elevili composite vitamin medium iron ↓

The “Reference Increase in Dietary Nutrition of Chinese Residents” stipulates that the maximum tolerance of Chinese residents is 42mg/day. But it is obvious, among them

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

The three versions of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Edition, New Zealand and Australia have exceeded the maximum intake of Chinese tolerance, which can easily cause adverse reactions!

So those pregnant mothers who say that Elevilius compound vitamins nausea and vomiting ~ This is not because the baby is naughty and tossing you, nor because you take medicine on an empty stomach to stimulate the stomach … This is excessive iron intake! Intersection

Wang Health still recommends that you can take from food as much as possible, such as

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

You can eat some red meat, animal blood and liver ~

⚠️ Note ⚠ ️

It is recommended that patients with iron deficiency anemia

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

Targeted iron supplement

, And can not be limited by the maximum tolerance intake.

Patients (genotype) patients (genotype) patients with medium and heavy thalasses are not recommended to supplement iron, and iron intake should be appropriately reduced.

Folic acid adds exceeding the daily recommended intake

Let’s talk about the folic acid that pregnant mothers are most concerned about, although the intake of folic acid during pregnancy is very important. Lack of folic acid may cause fetal nerve tube defects, signs of eclampath, and premature placenta. However, long -term intake of a large number of synthetic folic acid will also have toxic and side effects on the human body: inducing septic, interfere with zinc absorption, and interfere with the diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency, leading to irreversible nerve damage.

Considering that everyone pays more attention to eating habits during pregnancy, if you eat fresh green leafy vegetables of more than 200g a day, you can consume about 200 μgdef folic acid. According to the suggestion of the Chinese Nutrition Society, in addition to eating foods rich in folic acid during pregnancy,

Extra 400 μg should be supplemented every day

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !


深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

However, except for the composite vitamins (German version 2), the remaining four folic acid adds more than the recommended intake.

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

Folic acid in food does not have side effects on the body.

It is recommended to consume more folic acid foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, fruits and beans ~

Remember Wang Health’s advice: Just use nutrients enough, it is not recommended to add too much!

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

High iodine content

You are familiar with iodine ~ We have iodized salt used for cooking. The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that adults should not take more than 6g of salt daily, and consume 6g of salt per day (25 mg/kg), and from iodine every day from iodine per day The iodine intake in salt is about 150 μg, which can basically meet the recommended intake of general women’s iodine.

In fact, most of the daily salt intake of Chinese residents exceed 6G, and the focus of the mouth can reach 10-12g, and the intake of iodine salt can reach 250-300 μg every day.

Although iodine deficiency can lead to rising mortality rates of neonatal diseases, fetal disease, fetal and perinatal neonatal mortality. However, excessive iodine can also lead to large goiter, hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, etc., and the harm cannot be ignored!

The Eleville’s foreign version generally adds iodine and has a high content. For those who are salty daily or eat seafood, it is easy to lead to excessive iodine.

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

How to supplement if you don’t take an additional intake?

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends eating seafood rich in iodine 1 or 2 times a week, such as: kelp, seaweed, sea fish, shellfish, etc. to supplement


Patients with hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are not recommended to blindly supplement iodine, please follow the doctor’s advice!

Vitamin A content is high

Vitamin A should be no stranger to. The night blindness that biological teachers said at school before school were caused by lack of vitamin A. In fact, the lack of vitamin A can also cause dry eye, damage to immune function, and increased mortality rates and mortality rates of infectious diseases.

However, excessive intake of vitamin A will also damage the health of the liver, increase the risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, and even cause fetal malformation.

The vitamin A content in the Chinese pharmaceutical version is far more than the daily recommended intake of 770 μg

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

Intersection Although the German version of the 1st and 2th paragraphs, although the vitamin A content is crushed, considering that the daily diet will be intake, it also properly exceeds the daily recommended intake.

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

Wang Health recommends that you prefer food supplements, and the safety factor is higher ~ For example, eat some

Fish, poultry, meat, eggs, and dark fruits and vegetables

If you are worried that if you consume too much vitamin A directly from food, you can have side effects on the body, you can consider ingesting a dark green, orange fruits and vegetables. There is basically no excessive risk.

Do you think this is over?

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

Wang Health has carefully picked the ingredient table. In addition to the iron, folic acid, iodine and vitamin A mentioned above, there are some trace elements

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

Copper, B vitamins, etc. also exceed the daily recommended intake

I have said so much saying so much, and give you three sentences:

1. It does not need to be added to the food from the food; no matter how good things are, the right amount can be used. Eating more is useless.

2. Eleville is not suitable for long -term use of ordinary dietary supplements.

3. If the doctor recommends, please take the doctor in order to find the adverse reaction, communicate with the doctor in real time, and make targeted supplements according to personal circumstances.

After reading this article, I do n’t know what to eat and do n’t know if you should eat it. With your questions, let ’s see that every king health care will be carefully read!

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

⚠️ Note ⚠ ️

深扒5个版本爱乐维复合维生素,建议中国妈妈慎用 !

⚠️ Note ⚠ ️



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