The office decoration partitions are almost running through the office of each enterprise, which has derived a variety of types and styles, from green plants to navigation rope curtains, from hollow screens to modern lighting glass partitions, etc. These partition designs make the space environment Change is changing, providing greater practical functions and artistic atmosphere for office space. Today, I have inventory several partition designs with practicality and ornamental. Let’s enjoy it together.

Line partition


The partitions made of bamboo poles, rattan, hemp rope and wooden strips, and sparse lines allow light to flow freely indoors without a sense of depression brought by real walls. This partition is pursuing nature in material, but the space effect presents is impressive. The horizontal lines allow the indoor space to extend the horizontal direction visually. The separation of the shape of the bamboo curtain gives people a sense of soft and hard combination. Generally speaking, the natural -style office design will use this type of partition to create a unique comfortable atmosphere in space.

Screen partition

The screen partition can be divided into two types: vertical type and multi -folding type according to the shape. The expression form is transparent, translucent, closed, and hollowed out. The screen partition can not only achieve the role of dividing the region, but also, the screen itself focuses on craftsmanship and aesthetics, and has a full sense of design. It is a very good choice for improving the aesthetics of the office. Screen partitions are common in Chinese decoration styles, giving people a sense of elegance and tranquility. It reflects the essence of traditional Chinese aesthetics, also shows the style of corporate style, and enhances the corporate cultural atmosphere.

Gypsum board partition


It is mainly used for corporate image walls, office area segmentation, indoor and outdoor segmentation. Its structure is relatively simple, easy to process and install, the advantages of gypsum boards are also well -sealed, have good heat insulation and sound insulation effects, and have strong plasticity and high stability. However, the transparency of the gypsum board is slightly weaker, which is not conducive to indoor lighting. If it is recommended to add glass to decorate the glass in the room.

Glass partition

The glass partition should be the most widely and most common partition. The lightingability is stronger than other partition types, which is conducive to increasing the transparency of the space. Because the glass is highly transparent, it can effectively enhance the openness visually. The office feels more spacious. In addition, the sound insulation and moisture -proof effect of the glass itself are also very good, easy to clean, and have strong visual permeability. The clean and bright feeling created itself is incomparable to other partition methods.


Geometric graphical partition

This partition can be said to be a good place for designers to show creative talents. Geometric screens are more tolerant of color, patterns, materials, and shapes. If the design is clever, then the beauty of the office is definitely icing on the cake. There are many forms of geometric graphic partitions. Among them, hollow, graphics, lines, etc. are relatively common partition patterns. There are also many choices in materials, and wood, ropes, and metals are more common. Modern style, economical, constant, and more transparent.

The partition is a means of limited space without splitting space. It not only has the function of dividing, beautifying, and coordinating space, but also helps us solve many problems in many spaces. In practical applications, these partition methods may be learned.



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