When you have a cat, how would you bring them out? Do you buy a cat bag, or do you hold it or drive it to go out? No matter what the way, it is necessary to ensure that the cat will not run around, because if it is frightened, it will not be good, and it will be stared at it.


There is such a netizen who has a cat at home. Recently, netizens plan to take it out to play. However, there was no bag with a cat at home. Later, I had to get a bag and packed it! When you go out, put it directly inside and only show your head! However, when netizens poured up the bag, the space in the bag became smaller, and the cats were obviously squeezed inside, especially the meat on the face was squeezed into a pile!

The meat on the face almost covered the cat’s eyes. In this way, it seems that the cat’s meat is quite a lot, and the usual food must be very good! Although the cat was held by the cat with a little bit of pain, but seeing it looked like, forgive me, I couldn’t help but laugh! Cat:


The face is deformed, and it will be suffocated! Shovel, you look at me!

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