In summer, I like to wear small yellow skirts. It is white and temperament. It is a very beautiful tone, light color, warm and comfortable.

It is also quite white. The yellow system is also related to the material. Different materials and different design feels are different. Using an oversize dress plus a pleated skirt, a V -neck design or adding the design of the V -neck or adding it Small ball heads form a design highlight

With unique skills, we can also choose a simple shape. The ball head plus a V -neck dress, with a pleated design or a gradient style, and wearing it. The small yellow skirt is applied in summer. More

The practicality is relatively high and stronger. If the yellow dress is changed, it can be changed. This year, the small yellow skirt is rarely parsed. This time the readers said that they want to see the yellow design, which is really good -looking. Characteristic


The yellow dress is suitable for slim dots. Girls with temperament have a certain change. You can also use Oversize design. At the cuffs, or at the skirt, you can use the silhouette design. The upper body is a slim design. , Two contrasts are more temperamental


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