Today, with the popularity of fast fashion brands, there are really few classic products in the field of men’s clothing. Entering autumn and winter, it is difficult to buy a wearing and classic jacket. Looking at the world, only the military uniform industry can do this. We know that the iterative update of the US military uniform during World War II was blended from the initial M-1941 to the M-1943 cotton jacket to the M-1951 Royal Cold Field Jacket, and then the multi-function M-1965 is now. Today, Denimsay is to introduce the combat jacket of M65 to everyone. It started production for the first time in 1966 in 1965.

In 1966, the M-65 battlefield trench coat was born. Since 40 years, the M-65 has become one of the standard equipment for U.S. infantry. Today’s M-65 uses high-tech fabrics and design, which is a comfortable and reliable military coat in any weather environment. The M-65 uses a two-purpose design of the buckle/zipper, so that the soldiers will not have inconvenience such as holding or pulling.

1. Insider hood

2. Bonatopo zipper front placket, and brass presses the buckle (early as the cricket metal zipper)

3. The waist, hood and bottom are adjusted.


4. The buttons that can be installed


5. The huge chest pockets closed by the buckle


7. Double -layer shoulder seams provide a larger free movement range of the arms


8. The cuff can be buckled with Victoria, completely covering the back and gloves of the hand and gloves

9. M-65’s windproof fabrics use 50%cotton and 50%nylon to resist 225 pounds of tension.

10. Fabric is waterproof and has flame retardant function

11. The M-65 has passed 139 steps independent sutures, and the quality is reliable

The M65 is not only a military uniform. For more than 40 years since its appearance, its classic and practical design not only affects the military uniforms of various countries, but also has a huge impact on civil clothing, so that it can be on many men’s autumn and winter clothing. See the shadow of M65 more or less (almost all the movie stars you know pass through M65). The classic M65 is also manifested in, and the layout design is very mature, so that it has been equipped with major US military for more than 40 years. Can you imagine that a piece of clothing is used for 40 years and the shape is basically the same? of.


In 1982, the M65 worn by Stallone in “The First Drop of Blood”

In 2010, Brian Garian Paul’s stills in “Golden Dream of the United States”


Even the horror king Ben Laden often wore a juvenile jacket with a very textured jungle camouflage in some video videos. It is the well -known Feild Jacket -M65! It is said that the United States provided aid supplies to the guerrillas in order to support Afghanistan’s resistance to the Soviet Union’s aggression. At that time, the M65 received by the Afghan guerrillas had two main colors: olive green and jungle fans.

In Asia, the M65 is also very popular with fashion people. For example, the old conspiracy can often see him wearing the M65 on the set on TV.


In recent years, the rise of retro trends, M-65 has also been deeply treated by some big-name fashion. Like Burberry’s design, M65 military uniforms have also appeared. Strictly speaking, these clothes can only be said to be M65-style jackets, and Do not call them M65.


Only a few US Japanese brands are repeatedly engraved, and they are called the real military version M65. Today we also recommend more famous M65 manufacturers with entry -level, mid -level and high -end. It should be able to meet the needs of most people.


Introduction-Alpha Industries M-65 Field Coat, priced at $ 150

Just like Levis’s status in jeans, Alpha Industries is a M-65 jacket. As a military clothing manufacturer for more than 50 years, Alpha has been one of the main suppliers of the US Army and the Navy since 1959. Not only are they focusing on M-65, but they also have countless other major military clothing, including brothers MA-1 flight jackets and various heavy military uniforms.

Mid-range-Buzz Rickson’s 1968 model M-65, priced at $ 325


The name Buzz Rickson is a symbol of the high quality of the second world war military uniform in the United States. The name sounds very American, but Buzz headquarters is located in Japan. Their version uses the M-65 version of 1968. If you want to truly retro clothes, then you buy it right.

The M-65 model OG107 of the High-end-Rreal McCoy, priced at $ 798


As one of the most respected Japanese retro brands, The Real McCoy’s has been seeking inspiration from the American fashion industry since the 1940s and 1950s. Because they are committed to producing the best military replication clothing, they provide unparalleled level of process for series products; in their M65 version, we see 100 % cotton sleeve and 50 % cotton/ 50 % polyester lining. Just like 50 years ago, the zipper uses SCOVILLE linear pull -ups, and the claw non -locking oval ring is used. In other words -a really flawless work.


The world is very big. I want to take a look, but now the weather is getting colder, and brothers who love travel and outdoor sports can prepare a M65. If you are interested in military uniforms, please leave a message to communicate with everyone …

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