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The H & M incident aroused strong dissatisfaction among Chinese people

Propuling the Chinese people to the domestic brand

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

Unprecedented support and pursuit

I used foreign goods to feel tall


The use of domestic goods has become a trend!

Talk about

Li Ning

You must be unfamiliar!

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

Because this sporting goods company

But accompanied by the entire youth of the post -80s and 90s

“Gymnast Prince” Li Ning retired in 1990

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

Founded the “Li Ning” sports brand

Today, “China Li Ning” is properly became

The light of our domestic goods!

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

(Network Diagram)

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

Times can no longer stop China Li Ning!

Just like you don’t know

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

Li Ning sports shoes worn on your feet

Maybe from the guests?

It’s so powerful ~

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

“The first batch of order shipments”

On April 20th, Laibinning Juli Shoes Co., Ltd. held the first batch of order shipments in the standard factory building of Henan Industrial Park, Henan Industrial Park, Municipal Industrial Park. Essence In just half a year, the company was successfully established, put into use, and operated, quickly recruited local workers, and successfully completed the first order in one and a half months.

△ Factory area

“Company’s expectations and original intention”

What is curious is, how is the company’s environment and employee treatment that Mr. Li Ning invests in his hometown? What did Mr. Li Ning’s original expectations for the “Ning Juli” company that invested in his hometown?

Company LOGO

On the morning of April 22, the reporter came to Laibinning Juli Shoe Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. and walked into the garden. Looking up was the eye-catching “Li-NING” brand logo. The slogan, the surrounding area is a new plant that has just been built. Among them, A8, 9, 10, and 11 are the company’s office and workshop operating area with a construction area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters. “Pleasant, hoe …” On the first floor of A8, the workshop came out of the spacious workshop. The quality material is pressed through the utensils and cutting machines to cut off a knife.

Tan Zhenghua at work at work.

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

“In the past, I did some zero workers, and their income was unstable. The children in the family were also small. There were two elderly people who wanted to support it, and the economic pressure was quite high.” Tan Zhenghua, a worker who was working in front of the machine, told reporters that at the end of last year, I heard the company heard the company. Recruiting general workers, the company is close to home, so I applied with a few friends. Now I work in March, and the business is basically skilled. “When I first arrived, the company’s training was three months. Our probation period is 2800 yuan/month. Now the probation period has passed. The official employees are all 2,800 yuan. In addition to the pity commission, with a stable income, I will also have a stable income. It’s practical. “

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

Discipline workers for homework

Products of Li Ning sports shoes.

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

“Mr. Li Ning invests in his hometown and establishes Laibinning Juli Shoes Co., Ltd., that is, he wants to develop his hometown shoe industry, provide more local people with employment positions, and promote local economic development.” Zhao Gang said that the company was formally established in October last year, and the production workshop was officially put into use on February 21 this year. Thanks to the support of local party committees, governments, and all sectors of society, more than 600 new workers have been solicited in just two months.

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

Prepare handmade workers are busy work.

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

According to Zhao Gang, Laibinning Juli Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. is a shoe production company operated by a joint venture operating by the Hong Kong listed company “Extraordinary China” and Hubei Fulide Shoes Co., Ltd.. Wait. At present, the company’s production situation is steadily moving forward, and the order of the shoe industry products has been ranked until October this year. It is expected that the second phase of factory buildings will be expanded this year. About 2000 people.

Many citizens came to apply at Ningjuli Shoe Shoe Industry Recruitment Office.

“There are many Li Ning brand companies across the country, of which there are a family of Wuming District, Nanning City, and a family of Laibin City.” Zhao Gang told reporters that in order to support his hometown industry and benefit the people of his hometown, in addition to providing multiple jobs, it is also clear. After the company’s development concept, the company’s development was three to five years, and each position was recruited to recruit guests from the guests as much as possible to promote the development of local scientific research talents.

Made in laibin

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

I believe in the near future,

The domestic brand brand will definitely become

Made In LaiBin!李宁运动鞋也太厉害了吧

The first choice in the minds of young people.

Made in China, the Chinese are proud !!

Made in guests, guests are proud!

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