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“Why is the router signal so weak?”, “What router is more effective to wear the wall”, “I want more antenna, strong signals, and powerful walls.” Covering, I can’t wait to have a 100M wireless network speed everywhere at home. Therefore, each router will be complained by the owner at home. What is it broken? The signal is so weak. The concept of “which one is strong in the wall” is always fired by the merchant.


How to enhance the wifi signal at home and increase the coverage of the router wireless network?

Intersection Xiao Shu spent some time and sorted out five common methods to give you a reference for reference. I hope to help you.

Option 1: Discover the best performance of existing routers

1. The position of the router.

Everyone knows that the closer to the router, the stronger the wifi signal. But how many people are placed in a place in the corner?

If the router was placed in a comparison place before, and now finds a better position, the coverage effect can be increased by more than 20%.


In the case of conditions permit, the router is placed in the middle of the house.


If there is a more appropriate placement, the improvement effect is quite obvious, and the operation is simple. However, due to the restrictions of home furnishings and network cable access ports, it can only solve local coverage.


It is best not to have a microwave oven, induction cooker, refrigerator, audio, and other wireless or magnetic devices.

At the same time, for health, try not to put it next to the chair and bed (radiation problem, basically leave the router for one meter, the radiation will not affect much)

2. Adjust the antenna angle of the router

Your router is sauce purple? Or is sauce purple? Dear this is not Transformers!

The last one is the reliable method. If the antenna of the router is placed in chaos (more common in multi -antenna), the antenna will interfere with each other to affect the transmission of signals.

The antenna should be placed vertically. Whether it is placed on the table or hanging on the wall, the antenna is better on the ground.

It can only improve the dissemination of wireless signals slightly (after all, fewer people generally swing the antenna).

3. The choice of channels


We often use 2.4G-WIFI, and generally have 13 channel options. If more 2.4G devices are working in this channel nearby, it will lead to poor transmission effect of the channel. Now most routers claim that they can automatically adapt to the best channels, but they are adapted only when they are just opened. With a period of time, the best channels have changed, and routers will not follow the adaptation.


At this time, we need to set up artificially.

There are some auxiliary tools that can be used to test the quality of the channel. If the mobile phone can download a WiFi analyzer, you can simply measure the signal strength, channel quality, etc.

When the signal is not good, you can choose a better wireless channel. Generally speaking, these channels 1, 11, and 13 are relatively small.

To a certain extent, the signal quality is prompted, but this effect can not last for a long time (a free channel, it may be crowded again in a few days)

4. Launch power

To enhance the transmitting power, the wireless signal will naturally pass farther, but this power is limited. First, the radiation factors, the relevant national standards will limit the maximum launch power. And increase the power of launch, the sensitivity of the receiving end does not increase, and the long -distance device still cannot connect the network.

As far as the current router can adjust the launch power (up to 100%), generally in wireless high -level settings.

Others mentioned that in terms of antenna, high -gain antennas, transmission distance will be enhanced, but when at home, it is not recommended to use:

The high -gain antenna is far from, but the close -range network experience is not good;

Radiation is large, harmful and healthy;

And high -gain antennas require suitable launch power matching.

So in general, the antenna that comes with the router is OK (the general home is mostly 5DBI)

add another point

When I just answered a question in the smart gang, I mentioned one


Easy cans expand the signal method.


It is indeed a wireless signal that can enhance a certain direction




It will affect the wireless signal in other directions

Essence In general, it is not particularly practical. You can try it if your router is placed on a corner at home. However, it should be noted that if the angle and direction of the adjustment may be weakened, you can try it if you are interested.

Option 2: Change a high -power high -gain router

If the previous routers are still not enough, many people use this method, that is, changing a better router.

1, 300M to 450M router

Now 450M products are basically TP-Link products, and Huawei also has two models.

A better models are: TL-WR2041, TL-WR941, Huawei’s WS550

Wait (now selling hot

TL-WR886, TL-WR885 is not very good


In addition, after the measurement


360 router P1 coverage effect, signal strength is good

, The price is only 89 yuan (but this is only a 300m router. Although it is enough, after all, it has gradually become popular in technology, just see if you need to start)

2. Replace it with dual -frequency router, there are more products of this product

TP: WDR7500, WDR5800, etc.

Polar route: Extreme Route 2, Extreme Route 3

Huawei Honor Router, Xiaomi Router

(In terms of coverage, these two performances are average, but there are quite a lot of functions, and the experience is good)

A better one is:

Network parts, ASUS, Linksys high -end router.

3. Change to an enterprise -level router

Enterprise -level routes, compared to ordinary home routes, have greatly improved from signal stability and coverage (such as commercial AP), but less people use: expensive price, relatively troublesome settings, no need for this (unless it is not necessary (unless it is unless (unless it is unless (unless it is necessary You are a villa or a super -large mansion, there is a big yard or something)

By the way here

The most powerful solution, the enterprise -level routing system, can completely get out of the entire hotel, the WiFi signal that can be covered by the entire park

Essence I just do n’t know if your family has this need. If so, please contact me, 壕 (^o^)/~.


Option 3: Buy a router for bridge

No matter how powerful a single router is, the coverage is limited. At this time, we can use the quantity to make up, one cannot, and the two tops. This is also a solution for more people. To this end, it has the WDS function, which is convenient for us to bridge multiple routers.

Let ’s show you the most difficult WDS bridge process (basically the old router is slightly pitted, the new router is more convenient)

The home is slightly larger and there are more walls. When a single router meets the needs, you can consider using it.

The installation is slightly troublesome (mainly the old -fashioned router bridge connection is slightly troublesome, and now the new router operation is simplified), the signal stability is slightly similar (sometimes there may be situations that may not be connected, you need to be replaced). However, if the router places is appropriate, the effect is still quite good, which can basically meet most of the single -layer units.

It is recommended to buy the same manufacturer as the original router, and the stability of the network will be better.

The router of the bridge should not be too far away from the first router, and there must be too many obstacles around the surroundings.

Generally speaking, one router, up to two re -bridges (three houses that can already hold nearly 150 square meters). No more, not much suggestion, which will affect the stability of the network.

Option 4: Buy relay (AP)

In fact, this is the same as the solution for buying a router above. But choosing AP, setting will be simpler, and the effect of relay will be better. After all, it is a device that specializes in designing this function. In particular, choose a router supporting AP

for example,

Extreme satellite, with pole route 2

, Pretty easy to use. The relayrs of other manufacturers also have:

Xiaomi’s wifi amplifier

(The price is cheap, but compatibility is not as good as promoting).

TP, Huawei, ZTE’s wireless extender

The effect will be better, but it will be more expensive. Other manufacturers also have many products such as wireless extender.

The router at home is not too out, and it is not intended to change it for the time being. Then there is no need to buy a router again. The effect of using AP will be better, which can basically cover the general family apartment. Except for several layers of your home, the effect is slightly worse.


The installation difficulty is medium (in fact, it can be done basically), the coverage effect is better, and basically the single -layer home environment can be done.

Pay attention to the place where the same path and AP are placed. The distance from the router should not be too far away. Pay attention to the surrounding interference equipment, so that the effect will be better.

When purchasing, you are given priority to the router supporting, or the AP of the same manufacturer, and no other manufacturers, or a wireless wireless extender with a good reputation.

Option 5: Electricity Line Products

This solution is pretty good for users with two or three floors for large -scale, complex units, and houses. To say the effect of wearing a wall, this must be done. Because the signals between the two products are transmitted through the wires, they will not be attenuated by the walls of the wall, and the dissemination distance will be farther.

However, everyone pays attention that most of the previous power line products cannot launch WIFI. Only the role of wearing a wall, and you have to add a router to use it. There are a lot of equipment and high costs. Compare


Recommended products of [Electricity Line+Wireless]

Essence The market is better now


TP’s Hyfi Product Series


Huawei’s power line AP

, JD.com seems to have pushed one

dostyle’s electric cat AP

Essence For general budgets, more than 300 (plus router), which can basically live more than 100 square meters of house.


In this type of product, I personally feel that the Hyfi series experience of the TP is better and flexible. Now there are several wireless routers with power line functions. I have to admit that the family route, the product line of the TP is quite complete, the quality can be considered as the middle,

However, the pit is pitted. Some products have various shells and Costdown, compared with the new smart routes now, and the cost -effective advantage is gone.

Huawei’s coverage is quite complete, but there are not many products. It may not be very important to use this one at home. hope

Other new and old manufacturers, quickly keep up and form a benign competition

The area is large, there are many walls, and the structure is complicated. This solution can be adopted by more than one floor.

Without various walls, the influence of upstairs and downstairs, the configuration is flexible and simple, the coverage effect is very good, and the cost may be slightly more expensive.

This product cannot be inserted on a special socket with a filter function (but the general socket will not have this function)







Antenna angle

Channel selection


low cost,

easy to use

Covering effect improvement limited

If the router in your home is hidden in the corner, the bottom of the bed, let’s take a look and use its best performance

Five stars


The performance of its own router must be improved to the best

Change a router

Average cost

The previous routers were a bit unstable, or often had problems. The coverage is not satisfactory, then change it

Samsung half


Unless your home router is really bad, otherwise it is not particularly obvious to the improvement effect.

WDS bridge

Slightly higher

The operation is more complicated

The coverage effect is better, but it is not particularly stable

The home is larger, when a router is not enough, buy another router and return to WDS.

Four -star


If you consider changing a router, there is no need to be idle, let’s get a WDS

AP relay

Operation is easier than WDS

The coverage effect is better, which is more stable than WDS


The home is large, there are more walls, and the signals do not cover well. You can consider buying AP directly

Your house is really large enough, and a single route cannot be satisfied. You can consider this solution. The effect is better than the two route WDS WDS

Electric line product

It is difficult to operate

Good coverage effect

Your house is large and there are many rooms. If you want a better wireless coverage plan, you can try the electric line product

Five -star

In terms of coverage effect, proper, floors and walls are not big.

It may be the price, but more than 300 is the price of two medium routers.

(Written hasty, something wrong, please point out correction ~)


















easy to use

Covering effect improvement limited


Slightly higher


Slightly higher

Four -star

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