I remember that many little girls said to me before that it is difficult to buy suitable clothes. I often buy children’s clothing to wear, but these clothes are cute, but they are not decent. Let’s share the sweaters suitable for short girls today.


The selection standard is a small man Madou or a small one tried or the size is suitable for the small man.

1. Milk Rabbit Planet


Madou 158cm/43kg is suitable for height 150-170


The small fresh Japanese style is also a shop that I have recommended many times. It has a high reputation. The 11 -year -old store, the 80 -year gold medal seller.

Recently, 9 new sweaters, the price is 89-159 yuan

Size S-L, two-color optional, small loose version, a little lazy feeling.

Size S-L, a special cartoon of Tibetan red wine, feels like college style

Size S-M, solid color base sweater, 5 colors

2. Xinlan House

Madou 153cm/40kg is suitable for height 140-155


Focusing on small shops, it is still well -known, 11 -year -old store, 114 gold medal sellers, there are several small Madou.

Recently, 21 new sweaters, the price is 69-169 yuan

Sweat sweater, only this color, can be worn alone and can be found


The green turtleneck sweater, the design is quite distinctive, very feminine ~

Pure color base sweater, yellow and black, relatively slim -fitting style

3. Sleeping rabbit


Madou 168cm/48kg suitable for height 150-170


This home is also a shop that I particularly like, 13 years old store, 161 gold medal sellers, many models have XXS ultra -small size, very friendly to small girls

Recently, 13 new sweaters, the price is 109-179 yuan

There are 3 colors s-l


College style sweater jacket, size S-M


It is also the striped sweater of the college style, size S-L


4. One or three good products small


Madou 150cm/38kg is suitable for height 146-156

The leading shop of the exclusive little girl, 14 years old shop, 4 gold medal sellers, most of the little brothers should know their home, most of them are XXS-M

Recently, 70 sweaters have been put on, the price is 99-388 yuan

Leopard sweater, size XXS-S


Retro green sweater, as an inside, is still very good, size XS

Loose horse-haired sweater, size XS-S

4. Ouyang Xi


Madou 160cm/44kg suitable for height 150-170

The 12 -year -old store, the 4th phase of the gold medal seller, is a big online celebrity store. It belongs to a more durable and durable style. The price is acceptable to be acceptable.

Recently, there have been 60 sweaters, the price is 69-160 yuan


This is a lazy sweater size XS-L

A very cute cardigan, size XS-L


This is a very attractive personality sweater, size S-L

6. Nap to make self -made

Madou 164cm/43kg suitable for height 150-170

10 years old store, 137 gold medal sellers, more well -known Japanese shops, most of them are suitable for student party, the cost -effective is quite high


Recently, 30 new sweaters, the price is 79-199 yuan

Bright color sweater, I like this very much

The retro horn buckle sweater is very characteristic, with apricots and green

The lazy retro sweater is still very beautiful

7. Chemical girl


Madou 168cm/48kg is suitable for height 150-175


8 -year -old store, 134 gold medal sellers, a particularly personalized shop, summer is suitable for buying their flower shirts, haha, super favorite. Size XS-XL

Recently, more than 20 sweaters have been put on, the price is 99-399 yuan, and the colors are very rich.


Original sunflower printing, this is more interesting, size XS-L

Laohua color TV, I like the size S-L very much in this color matching

“Looking for Annie” has three colors, very retro, size XS-XL

8. Zuojia

Madou 156cm/45kg suitable for height 145-160

14-year-old store, gold medal seller, and a exclusive small shop, the size is in XXS-M


Recently, more than 30 sweaters have been put on, the price is 59-199 yuan, and daily commuting is more suitable


The milk -white horn buckle sweater is really cute


Short-designed sweater, allowing you to have a three-seven-point figure XXS-M

The lazy sweater jacket, there are three colors XXS-M

9. Big Eye


Madou 150cm/38kg is suitable for height 140-155

8-year-old store, 3-phase gold medal seller, exclusive small shop, size in XS-M, Amway has seen many times, the styles are more daily

Recently, there are more than 10 sweaters, the price is 79-188 yuan


Green knitted jacket, especially Feel


There are 6 colors in a slim bottoming shirt, S-L in size S-L

Style striped sweater, lazy and casual

10. Fortunately

Madou 149cm/40kg is suitable for 140-155 height

12-year-old store, 2 gold medal sellers, is also a shop that focuses on small men, size XS-M


Recently, there have been 6 new sweaters, the price is 75-155 yuan

Mustard green pile collar sweater, looks temperament


Brown sweater, size XS-S


The British style retro sweater has two colors, size XS-S

These 30 models are relatively good small sweaters in the near future. In fact, a considerable part of them are focused on the small man. Do not consider all girls higher than 160.



Choose clothes in the small man:


Size of clothes> style> color> material> workmanship. Measure these factors within your budget range and judge one by one based on weight.

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