This week, cross -border e -commerce issues are as follows:

1. New Egg China Strategic Adjustment will close the website payment channel from January next year

On December 16th, the e -commerce platform New Egg China issued the “Announcement on Company’s Strategic Adjustment and Website Reorganization” on the website. According to the announcement, due to the adjustment of business strategic adjustments, the website will be reorganized from January 1, 2020. During the reorganization of the website, the payment channel will be temporarily closed. In addition, from November 27, 2019 to December 31, 2019, the website will carry out large promotion on some products. New Egg China reminds users that customers holding gift cards must use gift cards as soon as possible.

It is understood that was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Southern California. The website is mainly engaged in online sales of 3C products such as computers, consumer electronics, and communications. In the same year, New Egg announced that it entered the Chinese market. China’s new egg was a new generation of professional e -commerce consumer service website founded by the United States New Egg Network. It was founded by Zhang Fajun.

On September 27, 2016, the contact and interaction announced that the company intends to purchase NEWEGG Inc.55.70%of the equity by paying cash, including paying the total new eggs held by 18 shareholders such as Zhang Fajun and other shareholders and other new eggs held and the total shares held by their holding cash. Payment cash to subscribe for 24.87 million AA series preferred shares issued by Xindu.

In 2017, Xin egg China officially joined the contact interaction. Subsequently, the e -commerce platform that contacted the new egg completed the establishment of a connection e -commerce system including the new egg TT sea purchase, TTCHIC, and MOPS intelligence. Among them, the supply chain system of the new egg TT sea purchase is based on the US new egg platform. Its platform users are mainly concentrated in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou. Essence

2. Little KOL has more potential with goods? Global Tesco brand ZAFUL Testing Aquarius live broadcast

News on December 17th, a few days ago, Global Tesco’s fast fashion brand ZAFUL Testing Water Live business. ZAFUL believes that the “closer to consumers” live broadcast is more likely to promote the transformation of users.

It is understood that at present, under the control of several giants, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. are basically under the control of several giants. This allows export e -commerce to cooperate with the Internet celebrities on the giant platform as “adapting according to local conditions”, and opens a live broadcast entrance on their own e -commerce apps. A deeper connection has become a new trend.

Compared with the cooperation with Internet celebrities and big V, the director of Global Tesco brand believes that Little KOL has more potential with goods. “In 2018, a major trend of KOL marketing is that the cooperative relationship between the brand and KOL is becoming more and more transparent for consumers. There is no need to spend huge sums of money on KOL marketing. On the contrary It is easier to keep them. They are community -driven, making people feel more natural and credible. “

“We have opened the live broadcast entrance in the ZAFUL APP. ZAFUL’s live broadcast realizes the three -ends synchronization. By implementing push flow in the app, we can transform. In the live broadcast, we extend the time of viewing the user through the form of discount coupons and small gifts. Compared with the live broadcast mode of commercialization, ZAFUL’s live broadcast atmosphere is relatively lively. After each live broadcast, we will review and communicate, solve the problems that appear and improve the improvement. At present, every live broadcast is currently broadcasting. Sales are rising steadily.

It is understood that the interaction page that facilitates users to browse and place orders is part of the ZAFUL mobile strategy. In the future, ZAFUL will continue to optimize the live broadcast project. From the ease of use, interaction convenience, the layout of the scene, and the interaction with the user to further optimize it, so that more amateur closer to ordinary consumers and make the circle make the circle. The influence of the layer sinks further.

Global Tesco said that letting more ordinary people and fans spontaneously become the brand’s word -of -mouth promotion ambassador, and realizing the “monetary” of people’s “social assets” is of great significance for the brand to create long -lasting competitiveness.

Eight Bang’s motivation was informed that as of June this year, the registered users of the fast fashion brand ZAFUL had exceeded 28 million, and the average monthly visits reached 166 million.

Compared with the characteristics of strong traffic and weak sales and conversion of advertising, the drainage promotion method of live broadcast is the current enthusiastic gameplay of e -commerce. As a more interactive marketing and promotion method, live broadcast has become one of the marketing magic weapons of out -of -sea e -commerce.

3. Offline traffic is more than you think! Zhuo Zhi explored the opportunity of “three waves”

On December 18th, at the 2019 billion State Retail Conference “New Flow and New Platform New Growth”, Li Jinling, the president of Zhuo Zhi Cross -border E -commerce, delivered a speech on “Private Division and Brand Dance”.

Li Jinling believes that technology -driven changes. From the 1.0 era of general trade to cross -border e -commerce in the PC era, and in the PC era, three onlineization has been completed, namely business online, management online and employee online.

And just because of onlineization, a large number of traditional offline trading companies cannot turn around. It is currently in the 2.5 era from online to intelligent transformation.

She pointed out that global digital trade is a trend. With the improvement of the global digitalization level of the world, during the globalization of the entire digital trade, the transitional node is the era and socialization of the 2.5 era of transformation from lineization to intelligence. In the era of socialization, reuse of national fragmentation time, etc., behind the rise of the individual economy, the lack of the construction of huge supply chains, logistics, and delivery capabilities is a new industry opportunity and industrial opportunities.

In the era of AI trade from the 2.5 era to version 3.0, a series of changes represented by search entrance changes will be ushered in.

Li Jinling said that new entrances in the AI ​​era, such as searching through voice, like Tmall Elf.

At the same time, Li Jinling found that the brand Fang Fang had escaped this year from the traffic flow of private domain. For example, such as medical store resources, milk powder companies offline store promoter resources, promoters and shopping guides of clothing store brands, etc., can be updated based on the original brands and the offline channel update technology. Essence

In the end, Li Jinling pointed out that in the future, there will be an opportunity for “three waves”. That is, the upstream digital opportunities brought by the global economic integration, consumption upgrade, and technology -driven new retail scenarios.

4. “Zhaoxin”: The three channels of the background and background of the station are new products “turn on green lights”

According to the news on December 18, the foreign trade platform was “recruiting new” through a variety of policies. It is reported that the platform will turn on the green light from the aspects of the resource tilt in the site, the promotion and launch of the station, and the optimization of the background system to achieve the docking of new domestic products and overseas markets.

From the analysis of orders from ordering, as of October 2019, the proportion of transactions of New listing in various industries in increased rapidly, with 79%in some industries. To this end, will divide the new products recruited into seasonal products, industry new products, new trend trends products, and novelty products, including other levels of design, creativity, models, materials, functions, technology, etc. New “characteristics, quality guarantee, and competitive products.

Yibang’s motivation was informed that gave greater support for new products that meet the standards.

1. Inside the station: Search for weighted exposure to the new area promotion

For new products that meet the standards and have passed the platform, will give traffic at the entire site. In the product list page and keyword results page of the seller’s attention, the qualified new products will increase the weight by marking. At the same time, multiple resource levels on the homepage will also give priority to promoting new products, including daily and platform promotional activities.

In addition, the mobile APP was fully revised. On the homepage, the Trends On Dhgate specially promoted area was opened for high -quality new products, so that new products can be exposed more.

2. Outside the site: Shopping guide website push alliance marketing rebate

Overseas markets also have shopping guide websites similar to “what worth buying” in China. New products that meet the platform standards will have the opportunity to push from to relevant shopping guide websites. Data show that a new brand of a brand has passed through at the discount station. The monthly exposure volume increased by more than 5 times, the number of store visitors increased by more than 8 times, and the number of orders increased by more than 16 times.

In terms of the alliance marketing model, has launched special policies for new products. Eligible new products can get free exposure. On the basis of transaction payment, the commission of a large proportion of platforms can be obtained.

On the cross -border e -commerce ace traffic channels such as Google Search, Google Shopping, while continuing to label the new products in accordance with the standard, has increased the amount of products from Google Shopping for each shop to 500. At the same time, you will also choose new products to put social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram.

3. Backstage: Submit a new product review process at the same time at the same time has launched new features on the background of the seller on December 9th, and adds the option of “whether it is a new product” on the product upload page. The seller can check the product at the same time as the daily product, complete the new product reporting work, and maximize the simplified process.

In addition, sellers can also report new products through various channels such as the “new collection number” of the’s official website industry dynamic channel and the QQ group of various industries.

5. The traffic migration of Haitao Live allows the buyer of the Ocean Pier to usher in the second spring

On December 18th, at the 2019 billion State Retail Conference “New Flow and New Platform New Growth”, the founder and CEO of Ocean Pier Zeng Bibo brought a keynote speech “The Second Spring of Haitao Live Wharf Buyers”. He said that in 2019, the Ocean Wharf could not only double the overall traffic through live broadcast, but also cause the transaction value to nearly 3 times. In the industry, the entire industry is not optimistic about Haitao industry, and the Wharf used its transcript to tell the entire industry -China’s Haitao consumption is still very strong.

It is reported that from the static graphic live broadcast of the static graphic live broadcast in 2013 to the 2017 high -interactive video live broadcast, it has developed to this year Haitao live broadcast has become a new label at Ocean Pier.

Zeng Bibo said that this year’s user traffic has shown a lot of migration. The user shifted from the graphic to the video from graphics and text. “We feel that users have left WeChat, Taobao, transferred to Douyin and Kuaishou platform, and pay attention to their favorite anchors.” And, Zeng Bibo also believes that people are settled in traffic, content, content, content, content, content, content, content, content, content, content It is a carrier.

In addition, the structure of the current traffic is also changing, from centralized flow to decentralized flow. And changes in consumer behavior and mentality, from what to buy and where to buy to find.

In the end, Zeng Bibo believed that the second half was a bonus for consumption, because China’s large number of third- and fourth -tier town consumption drove the entire industry. The traffic dividend will still be there at least in the first half of 2020, and the corner overtaking caused by the migration of the Wharf is also the opportunity to get some users, whether in the APP or in Douyin.

“Haitao Live is exactly the cross in consumption and traffic dividends. There are a large number of users who have the needs of imported goods. They want to see this world, and they are also transferring from the original shelf e -commerce to video e -commerce.”

6. Cross -border sellers pay attention to the sinking market will become the next growth engine of American e -commerce

On December 19th, at the 2019 billion -State Retail Conference “New Sea Yibang New Cross -border New Year Forum”, Helena, president of Tophatter Greater China, delivered a speech. She believes that globalization is the fastest and most effective way for enterprises or brands. Therefore, with the development of the Internet, moving towards the world is a step that Chinese brands must accept and take.

Helena pointed out that the Internet is moving towards the mobile terminal. According to statistics from the 2019 Mobile Economic Report, as of the end of 2018, a total of 5.1 billion people around the world have used mobile services, accounting for 67%of the global population; by 2025, the world will increase about 700 million mobile users.

In addition, e -commerce is migrating to mobile and fragmented. According to Helena shared reports, 53%of network traffic comes from mobile device, and mobile device accounts for 44%of e-commerce revenue; in 2017-2021 Growth is expected to reach 44.7%in 2019.

At the same time, Helena said that the mobile social network of the sinking market will not only become a new outlet in the country, but also become the next growth engine of American e -commerce. This is due to the huge potential of the sinking market in the US low -income groups, and the main factors of the main factors of consumption downgrade in the US market include changes in the proportion of high, middle and low -income classes, 70 % of the US consumer market and the aging of the United States.

In the end, Helena introduced to Tophatter to upgrade the gameplay to flash auction treasure, and auction traffic arrangements are raced. In addition, Tophatter is the most convenient for brands is a store that sells global channels, so any brand opens a store to achieve global advertising and quickly touch different consumers in 14 countries and regions, so as to achieve brand globalization Essence It is reported that sellers can sell dozens of categories including jewelry, furniture, electronics and beauty.

7. Hong Hinqin talks about Chinese brands to go to sea or will focus on products and value output?

On December 19th, at the 2019 billion State Retail Conference “New Sea Everbright New Year -end Forum”, Liu Xuan, vice president and partner of the Red Hindone Operations, published a title “Following the Comprehensive Capability Chinese Brands to Go to Sea 2.0” Speech. He believes that the demand for global well -known brands and new brands in China is about to emerge rapidly, and the competition of Chinese products from product cost -effectiveness and phased traffic advantages must be transformed into the competition of brand comprehensive capabilities.

First of all, Liu Xuan said that Chinese brands are roughly divided into three stages:

1. 2010: The goods go out to sea. Most of the export of traditional trade goods, traditional channel sales, and supply -side price competition;

2. 2010-2017: Cross-border retail with cost performance is core. During this period, the brand will encounter problems such as overcapacity supply chain capacity, retail price performance, and traffic dividends of overseas e -commerce retail platforms, and try to combine comprehensive traffic and effect marketing in the later period;

3. 2018-2022: Brand products and value output. New brands have emerged, the formation of global brand thinking, equal emphasis on product experience and consumer experience, localization needs upgrade, brand comprehensive capabilities, and directly compete with overseas brands.

In addition, Liu Xuan’s data showed that 75%of the new B2C brand in North America announced the failure in the first year.

Therefore, how to reduce the costs of each link, make the brand retail price extremely competitive and not eliminated by the market? Liu Xuan also proposed that new brands can build their own products from excellent products, reasonable channel distribution, allowing consumers to recognize your brand and product (that is, Marketing), fascinating brand ideas, and building brand experience circles to build their own. Comprehensive ability.

It is worth noting that Liu Xuan said that reasonable marketing will help promote the brand. This needs to use short -term and long -term brand marketing methods to enter the real brand competition through brand and marketing. “The purpose of clearing promotion and effect marketing, harvesting short -term sales conversion. But at the same time, be sure to pay attention to more upper layers of funnel indicators such as Brand Awareness. Long -term growth of driving brands. “

8. Lianlian International: Digitalization allows merchants to “optimal solution” to choose logistics

On December 19th, at the 2019 billion state retail conference “New Oceanian Big Bang New Year -end Forum”, Pan Guodong, the president of the international president, delivered a speech on “Digitalization of Cross -border E -commerce Services from Payment” Essence He believes that the entire industry is getting more and more intelligent interconnection today. Service providers must think about one thing. In the future, it must be online. If there is no problem online, it will determine whether the company will live and die.

Pan Guodong pointed out that in the next few years, this trend of “buying and selling global” in the next few years will inevitably develop in various countries and regions. And comparing them from 2018 to 2019, we can find that GMV and orders are significantly rising.

“In addition to the growth of the mainstream market, the growth of sellers of new platforms is actually more rapid. The new growth rate of active Chinese sellers sold in Southeast Asia is three times that of the mainstream market in Europe and the United States. This is also a key area that everyone is worthy of attention. New platforms and emerging markets are rising, and new brands will still have great opportunities. “He said.

At the same time, he pointed out that today’s entire industry is getting more and more intelligent interconnection. Service providers must think about one thing. In the future, we must be online. Our sellers are already online. Determine the life and death of the enterprise.

“In the past 20 years of practice, the efforts of Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba e -commerce companies have given consumers worldwide with a very good consumption experience. Consumers have online sellers online. Today, sellers need to find various services In fact, in fact, many times are offline to find these sellers in an offline manner, so the very important action is to be online, and Lianlian has begun to try to make the logistics owner online in the cross -border logistics section. “

Pan Guodong said that in the past, when cross -border e -commerce sellers were choosing logistics, the role of people was very experienced. Logistics managers were very important positions in the role of seller. However It is not the most economical and effective. We hope that in the future, we can reduce the role of people’s experience through the digitalization of the goods and the digitalization of the logistics route in the future. Essence

9. How to control short video content? Three principles of time+region+emotion

On December 19th, at the “New Consumption, New Domestic Brand” in the 2019 billion future retail conference, Wang Rui, vice president of MOBVISTA E -commerce Division, published the title “Killing Overseas: Layout New Media,” Planting the brand “planting Grass “to the global” speech. She believes that brands not only need to understand overseas traffic pattern, but also be good at seizing new growth opportunities, and new growth comes from traffic+content.

Wang Rui said that unlike domestic traffic pattern, overseas mainstream media is basically a world -class head media platform (Facebook and Google) in the absolute advantage of magnitude and regions. Therefore, Chinese brands need to capture overseas markets, and they need Core media and the reserve and coverage of media flow resource.

Wang Rui introduced that the rapid growth of media platforms such as Douyin with mobile short videos has changed the world media pattern and media expression forms mainly based on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram. Short videos are sweeping the world. For example, Russia has Like, KWAI, and Tiktok, the United States has Lasso, Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. South Africa has Tiktok, VOOV and VMate.

At the same time, Wang Rui also pointed out that due to the large global regional differences, short video content in sea is difficult to control. Therefore, short video creativity can grasp the principle of localization:

1. Time principle: Each time node of the video has different plot tasks and goals to guide the user to the final transformation path;

2. Regional principles: Unbalanced global development, local user color preferences, style preferences, localized elements, etc. will all become the focus of attracting users;

3. Emotional principles: To achieve the need to be born to meet the psychological expectations of consumers entering the platform, such as relaxation of entertainment, acquiring knowledge, and understanding the trend.

10.Shopee dual 12 major promotion ending: the number of cross -border orders reaches 10 times on weekdays

On December 19th, according to the 12.12 birthday promotion report released by Southeast Asian e -commerce platform Shopee, on the day of 12.12, 80 million goods were sold on the entire platform, and the number of views of more than 80 million views within 24 hours, and the number of cross -border seller orders rose to reached to reached to reached to reached to reached to reached to reached to reaching the number 10 times on weekdays. In cross -border thermal sale categories, 3C home appliances, beauty skin care, fashion accessories, women’s clothing and home furnishings occupy the top five seats. At the same time, with the rise of men’s consumers, the sales of categories such as men’s clothing and auto parts have also made breakthroughs.

It is understood that during the SHOPEE12.12 birthday promotion, the 3C home appliance category once again became the hottest category of cross -border sales. Chinese brand Xiaomi has won the title of the best -selling mobile phone brand in Southeast Asia, and the sales of 3C brands HOCO and TOPK have increased. In addition, cross -border traditional strong categories such as beauty skin care, fashion accessories, women’s clothing and home furnishings are still ranked among the top five. The beauty brand SACE LADY reached nearly 200 times the single volume growth compared to the same period last year compared to the same period last year, and it is in The Philippines won the title of the most popular beauty brand. At the same time, beauty brands O.TWO.O and Lamuseland have also entered the list of beauty products in many markets in Southeast Asia.

Yibang’s motivation was informed that during the 12.12 major promotion, Shopee men’s clothing sales rose to 9 times the weekdays, and the sales volume of cross -border commodities loved by male consumers also hit a record high, and the single volume was close to 9 times on weekdays. Among them, this year’s men’s bag brand Bostanten participated in the SHOPEE12.12 birthday promotion for the first time, and entered the top ten of the cross -border hot -selling brand list.

During this birthday promotion, high -customer single products such as mobile phones, electrical appliances, and car matching appeared in the cross -border hotline list. Among them, the toy brand Mideer used the 12.12 birthday promotion to achieve a single volume growth of 14 times. Faced with the increasingly abundant shopping needs of Southeast Asian consumers, Shopee across borders to open overseas warehouses, heavy material channels and large logistics services to help sellers transport more types of cross -border products to sea at a high rate of efficiency.

As Southeast Asia enters the era of entertainment, consumers are eager to have a richer shopping experience. Earlier, Shopee cross -border professional KOL proxy service can analyze product characteristics and correspond to the purchase habits of the audience, and recommend appropriate live broadcast candidates for the brand. During the promotion period, the cross -border brand Focallure and Giordano’s single volume during the live broadcast period reached 4 and 6 times on weekdays, and the appearance of Instagram’s local net red Savira Malik made the beauty brand O.TWO.O’s single on the live broadcast day day. The amount rose to 34 times on weekdays.

11. Ali International Station Construction of the first digital foreign trade port to build a global intelligent marketing system

According to the news on December 19, today, Alibaba International Station announced that it will build a national “digital foreign trade port” in Shenzhen. Zhang Kuang, co -general manager of Ali International Station, said that simply speaking, “Digital Foreign Trade Port” is a digital foreign trade operating system that realizes global buyers’ refined operations, digital brands, and digital external services. The understanding of the dimension is a system that helps sellers to achieve order transactions.

It is understood that in response to the perception of mature sellers for the perception of overseas markets and the demand for independent brands, Ali International Station establishes a global intelligent marketing system to provide merchants with the dimension of the public domain to provide merchants with brand construction promotion, intelligent marketing, and refinement of fields. Operation service.

First of all, Ali International Station provides merchants with the ability of the brand to expose the brand to achieve the purpose of buyers perceive the brand. Realize the second exposure; finally, the platform locks the identity preferences of the crowd according to the big data and push it to awaken the buyer’s awareness of the brand and conduct secondary marketing conversion.

For the newly started cross -border e -commerce novice and traditional foreign trade transformation, Ali International Station launched a thousand -person merchant growth plan. According to the development stage of the merchant, the use of a complete set of digital tools, from the from Team formation, product release, basic foreign trade training, store operations and other aspects to help merchants.

Alibaba International Station said that if merchants want to better reach a transaction, they must first upgrade through the buyer’s operating positions to capture new business opportunities. For the 3C, Baodin and Electronic Components (IC) in the Shenzhen Industrial Belt, Ali International Station has done refined buyer operations, from buyer identity preferences, accurate matching of people and freight yields, portraits based on preferences to obtain similar user portraits, and Aiming at the buyer’s professional search construction professional buyer shopping guide scenario for buyers, help merchants expand new business opportunities and achieve precise matching and buying efficiency.

At the same time, from the perspective of private domain operations, Ali International Station provides merchants with flagship store capabilities, and enhances merchants’ self -operating capabilities with thousands of people, thousands of online and offline integration, and multiple shopping guide scenarios. For example, merchants can use immersive video shopping products to enhance buyers’ user experience of the product and increase the conversion rate.

In addition, Ali International Station will also use digital external uniforms to enhance the confirmation performance of merchants from the aspects of logistics, customs, tax refund, and finance. It is understood that Ali International Station has built documents with the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau and the Southern Electronic Port.

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