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世界知名品牌简介 您都了解吗?

Moncler’s alliance can popular Italy

The name of Moncler comes from the abbreviation of Monestier de Clermon. It is a well -known brand headquartered in Glerno, France, specializing in production outdoor sports equipment. Moncler’s brand name comes from the abbreviation of Moneestier de Clermon in the town. Moncler’s story began during the Second World War. The brand has legendary history. To this day, Moncler has become the top international brand in the outdoor down jacket industry.

Moncler’s brand logo is a combination of M letter and a cock. The Moncler brand is divided into two show brands: “Moncler Gamme Rouge” and “Moncler Gamme Bleu”. Bleu “is a men’s clothing show, which is held in Milan Men’s Wear.

Fifty years ago, two ski brand manufacturers met a ski player. Three young people shot together and designed a mountaineering ski down jacket that can expedition to the polar. Due to the bold and novel design, the Moncler down jacket was well known worldwide. In 1954, Moncler’s products were selected as equipment for the Italian expedition of ancient empire sites.

Classic series: The enduring Moncler classic series has been renovated and refurbished every year, and after washing the lead, it sparkled. For those who like leisure and established dressing style, classic models are always the best choices. There are not many exaggerated designs, regular windproof caps, front bags, and side bags. Practical simplicity to attract people. Consumers who want to be clean and simple and casual style should not miss it.

Outdoor Series: Moncler Outdoor Series is the best choice to like field sports and passionate explorers. For a long time, the national support rates that the outdoor series prevail in ski sports in France, Italy, Canada. Compared with the conservative of the Moncler’s classic series, the Moncler Outdoor Series is updated every year. , Adjusting clothes to the most suitable state with human muscles, and adjusting people’s sports status to the best. In recent years, the new outdoor series has made more changes in color matching applications. The bright colors make people become highlights in the snow and snow.

Life series


The MonclerSlife Life Series is the most powerful down series in Europe and the United States in recent years. With the rich changes in urban life, down jackets have become an indispensable heating supplies for people in winter. There are people who love beauty, and MonclerSlife will naturally not forget to create a strong style of fashion. Monclerslife has absorbed the enduring designs of the down jackets over the years, and the latest popular elements are injected into functional down jackets every year. Embroidery … The perfect combination of various popular elements and down jackets, as always, break the routine and rigid board. At the same time, MonclerSlife has made major innovations in the design of LOGO, retaining the unique recognition of the red and blue classic color schemes, the Alps and the Gaul rooster, injecting more dynamic and vibrant lines and more imaginative image styles. Since its launch, MonclerSlife has won the love of countless Hollywood and European stars, making MonclerSlife a popular series that can be seen in the alliance.

Satchi Shachi Italy

Chinese name: Shachi, English name: Satchisatchi (Satchi) brand was born in this artistic atmosphere. In the early years, SATCHI was famous for its design and custom -made high -grade leather goods. Florence’s ingenious craftsmen rely on talented artistic inspiration and superb production skills to reveal unparalleled noble temperament. After more than 70 years of development, the Satchi brand has gradually become a well -known international brand that integrates series of products, luggage, clothing, glasses and other products, with footprints in Europe and Southeast Asia. Since landing in the Chinese mainland market, its excellent quality has expanded rapidly, and brand counters have been opened in more than 100 top shopping malls across the country. Bring a new experience in European costumes for successful men from all walks of life.

The Satchi brand has its own long history and ancient culture. As early as the early 1930s, the Satchi brand was born in Italy, one of the world’s origin of the world. After seventy years of development, the Satchi brand has become a well -known international brand in leather goods, bags, clothing and other products. In the late 1970s, the SATCHI brand entered Asia, which carried out business in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries and regions, and achieved remarkable results. favorite.

In the early 1980s, the Shachi brand landed on the Chinese market with a new look. In addition to continuing to develop its famous leather goods and luggage, it also introduced a series of products for men and women’s high -level clothing and clothing. In the service tenet of “beautifying life and enhancing taste”, Sha Chi will provide Chinese people with better, upper, fashionable leather goods, luggage, clothing and other boutiques in the 21st century, making Sha Chi become a new cause of successful people from all walks of life in the society. Partners and new fashion pursuits. The characteristics of regional demand are different, and the product structure is adjusted in a timely manner to meet consumer needs.

According to the high starting point, high standards, and strict requirements, the Shachi brand has strict processes from conception to design and products. Each product has both the characteristics of the characteristics of Western culture, and every detail strives to be sophisticated, natural, and strives to meet consumers’ love and pursuit of popular fashion and living taste.

世界知名品牌简介 您都了解吗?

Since its inception, it has adhered to the unique style of “combining functions with fashion, popularity and classic compatibility”, and continuously overtakes world fashion and popular international brand tastes, showing noble brand fashion.

Lacoste French crocodile France

The legendary story of the French Lacoste brand was born in 1933. That year, the French tennis champion René Lacoste used a light and breathable small convex mesh fabric to make a lightweight and comfortable short -sleeved jersey, replacing the stiff traditional long sleeve jersey, setting off the stiff A menswear revolution, which has created the Lacoste classic Polo shirt that is now known. Over the past 80 years, LACOSTE has been innovating, and has always pursued an elegant and comfortable style, and has gradually become a brand that reflects the French elegant lifestyle. Today, LACOSTE shows their brand concepts to people through a comprehensive product series. These products include men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, shoes, perfumes, leather goods, glasses, watches, belts, home products and fashion jewelry.

“Crocodile” was named in the famous French tennis player Racoste. Because of his long nose and offensiveness, people gave him the nickname of the crocodile. In the 1930s, the standards on the tennis court were wearing white flavor pants, weaving buttons shirts, and sleeves rolled up.

“Crocodile” Racoste challenged this tradition, putting on a short -sleeved sweater during the game, embroidered with crocodile marks on it. This kind of clothing is comfortable and beautiful in the competition. The short sleeves solve the problem of long -sleeved rolls. The collar flipped softly, and the knitted cotton jacket was breathable. Slide out.

After Racoste retired from the net altar, the “crocodile” sweatshirts began to enter batches of production and sales commissioned friends to sewn their friends, including embroidered crocodile marks on the left chest. At that time, there were few embroidery marks on clothes. Lacoster’s fame has quickly promoted the crocodile shirt, especially in the United States.

LACOSTE has always adhered to the important elements of the success of the brand’s success as the brand’s success. Today, the crocodile logo is interpreting the style founded by the tennis court, golf course, and people’s daily life by champion René Lacoste, wife Simone Lacoste, and daughter Catherine Lacoste

“Life is a Beautiful Sport.” It is not only a slogan, but also a new promise of Lacoste. This commitment is a reinterpreting of the core value of the brand.

René Lacoste never thinks that exercise is just a mechanical action, and exercise is a persistence, enthusiasm and praise for life.

世界知名品牌简介 您都了解吗?

PUAL FRANK Big Mouth Monkey United States

Paul Homme (Paul Homme) is an internationally renowned brand with Calvin Klein. It is colorful, young, cute, and fashionable. At present, Paul Frank has become a global fashion tide brand. Books and children’s bicycles and other series of products.

At the beginning, it was just a small scale, but it was a great “Monkey Business”! A popular accessories company that created a million dollars in sales. The image of the big mouth monkey is quite attractive to the young generation, and the products are very popular around the world.

Today Paul Frank has become a successful person in the world. Paul Frank (big mouth monkey) superb design, bright and lively color, polyethylene resin cloth, bring people a unique young fashion feeling.

世界知名品牌简介 您都了解吗?

Gianfranco Ferre Ferre Italy

The well -known Italian brand involves industries such as clothing, cosmetics, glasses.

Gianfranco Ferre is known as the “beautiful and genius”, which is appropriately divided into the structure of the lines; the exquisite handmade allows the designer to make full use of the geometric and asymmetric tailoring. This is also a major feature of the Ferre men’s style. In the initial Ferre, the adolescent and ladies were designed for clothing, and men’s clothing began in 1982. The short scholar -type designer said he often used his blueprint for designing men’s clothing. Basically, Ferre’s men’s clothing looks very generous. Suit, shirts, ties, and even other accessories, most of them are mostly retro styles, and the colors are biased towards primary colors, especially black and blue. In the color, the extraordinary male temperament is revealed.

Gianfranco Ferre’s clothing can obviously feel the background of his study of architecture. Even if he integrates the delicateness of the Indian craftsmanship, it is impossible to make any excess decorative details. It is very suitable for a self -confident woman with a large skeleton and tall figure. In the part of the sub -brand, you can see that GIEFFEFFE takes young modern fashion men and women as its main demands. It is suitable for various appearances that can live, including work, formal occasions, and even leisure activities.

Gianfranco Ferre Jeans is a combination of three essences of creativity, technology, and comfort. I hope to create a denim suit that is not just denim. In addition to the needs of comfortable and free dressing in modern people’s daily life, it also designs a color color Bright, leisure clothing with geometric figures.

Agnès B. Anias Bel France

Agnès B. French, Chinese pronunciation is: Anias Bel. The Agnes B. brand is a fashion brand of the same name created by the French minimalist master Agnes B. Ms. Ms. Agnes B was born in Versailles in 1941. She served as the editor -in -chief of “ELLE” magazine in 1975 to open the first fashion store in Paris in Paris. Since then, the status of Anias is in the fashion industry. Ms. Anabe can be regarded as the most humanistic clothing designer. Anias is also a French boutique brand.

Nature, simplicity, distinctive, and artistic style-Agnes B., French minimalist master, has always challenged the usual popular model. Instead, he brings popularity into another fashion person who does not follow the pop.

世界知名品牌简介 您都了解吗?

The design of Agnes B., simple lines, suitable tailoring, simple color, and natural material, always showing the style of Agnes B. without easy flow.

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