The New Year in 2021 has passed. Many people have not returned to their hometown this year. Instead, they choose to celebrate the New Year. In this case, the cinema has become the best place to celebrate the Spring Festival.

《你好,李焕英》的英文名为什么要叫“Hi, Mom”?

This year’s New Year movie has produced a group of the biggest dark horses, that is, “Hello, Li Huanying”, more than six days of release, the box office breakthrough

In 3.2 billion, Jia Ling became the highest female director in the box office of Chinese film history.

Not only did the box office climb all the way, the reputation of “Hello, Li Huanying” is also good.

Douban score 8.2,

Become the best movie for the Spring Festival this year.

Classic lines in the movie

《你好,李焕英》的英文名为什么要叫“Hi, Mom”?

“My future daughter, I will let her be healthy and happy!”

It even moved countless audiences. Many people said that when they heard this, they suddenly cried into dogs.

From the perspective of the editor,

“Tears in laughter, revealing true feelings”

It may be the most accurate evaluation of this movie.

There are no sophisticated big scenes, only the ordinary and simplicity close to life; there is no complicated suspense plot, only the warmth and true feelings that are moved.

Jia Ling spent four years and finally gave himself to the audience a moving answer.

Compared with this movie, several other New Year films seem a bit unsatisfactory. visible,

What impresses people most is actually true!

Friends who haven’t watched it yet, you can go to the theater to make an appointment on the weekend.

The friends who have watched it, I don’t know if I have noticed it, the English name of the movie “Hello, Li Huanying” is

《你好,李焕英》的英文名为什么要叫“Hi, Mom”?

“Hi, MOM”

, Not “Hi, Li Huanying”.

So why is the English name translated into the former instead of using Li Huanying’s English name?

Hello, Li Huanying =

《你好,李焕英》的英文名为什么要叫“Hi, Mom”?

The official translates the English name of “Hello, Li Huanying” into

And there is no literal translation to Hi, li huanying, which actually uses a commonly used method in movies and TV names: Chinese and British translations:

《你好,李焕英》的英文名为什么要叫“Hi, Mom”?


With MOM instead of Li Huanying, it can clearly understand that this movie tells the story about mothers.

Moreover, “hi, li huanying” is not very meaningful, it is troublesome to read, instead of “li huanying” with “MOM”, directly click on the core of the movie -mothers and maternal love.

The movie “Hello, Li Huanying” is Jia Ling’s director’s debut. So what is the director’s English?

Director = Director

What we usually call TV series or movie director can use it


《你好,李焕英》的英文名为什么要叫“Hi, Mom”?

To represent.

It can be said when talking about XXX director

“XXX Director”

For example, Director Chen Kaige can say “Director Chen Kaige” or “Director Chen”.

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The Woman Was The Wife of of

a Film Director.

This woman is the wife of a movie director.

When watching a movie, the careful children’s boots may find that at the beginning, the English of “XXX Director’s Works” on the big screen is usually written as

“A xxx film” or “a film by xxx”,

When you are talking, don’t say “A Film Work of XXX”!

Below, let’s learn some expressions related to movies.

Box office = box office

In English, the box office of the movie can be used

box office

It comes to say that it actually refers to the cinema

Ticket office, box office.

How much do we usually say how much the box office has exceeded and how much the box office has reached, referring to this movie

Box office income,

You can also use Box Office.

This phrase can also be used to represent movies

“Popularity, very selling block”

, English can be said to

Box-job hit.

Blockbuster = blockbuster

Which word do we often say “movie blockbusters” use it?

There is a special word in English–


《你好,李焕英》的英文名为什么要叫“Hi, Mom”?

It refers to

“Very successful movie or book.”

Hollywood blockbuster is:

Bollywood blockbuster.

I’m looking forward to the latest hollywoodwood blockbuster.

I am looking forward to the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

Easter Egg = Bonus Scene

《你好,李焕英》的英文名为什么要叫“Hi, Mom”?

bonus Scene

This expression is easy to understand. The literal translation is “rewarding the lens”, not the lens in the positive film, which is what we often say


《你好,李焕英》的英文名为什么要叫“Hi, Mom”?


Alright, the above is what you need to learn today! Below, let’s take a few more words.

In fact, the success of this film is that it tells the story that is close to our lives, and expresses the most sincere emotion-

《你好,李焕英》的英文名为什么要叫“Hi, Mom”?

Mom’s love for her daughter, and the regret that her daughter wants to compensate after losing her mother.

If there is always a person in the world who loves you without hesitation, then she must be our mother.

No matter what you look like -you who are not in the eyes of others, you who are not good -looking in the eyes of others, you who are not smart in the eyes of others …

In your mother’s eyes, you are the best you.

The tree is quiet and the wind is more windy, and the child wants to raise it without waiting. This is probably the most regrettable thing in the world. While you are still young, while your parents are still with him, spend a lot of time with them!

Finally, I wish all the mothers in the world in good health, peace and joy!

“Hi, MOM”

“Hi, MOM”

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