someone said:

“There are only 2 kinds of people in the world, people who like chocolate and people who don’t like chocolate.”

“And people who love chocolate will not be too bad!”


Since Europeans have discovered chocolate, the compassionate superstitions or unprecedented remarks around the chocolates have always surrounded people’s hearts. Some people believe that the Aztec and Maya are the power of drinking chocolate drinks. Others say that chocolate has been constantly stabilizing each other like a mystery.

Inventory of major chocolate brands in the world, their birth is also the testimony of love!


“Rolls -Royce” in chocolate


Song Emperor Van Godiva

The Emperor Van Godiva, known as the “Rolls -Royce in the chocolate world”, almost contracted major celebrities wedding gifts. Godiva’s truffle chocolate gift box has not only witnessed Mo Wenwei’s love, the wedding of Siye and Ruoxi, many world celebrities such as former US President Bill Clinton and actress Elisabeth Tailer are all Godiva. Faithful fans. The White House chef has revealed that Clinton is allergic to dairy products, chocolate and flour, but Clinton still cannot resist the temptation of Godiva. Regardless of the chef, he made him specially without these allergic desserts and fell under the pomegranate skirt of Godiva. Clinton’s “willfulness” is curious how attractive Godiva is.

“Supreme in the Kingdom of Chocolate”

Switzerland-Geely Lotus Shell Chocolate

The birth of the famous Belgian chocolate brand Geely Lotus is the continuation of beautiful love. In 1958, in Belgium, a young man named Guy and the girl who thought it was a girl named Liliane Fousbert was a husband and wife. At the wedding ceremony, they received various beautiful shells. The gift is also a good wish for love.

After marriage, due to the common hobbies of chocolates, couples often make delicious chocolate together. Once, they suddenly wanted to use the shells received at the wedding as a model to make a chocolate -shaped chocolate shape. The beautiful love stories were dissolved in Guylian Geely Lotus shell chocolate. Each shell chocolate was for love for love Good expectations!

Hidden love words of the four languages


The Italian girl Luisa Spagnoli wrapped a loving confession and love in every exquisite chocolate made by themselves, and gave themselves Giovanni Buitoni. In the end, the two walked together to hold hands for a lifetime.


In Italian, BACI means “kiss”. This contains true love BACI, each of which is smooth and seductive, wrapped in the whole grain of the whole grain of Italy Pilmonton hazelnuts and crispy hazelnuts, plus one sheet filled with love, romantic The combination of chocolate and special expression will definitely make you move.

Do you love me?




The birth of milk and silk -like DOVE brand also has a beautiful love story.

The Luxembourg kitchen Lyon and Princess Lyon I of the Bazaar in the kitchen fell in love at first sight. Due to the differences in status, Princess Leon and Bazaar could not hold hands for life. Lyon wrote a few English letters “DOVE” on ice cream with hot chocolate, which is the abbreviation of “do you love me”, expressing his love for princess, but the English letters melt.

When they moved, the elderly Bazaar and Lyon met again, and the two who loved each other finally solved the misunderstanding. Lyon decided to create a solid chocolate to make it last longer. After hard work, the mellow Dove chocolate was finally developed, and each piece of chocolate was firmly engraved with “DOVE” to commemorate the love he and Bazaar missed.


When the loved people send Dove, it means that the soft love question “Do you love me?”

“Life is like a box of chocolates, younever konw what you’re going to get.”

“A -Gump” said that life is like chocolate, you never know what the next piece is!

Why isn’t love? Among the thousands of people, in the endless time, a person has no steps early or one step late. It happens to go to your life. There is a bit of fate and a bit doom.

Maybe you and a beautiful love are just a piece of chocolate!

Each chocolate has a unique taste, and every love has a different story.

Coincidentally, you let me walk into your story!

Coincidentally, you like this taste too!

December 24th-December 26th


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correct! Chocolate really makes people fall into love!

Because chocolate contains compounds that improve emotions -PEA (PEA). This is the most basic material that people will produce when they are in love, which promotes the secretion of dopamine. Whether you are in love at first sight or a long time, as long as there is enough PEA in the mind of a person, then love will occur. It feels like a heartbeat of love falling in love, so it is called a pitch of love.

If you want to chase TA, send TA chocolate! The more you eat, the easier it is to “call” you!

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