Let’s start with a real case.

As the number and scale of business applications have continued to increase in the past few years, the pressure of operating and maintenance staff of a commercial bank is increasing. The reason behind it is not only because they need to manage hundreds of sets of business systems, but these systems and databases also run on the 100 X86 servers and a large number of supporting equipment, but the bank currently has only five or six operations and maintenance staff. As a result, the daily management and operation and maintenance workload is huge. What’s more terrible is that with the continuous expansion of the number of X86 servers it uses, the bank’s computer room area is also rapidly increasing, power distribution and power consumption, and energy -saving and consumption reduction is also imminent.

In fact, the problem encountered in this bank is not a case. Although the large -scale distributed computing model based on the X86 -based, it has played a great role in the business innovation of the enterprise, but it is also necessary to see that the energy consumption and management pressure brought by the number of X86 servers and related supporting devices is obviously obviously. It brought severe challenges to the company.

In fact, the model of the data center of the X86 distributed server construction data center has been “unsustainable”. More and more enterprises are constantly emerging. A decrease, how to maximize the utilization of resources and energy is a top priority.

Is there a plan that can reduce costs and increase efficiency and meet the requirements of green data centers? The market calls for a new idea.

The reporter learned in the interview that the “best partner” launched by IBM is a green combination that the enterprise calls. IBM Linuxone and FlashSystem 9100, while greatly improving performance and capacity, further reduce space and energy consumption, maximize the development of data center green innovation.

With a hundred, the parking lot becomes a parking tower

It is understood that IBM Linuxone with intensive solutions composed of FlashSystem 9100 can reduce stress, reduce costs, reduce costs, reduce costs, and truly help companies build a sustainable set of sustainable settings in the aspects of computer room space, power distribution, and software licenses. Development infrastructure support platform.

First of all, at the level of data center infrastructure, IBM Linuxone plus the intensive solution brought by FlashSystem 9100,

With less than a quarter of the area and no more than 30%of the energy consumption, the workload that needs to be supported by nearly 100 X86 in the past to complete


, Really “cost reduction and efficiency” for enterprises.

Second, IBM Linuxone plus the integration and innovation brought by FlashSystem 9100, in

Significantly improve performance and capacity

At the same time, it can further reduce the space and energy consumption occupied by the infrastructure in the process of the establishment of the data center, which will undoubtedly maximize the development of the green innovation of data centers.

In fact, from the perspective of integration, Linuxone’s powerful computing power plus FlashSystem 9100 high -performance data capabilities can bring enterprises

The unique advantage of “one hundred”.



high performance

In terms of Linuxone, it is configured as high as 5.2GHz

The highest -frequency processor of all commercial servers in the industry

At the same time, it is also equipped with a 4 -level cache architecture with a total amount of more than 6GB, combined with I/O bandwidth up to 832GB/s, and the method of special SAP collaborative processors and asynchronous I/O processing. The scale application load integration provides strong performance support. FlashSystem 9100 is the full flash memory high-end storage launched by IBM for the enterprise market. It supports 99.9999%of high availability and end-to-end NVMe-OF architecture design.

Linuxone with FlashSystem 9100 2U provides 2.5 million IOPS and 34GB/s throughput capabilities, which can achieve up to 50 million IOPS and 680GB/s throughput. I/O delay to 100US, which is the strongest storage of I/O performance.

high capacity

In terms of Linuxone’s Rockhopper models can mount 16U storage, FlashSystem 9100 2U cabinet space can provide 2PB storage space, and stand -alone cabinets can provide up to 40PB storage space.

In other words, using IBM Linuxone and FlashSystem 9100, companies can greatly save cabinet space. Especially FlashSystem 9100 ultra -high -density design, its 2U cabinet space can store more than PB -level data.

In the same performance, 80%of the cabinet space can be saved than other full flash memory products

In addition, the same energy consumption can carry more businesses to achieve the goal of energy conservation, so that users can carry dozens of services within the scope of energy consumption in unit cabinets, and energy conservation and consumption reduction are very obvious.

The benefits brought by this are obvious. It can not only help users achieve space and power saving and simplify operation and maintenance, but also reduce the pressure of software permits, but also support the highly flexible and flexible and horizontal double -way expansion structure. It really provides a platform for “firmly like a rock” platform for the construction of the enterprise’s data center infrastructure, and even the key work load.

Hou Miao, Deputy President of IBM and General Manager of the System Department of Greater China

As Hou Miao, Vice President of IBM and general manager of the System Department of Greater China: “Linuxone has the advantage of one hundred, just like the difference between the ordinary ‘parking lot’ and the three -dimensional ‘parking tower’, thereby reducing space and electricity energy consumption , Software license and the pressure brought by the cost of operation and maintenance, making the management itself easier and efficient. “

The commercial banks described in the article, the X86 server integration scheme provided by IBM provided by IBM, implemented the integration of the “one nuclear and one library” efficient database, and greatly simplified operation and maintenance. By integrating the bank, different types of databases are placed on Linuxone, which greatly saves the bank’s computer room area and power consumption, which greatly reduces the management and operation and maintenance pressure of the data center infrastructure.

Energy -saving is based on IBM’s unique scientific and technological innovation

The “best partner” composed of IBM Linuxone and FlashSystem 9100 high -end storage can meet the needs of the sustainable development of the enterprise. It not only comes from IBM’s insight into the green data center, and also from IBM’s pursuit of innovation and opening up.



From an angle, Linuxone is equipped with FlashSystem 9100, which supports innovative applications including containers, 5G, cloud platforms, blockchain and other innovative applications. This is inseparable from the continuous innovation and investment of Linuxone and FlashSystem 9100 at the technical level.

Taking FlashSystem 9100 as an example, with the help of IBM’s proprietary Flashcore technology, a unified micro -delay, first -class reliability and extensive operation and cost efficiency can be achieved. At the same time, the innovation of IBM Flashcore technology also includes the latest full flash memory hardware acceleration technology, supporting the architecture of end-to-end NVMe-OF and advanced flash management functions.

For example, Flashcore can complete the data compression and decompressing function without occupying a controller. Using the unique IBM Variable Stripe Raid technology, IBM dedicated to the error correction code, and IBM’s proprietary garbage collection algorithm, which helps improve the durability of flash memory durability Sex also helps accelerate performance and reduce delay. Provide customers with 6 9 high -reliable storage platforms.

At the same time, IBM has always supported


Essence Linuxone and FlashSystem 9100 also provide users with unprecedented open capabilities, which truly allows users’ business workloads to “up and down”, not bound by manufacturers, and achieve complete “controllable” and “autonomous”.

Through comprehensive openness, Linuxone provides enterprises with a more flexible and free choice. Currently on the Linuxone platform, IBM supports REDHAT, SUSE, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Flag Linux and other operating systems to lay the foundation for enterprises to realize the hybrid multi -cloud architecture. Essence

Similarly, the FlashSystem 9100 is also an open storage system architecture. Through strong storage virtualization management technology, and providing storage virtualization functions that support more than 450 storage products at different storage products at home and abroad. FlashSystem 9100 can realize the flexible integration, migration and convenient relocation capabilities of storage, which not only helps reduce capital and operating costs, but also greatly enhance the return on investment in the storage infrastructure.


Finally, from

partly cloudy

From an angle, with the advent of the full cloudization era, the scope of the application deployment of enterprise -level customers has also expanded from traditional data centers to public cloud, private clouds, and even mixed cloud models. The complexity and diversity of their application services have risen rapidly. The “best combination” of Linuxone and FlashSystem 9100, through the multiple innovative technologies and cloud architecture provided, also helps users use existing storage products to solve the worries of the cloud environment storage and management data.

At present, Linuxone can support containers, virtual machines, logic partitions, or X86 mixed ways, which can meet the diversified needs of different businesses and applications of enterprises, and can achieve comprehensive management and monitoring based on the unified multi -cloud management platform to help enterprises easily respond to responding easily New challenges on the cloud. Because FlashSystem 9100 seamlessly supports CSI (container storage interface), customers can use the FlashSystem 9100 as a container while using container technology.

It can be seen that the “best partner” composed of IBM Linuxone plus FlashSystem 9100 not only provides a brand new infrastructure option for the digital reinsence of the enterprise, but also reconstructs the new model of the future green center construction. The new solutions of the joint will also help more users in the process of transformation in the process of transformation to play the effect of “pearl linked and invincible”.


The transformation is urgent

Today, the high energy consumption of traditional data centers not only brings heavy burdens on enterprises, but also causes huge waste of energy resources in the whole society. Data centers have unfortunately become “energy consumption giant”.

Beginning earlier this year, local government departments represented by Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen have successively issued policies, requiring new and even PUE values ​​of new and even large -scale data centers to reaches 1.4, or even 1.3.

Chunjiang Water Warm Duck Prophet. More and more companies are feeling unprecedented pressure in the process of new or expanding data centers. In central cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, due to the limitation of the space of the computer room and difficulty in approval of the new machine housing, the data center of the enterprise construction data is becoming more and more difficult. In addition, the existing data centers are limited by the power consumption, but in order to ensure the computer room, it is to ensure the computer room. For electricity consumption, the maintenance personnel of the enterprise can only be unavoidable, and their working environment can be imagined.

From this perspective, the construction and operation and maintenance model of traditional data centers in the past have reached a key crossroad, and the transformation and change have been “urgent”. Reduce energy consumption and build a green, intelligent and efficient new era data center, and become the only choice for enterprises.

Only by the enterprise really formed a consistent understanding and paying action, and actively adopted the intensive intensive plan, including IBM Linuxone plus FlashSystem 9100 innovation, can truly meet the new era of green innovation and development of data centers.



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