Heart -shaped flowers are coffee pulling flowers,

One of the most common pull flowers,

Couples in love,


Order a cup of heart -shaped coffee,

Sit quietly in the cafe for an afternoon in the cafe like this,

They are romantic.

Coffee pulls in the coffee industry,

There has been no clear definition,

can only say,

It evolved from Kabchino and latte,

But coffee pulls flowers,


The most popular coffee art in the world.

Xiao Ou will show you today,

How to simply make a cup of heart -shaped coffee flower?


1 semi -automatic coffee machine, 2 pulling flower tanks

1 coffee cup, coffee beans, 1 box of milk

Heart -shaped flowering skills:

① Select points, the injection point is about 1/3 of the cup mouth


② Use small flow injection when starting inject, and pierce the oil and stabilize the flow

③ Small traffic injection fusion, 5 points for coffee cups


④ After the “White Point” appears, increase traffic and keep

⑤ Keep the traffic that is increased to shake the flower tank left and right, and the arm and wrist cooperate

⑥ When shaking, at the selection point, do not retreat back

⑦ Improve pulling the flower tank, the small traffic is straight up

Detailed explanation of heart shape

① 1/3 of the selection points are injected, the coffee cup is tilted 10-15 degrees, and the coffee cup is increased by about 10 cm in the tank of the tank.

② Reduce the tank of the pulling flower tank to close the mouth of the coffee cup to keep the flow of the coffee cup, keep the flow from shaking the left and right, and control the flow rate of the pull flowing flow at the zofang.

③ At this time, as the tank continues to shake the heart shape, the heart shape will continue to increase. Note at this time to keep the milk flow. (Do not retreat when shaking the flower tank, at this time, the fat will automatically form a circular shape).

④ With the increase of milk bubbles in the cup, slowly flatten the cup when the injection, the purpose of pulling the left and right of the flower tank is to increase the sense of layering of the heart shape. The more the left and right shaking times The more beautiful.

⑤ When the milk is injected into 8 minutes in the cup, then placed a flat coffee cup to prepare to increase the tank and reduce the amount of milk injection at the same time.

⑥ At the time of 9 points, the pierced flower tank is increased at a small traffic, and the injection point is the center point of the heart shape.

⑦ Increase the tank of pulling the flower tank and reduce the flow rate and quantity of milk.

量 milk foam is collected from the central line to the tail of the cup with a small traffic. A standard Cabakino coffee must make the coffee liquid be higher than 0.5 cm higher than the cup, which makes it full.

At this time, you will find that the thickness of milk in the coffee cup is 1-1.5 cm. Congratulations to the heart -shaped flowers of a perfect cup of Cabakino coffee.

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If you have mastered the heart -shaped flowers, don’t forget to make a glass for you!

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