Human consciousness may be the biggest puzzle in the universe.


For a long time, “consciousness” has been an ancient and difficult mystery. A major problem of unreasonable scientific community has been forgotten and abandoned by the Institute of Science. However, today’s “human consciousness” has become a very rapid area of ​​psychology and cognitive neuroscience, and related research results have attracted more and more attention.

Although we can touch the initial origin of time and space, how do we have a mechanism for people’s consciousness and what kind of operating mechanism has it.

Study by the Blue Braar Program hosted by Henry Mark, a neuroscience at the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland, found that although we are accustomed to looking at the world from a three -dimensional perspective, our brain is full of multi -dimensional geometric structures, and may even be in 11 dimensions. Open.

The study was published in the “Calculation Neuroscience”.

Human brain is estimated to have 86 billion neurons. These neurons are connected in each possible direction to form a broad honeycomb network, which makes us ideas and consciousness in some way.


In order to solve the consciousness, researchers used Switzerland’s supercomputers to build a detailed model of the cerebral cortex with the method of number topology.

Through the response test of virtual stimulation and the actual test of the mouse brain, researchers can identify the details of neural networks on a single neuron cell and the entire brain structure.

They found that there were different types of high -dimensional geometric structures in the brain, consisting of tight connected neurons groups and blank areas (empty) between them.

These groups or empty caves seem to be crucial to the function of the brain. When researchers apply stimulation to their virtual brain tissue, they find that neurons respond to stimuli in a highly organized way.


这意味着我们思考问题的时候,神经元的团块会逐渐组合成更高维的结构,形成高维的孔隙或空洞,团块中的神经元越多,空洞的维度就越高,最高的It can reach 11 dimensions.

The whole process always follows the order from low dimensions to high dimensions, and the structure is becoming more and more complicated.


Just like building a castle on the beach, from scratch, the castle is getting higher and higher, and finally it always belongs to the peaceful beach.

Looks familiar, is it?

This is exactly the same as the large -scale fiber structure of the universe. The galaxy and galaxy group form a huge fiber structure, which is huge empty in the middle.


In a recent study, we found that our galaxy is in a huge empty hole of 1 billion light years. We are on the edge of loneliness of the universe, not in the lively stars square.

This study provides new discoveries on how the brain is dealt with information. Scientists speculate that the high -dimensional empty cave in the neuron structure may be where the brain storage memory may be.


However, it is not clear how the mechanisms of these blocks and caves are formed and how they play a role. More research is needed to determine the connection between the multi -dimensional structure and complex consciousness of neurons.


The consciousness of human beings is actually a kind of essence of human life. Only the existence of consciousness can let humans understand the world well, and reflect different joy and sorrow. In our lives, there are many behaviors that can be said to be some conscious behavior. If we humans lose consciousness, then our human life will not be so colorful. Of course, the survival of human beings will also lose very important significance, but the origin of our human beings has always been a scientific mysteries that scientists are constantly studying, because our human consciousness is arising up, and this consciousness is in the brain and is in the brain. How to run? Until now, although science and technology are already very developed, our research on our consciousness can be said to know nothing.


So how does human consciousness arise? In fact, as early as four or five hundred years ago, philosophers have proposed that human consciousness may be purely purely with some subjective behaviors that cannot be explained and experienced in words, and It cannot be simply explained as some embodiment of the human brain activity, so human conscious behavior is unable to simulate computers now, and even if the computer is highly developed, it cannot master the complex emotions of human consciousness.


And some neurologists have proposed that consciousness is only a product of the human brain. In simple terms, the human brain is like a biological computer, and consciousness is that this biological computer will process all the information received by it. The result of the subsequent came out, which is a manifestation of our human behavior or other aspects. But this does not mean that all information processed by human brain will be expressed through consciousness, such as some daily basic behaviors of human beings. For example A new model formed outside.

From the evolution of our earth’s life, the earth did not have the existence of life at first, but only chemicals, but there were some chemical molecules. In the long historical years, life has been slowly formed. As for the formation of life, it was only some ribosaccharides at first, but these molecules constituted unstable, so they could not store a lot of information until the emergence of DNA was better than ribosaccharotic acid than ribosaccharotic acid. Stable, so you can store a lot of information.


The human brain can fully reflect the world, and can produce different ideas and make a lot of choices. It can also control various organ activities of the body. And this consciousness can help us well distinguish what is good and what is unfavorable factor.

Recently, scientists said that through the exploration and research of the human brain, we found that our human brain is actually full of many dimensional structures. That is to say, our human brain does not simply stay in the three -dimensional space. It may be running in 11 dimensions. Our human brain has hundreds of millions of neurons, and these different neurons are connected to each other, forming our human thought and consciousness. Scientists have built the human cerebral cortex through super computing. Through some mathematical models, they simulate the brain of the brain. The stimulus reaction was tested, and it was found that there were many different high -dimensional geometric structures in our human brain.

Through research, scientists have found that our human brain is actually thinking about problems. At this time, these different neurons are gradually combining each other or even some high -dimensional structures, which forms high -dimensional empty caves. When neurons are combined with more and more, and the dimension will continue to rise, the structure will become more and more complicated and even to reach 11 latitude. Although this sounds incredible, these constructions will collapse in the end. This statement seems to be a bit similar to the construction of the universe space before. Before that, scientists speculated that the composition of our universe may be a huge high -dimensional structure that constitutes a huge high -dimensional structure of many galaxies and stars. The brain composition is very similar.

This study let us know how the human brain processes a series of information, and scientists also speculate that the part of our human brain storage memory is the high -dimensional empty cave composed of these neurons, but how this empty hole is like, but how this empty hole is like The operation of the mechanism is still a puzzle that confuses scientists, so scientists need to conduct more related research to determine the complex process of these neurons and the relationship between consciousness.

Although we do not have a deep understanding of human consciousness now, we all know that human consciousness can change our lives, and consciousness can continuously innovate and improve our living standards. , We should continue to develop human consciousness and improve the level of consciousness.

The essence of consciousness:

How to define consciousness?

Scientists have found that perhaps sunlight is the key to life. We also often see that the article says that the universe is the subject of consciousness. Is this reason that it makes sense?

In my opinion, the universe itself is a consciousness. Not only is the universe the main body of consciousness, but even a small shell, it is also conscious. It sounds a bit ridiculous, a bit like panic theory, that is, all things have spiritual theory. This was originally a kind of thought that humans began to produce, and it was also the origin concept of early deeds. Panling theory believes that everything in the world has soul or natural spirit, and affects other natural phenomena between control. Those who advocate this theory believe that the natural phenomenon and spirit also deeply affect human social behavior. A tree, like a stone, has the same value and rights as humans.

In fact, many scientists who have studied consciousness science today mostly recognize pan -spirit theory and research consciousness science, which is not based on idealism as in people’s imagination. Consteller Corch himself believes that any complex system comes with the “spirit” attribute, and there will be the lowest consciousness, “I feel” I am a system. If this system collapses, consciousness stops; the more complicated the system, the more complicated the state of consciousness it can experience. The existence of consciousness requires the boundary, and the existence of consciousness in the universe is not a continuous one. In other words, your consciousness and my consciousness are independent and separated from each other, and we are blocked by our skull.

My thoughts come from this pan -theory, but I classified and summarized:

So what is consciousness, I think that consciousness is “induction”, which is the induction of the micro quantum in various scale, and this induction is two -way, only two -way consciousness. All things in the universe have this ability, the difference is only the duration of the induction. Consciousness can be said to have three major categories:

The induction on the micro scale, that is, the induction between quantum, but because of the rapid retreat, it is too small for the time scale of our human beings, that is, the consciousness of no life material. Many physicists in modern times believe that quantum retreats can be equivalent to collapse with quantum, and quantum collapse is caused by consciousness, and Copenhagen interprets the most important idea. The objective restoration theory of the famous physicist Pengros believes that consciousness is generated by quantum collapse.

Objective Reduction (OR) occurs in a microtubule and a quantum conscious model that generates consciousness. The core idea is: consciousness is the result of quantum gravity effects in microtuba. Penrus believes that there is a “carefully compiled” quantum computing in microtubes, and the oscillation of microtubin (Tubulin) will cause the surface to form a superposition state. When the quality and energy distribution of each state will affect their respective space and space geometry. When the quantum gravity reaches a certain critical value, the stacked wave function will collapse. At the moment of collapse, a conscious moment was generated in the microtuba. The continuous consciousness instantly brings together the stream of consciousness. Unlike the orthodox Copenhagen interpretation, the collapse of the wave function is caused by external observations (subjective restoration), and Penrus believes that the collapse of the quantum wave function is caused by quantum gravity and collapse by itself, so it is objective restoration.

Sensing in the sub -macro scale. This is the consciousness of life. Divided into three evolutionary stages:


Because the consciousness of no life material is fragmented and discontinuous, then, it must be that the material evolution has reached a critical point, and an ability has appeared, that is, the sub -macro structure has similar to the micro quantum capability attribute. Sexual characteristics, and have a sustainable “consciousness” on a certain period of time, that is, the origin of the consciousness we understand today is that it originated from a certain polymer substance (such as copying enzymes in RNA) in the sub -macro structure. The two -way induction ability of micro -quantum. This kind of direct sense of consciousness is called Class I consciousness, that is, the source of unconditional reflection; and cats and dogs can see that they have conditional reflection awareness, and I call it II consciousness; The above two consciousnesses actually have the systematic and tooling based on the solidification of consciousness above this. This is the III awareness.

The main key here is that the copying enzyme (or a certain key substance in the enzyme) has the two -way induction capabilities of the optical quantum in the sub -macro structure. Therefore, sunlight (including ultraviolet rays, other invisible frequency electromagnetic waves) plays a key role in the emergence of the earth’s life consciousness.


These three consciousnesses can be considered as a “screen” of a huge “screen”, that is, all conscious subjects in the theory of zero field theory are the same consciousness subject, and the same zero field. Human consciousness contains all of the above three forms, and III awareness is the key to other animals and plants that distinguish between humans. III awareness is the ability to process thinking, including logical chains and memory integration. Perhaps III awareness is still a entangled quantum network, which is similar to the time and space entanglement network of the universe, and even they are the relationship between the overall and part. This entangled network has the characteristics of brain holographic, which is a deep -seated mechanism that works at the theory of brain holographic. Brain holographic theory is a theory that many scientists are more recognized today.


The last category is the induction of the entire Yuzhi scale, or the entire universe is a “subject of consciousness”. There are many articles discussing this point, including even the top scientists so far. I won’t say much.


In short, the definition of consciousness is that consciousness is a sense of induction, a sensor of the material on the micro quantum under various scale, and this induction is two -way, only two -way consciousness. This may also show that in addition to the “aliens), there may be a” life “on a more macro scale (Yu Guan scale). If the universe is not only our universe.

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