Earlier this year’s hollow knitted knitted small tops, slightly romantic, hazy beauty, have a gentle and elegant beauty, elegant and elegant ~ looming hollow, three -dimensional details, wearing it, comfortable, breathable, full of comfortable comfort, full of comfortable sense of comfort Essence


The rhombus -shaped checkered hollow design, fresh and refined, small high round neck, comfortable to wear, no blocking, more generous, small bubble sleeves, three -dimensional fluffy, soft and age -reducing.

The shoulder pleated stabilizes the three -dimensional sense, fashionable and temperament, visually reduces the width of the shoulder, increasing the sense of layering, simple and lack of design thoughts.


The version is fit, simple atmosphere, straight body, the effect of the upper body is very thin and covered with meat, calm, elegant, fashionable and unintentional, daily wear, good temperament of hand -in -hand ~ good dress and style.

The fabric is made of imported knitted ice silk. The upper body effect is very skin -friendly and comfortable, super -explicit, and the hollow flower type is also gray and beautiful. Whether it is paired with pants or skirts, you can control it!

This is a hollowed and round collar bright diamond flower T -shirt sweater. I have always loved “light luxury high -end” incense wind knitting T. After two years of high -quality minimalist models, we are still online and still beautiful. It is recommended to start.

I really like this dress. The visual sense of viewing from a distance is a white knitted jacket, but when you look close, it is really full of carefulness. It is a very heavy hollow hook flower. The effect is very GAO, and the texture will also be upper grade, and it is quite soft and comfortable in touch.

This kind of hollow hook flower is not only a strong sense of design, but also very good breathability. It will be cooler, breathable, and not sultry in summer. The classic round neck design will look sweet, cute, and age, of course, even more advanced.


Behind the high quality, there are high -end delicate yarn, the delicate ice silk feels non -dipped, Q bombs, there is weight, it is particularly comfortable and refreshing, the body is delicate, high ji ice silk -like yarn texture, Q cool and smooth slightest slightest slightest slightest slightest slightest well.


It is just suitable for season and midsummer. It is very cool and comfortable. With small white pants or skirts, the daily bonus of the workplace is benchmarking. Such a single product that can be comparable to the luxury level. Don’t pick anyone, who wears beauty ~

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