Outside the name! Yuan Yixing Ping Pong New Film Sandalwood Fiber Black Belies officially launched on January 3, 2022! Create a professional bottom board with strong offensive and good control

Fengtan bottom board is the latest product of Yuan Yixing Ping Pong. It uses special crafts and materials to create a unique performance of the bottom board. The seven -layer heterogeneous sandalwood bottom plate has large performance differences, strong offensiveness, good control, and can make up for professional bottom plates with insufficient amateur ability. What is the performance of the bottom board? Take a look at the effect of the test:

Click on the link to watch Fengtan trial videos

Market price: 1184 yuan

Filet structure: seven layers of heterogeneous fiber structure

Dacin: Ayus

Liman: Shan

Outer surface: Fiber Fiber ZLC Noodle Material: KOTO (Kou Tou)

Built -in noodles: Huangramun ALC Noodle Material: Obttasian

Thickness: 6.0 ±

Weight: 88 grams of horizontal board ± straight plate 83 grams ±

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Xinpin Tan Seven -Floor Fymnological Ping Pong bottom plate

¥ 889


Features of Fengtanttan heterogeneous bottom plate:


1. Attack the double -edged sword, both strength speed

The ebon noodles highlight the power, the KOTO surface highlights the speed, and selects different plate surfaces according to the characteristics of the front and backhand. Highlighting the active offensive forced use of ebony noodles, highlighting the joint force to use KOTO noodles.

2. Overly sweet area, strong fine -tunability of arcs

Through special craftsmanship, it is increased to the sweet -hitting sweet -. At the same time, a fine -tuning of the arc is increased to ensure the control and stability of the offense and defense.

3 Good control, can easily play quality balls

Powering the ball is transparent, make up for the lack of amateur efforts, the speed of hitting the ball is fast and not shocking, and the control is strong.

4. Novel feel, comfortable grip

The weight is moderate, the center of gravity is in the middle, the ball is not tired, the wrist is well protected, and at the same time, it will increase the clarity of the wrist and fingers.


Fengtan evaluation data:

External fiber surface:

Fighting 5 Elasticity 5+0.2 Control 4.8 Sweet -free range 4.9 Affairs 4.9 permeability 4.9 per speed 4.9 two speed 4.7

Built -in fiber

Floped 5+0.2 Elasticity 4.9 Control 4.9 Sweet -free range 4.9 feel 4.8 permeability 4.8 per speed 4.6 two speed 5.0


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