On September 1, IKEA can do the whole house design.


You must ask, what can the whole house design be designed? Is it reliable than the designer of the decoration company? Can I do a city without IKEA? We all help you understand.



What can IKEA’s whole house design do?




The design of the IKEA whole house is only designed with a soft dress, including furniture and decorations.

If you want to know what level of IKEA designers, you can refer to the new house design model room in Beijing IKEA. One of them is the light luxury style. You think it will be scary on the deep purple wall. The warm light is very private and relaxed in it, which is the atmosphere of the bedroom.


Photo source: IKEA

The selection of this model room is very particular. The front lights of the mirror are a milk white lampshade suitable for makeup. The hottest Fablik glass cabinet is used next to IKEA, which has the functions of storage and display of jewelry. Which girl does not want such a set Damning table?

Photo source: Living Fan’er self -photographed

The method of IKEA lights is much stronger than ordinary designers. Imagine that there is no such thing as a lamp on the wall of the photo wall.

In the design of the IKEA whole house, it may be a little bit stained with a hard dress, which may be

Lighting Design

It is a circuit layout involved in the transformation of hard hydropower.

It is difficult for the lighting designers on the market to find (professional light designers go to business space design, at least villas). It is a shortcut using IKEA to make up for the shortcomings in this area.

The design of the IKEA full -house design is the source of the lantern circuit diagram: IKEA

To sum up, the advantage of IKEA is:

In the soft furnishings, what you see is the fact that you can buy the IKEA products that can be bought. It will not appear “with good -looking effects, you can’t buy it, you can’t buy it” (this phenomenon is really common in the home improvement market );

In the hard installation, IKEA can give suggestions. For example, IKEA’s furniture is better with a color floor. For example, IKEA’s cabinet lights need to be left.


Can I design a city without IKEA?

Yes, do online design.

Just one thing, there is no city without IKEA, you can’t go to the house, you have to have a floor plan in your own hands.




Is the design of the IKEA whole house free?

Yes. However, the deposit must be paid 1,000 yuan first, and the final deposit will be refunded to you; the design draft will be revised twice at most. If you are not satisfied with the final draft, you can request a refund deposit.

The appointment process is: open the official website of IKEA, you will see the two -dimensional code of the homepage;

Picture source: IKEA official website

Scan the code into the H5 page of IKEA, submit personal information;

After that, IKEA’s customer service will call back to tell you the subsequent process.




What’s wrong with IKEA’s wardrobe customization?

In the past, IKEA’s wardrobe height was only 2.01 meters and 2.36 meters. The height of Chinese families was 2.5 ~ 2.8 meters. Even if the 2.36 -meter wardrobe was placed at home, it could not reach the ceiling.

Failure to the top of the wardrobe Source: IKEA

Such a wardrobe is easy to fall ashamed. In order to clean it, everyone will seal the wardrobe on the ceiling.

Source of ceiling at the top of the wardrobe: Living Fan’er self -photographed

At present, IKEA can make the wardrobe height according to the height of your home, and directly reach the ceiling, saving the trouble of ceiling.

The wardrobe on the left is customized, and the right wardrobe is a conventional height. Source: IKEA



Customization is not “true customization”, or the standardized module combination that IKEA is best at

Regardless of the custom cabinet or custom wardrobe, IKEA is very “smart” –

I do n’t want to design the cabinet with exactly the size. I just need to solve the problem of dissatisfaction with the corner 旮旯 旮旯!


If you need a wardrobe of 2.8 meters high, IKEA is on the original PAX wardrobe of 2.36 meters high, add a customized top cabinet of 0.44 meters high;

If you need 1.8 meters wide wardrobe, IKEA will give you a 1 -meter -wide finished PAX wardrobe first, and add a custom narrow cabinet of 0.8 meters wide next to it.

The narrow cabinet on the left is the customized source of the customization: Living Fan’er self -photographed

The height of the finished wardrobe is 2.01 meters and 2.36 meters, and there are three types of width of 0.5, 0.75, and 1 meter. Anyone selection between rice; in this way, play countless combinations and find ways to fill your home’s empty position.


The wardrobe is divided into two parts. What about the door?


This is where I want to praise IKEA-

You can customize the entire cabinet door!

That’s right! It’s a whole fan! You can achieve a high cabinet door of 2.8 meters!

Dream · Having a real top of the sky, thinking about it, it can finally be realized.

Of course, if you like the two doors, IKEA can do it.

An ultra -high door panel will be installed behind the back to prevent the door of the cabinet from deforming.

A silver aluminum alloy on the door panel is the source of the straightener.

There are relatively small color choices for customized cabinet doors, only white, white oak patterns, brown white waxing wood grain, and dark brown white wax wood grain. There should be more in the future.

Brown white wax wood grain cabinet door Source: IKEA


Can I make wardrobe customization without IKEI cities?

No. Wardrobe customization must be at IKEA malls.


At present, only Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi, and Suzhou are customized. Beijing Shopping Mall will wait until October 18, and other cities will wait until April next year.


How to charge a custom wardrobe?

The design is free, but pay the deposit of 200 yuan first, and return it to you after buying the wardrobe. (If you make the whole house design and wardrobe custom at the same time, the deposit is only 1,000 yuan)

The price of the wardrobe is separated by the finished and custom cabinets. The finished cabinet is clearly marked, how much does the original PAX wardrobe sell for, and how much money is; the price of the custom cabinet,

Calculated according to the development area of ​​the board, 199 yuan/㎡,

Contains cabinets, cabinets, straighteners, internal most basic partitions and hanging clothes rods, excluding hardware (pages, drawers, etc.), induction lights, storage boxes.

The above union and storage boxes are not included in the source of 199 yuan/㎡.

Photo source: Living Fan’er self -photographed

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