A round of cooling is coming. Now Zi can be happy to the boy who likes to wear sweaters, and you will never feel embarrassed because of wearing a sweater, because in the cooling, you can find that the whole fashion street is a tide male tide.They are playing sweaters.Cooling through sweaters, intimate warmth experience!


The sweater is well matched, and it is easy to create the temperament style of autumn and winter. The warm male shape that girls like, which is very suitable for interpretation of the elegant and restrained personality of men. Different angles are exuding the taste of men’s hormones.Can be worn with shirts, the matching rate is very high.

Simple coating sweater, with the embellishment of the white bar, revealing the youthful sense, loose version, the upper body is very beautiful, simple and personality, in line with the fashion urban aesthetics.very high.


[2019 Autumn and Winter Men’s sweater, a youth V -neck Korean version of the slimming versatile solid color bottoming sweater white and black], compound · system description ¥ 3lxryrilyxd

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