What are the types of employee tables? What shaped employee desks are better? There are many styles of desks. How to choose in practice?

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One: L -type employee desk.

The L -shaped desk can also be called a T -shaped desk, with a lot of placement. Compared with the straight desk, it has a larger area on the desktop and can better consider the diversified needs of the office, but the area occupied accordingly is also larger.

1. There are many ways to place the L -shaped office desk. According to the arrangement combination, it can be placed into various shapes. Four of them can be placed into a cross shape, and the two can be placed in a T -shaped by the wall, such as straight -line and F -shaped. It can be said that the entire office space can be made full use.

2. Compared with the straight office desk, the L -type office desk is larger on the desktop. It can better consider the convenience of employees to store things and their office needs. Stalling some small green potted plants and some decorations on the free space of the desktop can not only enhance the beauty of the office, but also have the function of radiation protection.

Two: Straight employee desk.


The direct desk is a common desk type in office. This desk is easy to place. It can be used in any narrow office, open offices or irregular offices.

1. A straight desk will make the office more compact and dense, and can better use space. In addition, from the perspective of an enterprise, shared office equipment can save a lot of costs.

2. For employees, the office space created by the straight desk allows people to have a wider visual space, which can shorten the distance between people and promote communication and cooperation between people. It can also create a relaxed office environment for employees and improve work efficiency.

How to choose the employee’s desk

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