Hello everyone, today I want to introduce the domestic [Yuxing Mo King] blocks [Remote Control Track] [13032]. The overall consists of [391+PCS], suitable for age [8+ years old], this appearance and [Lego] The 42095 is very similar, but the electrical structure of the two is different, so the internal structure is different.

Not much nonsense, just get dry goods directly



1. This is a blocks that support [Double Edition Remote Control], [Voice Mode] still feels more high -tech

2. [Material] and printing [Quality] of stickers are good (with photos)

3. This block is equipped with [screwdriver], which is very intimate


4. The [Structure] that is promoted by the track is completely different from the original. The updated experience


5. The assembly feels very good


1. The number of stickers in the first picture is wrong (correct should be 16)

2. [Path mode] in the remote control mode is relatively tedious and not easy (not a disadvantage)

【Special Note】

1. Putting the [Electrical Electric Group] of the assembly belt should be done first, especially like Yu Xing started assembly by [core motor component].


2. There are 6 steps for sub -packaging, starting from a pack of [minimum number]. When there are no parts required for the part package, the next package is opened, so push …

3. If the voice mode does not continue to issue a new instruction, the first instruction will be executed



1. The starting point of Yu Xingming is still very high. The tall [Technology Series] seems to be in the Yunyun Building Block brand.

2. Their parts are used with high domestic good reviews, and they can rest assured in quality


That’s it, it will be ~~

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