What style is the simplest and fashionable in spring, naturally a refreshing and leisure sweater!

In fact, every year, there is a variety of sweater shapes. The items that can be combined with the sweaters are also rich and colorful, but the careful sisters must find that in most cases, the sweater shapes out of the circle are often brought by classic jeans.

The denim elements of the same leisure model are versatile and unsteady. So the spring sweater in 2022 starts with jeans!

Next, I will tell you how to choose a sweater and jeans, and how the two can match to a greater extent to play the charm of the combination!

1. Detailed explanation of sweaters

There are actually many common sweater styles. There are round necks and hooded models from the neckline, let alone a series that changes the color and pattern. Essence

1. Decision version of the body

Even with the most relaxed underwear, when we choose a sweater, we will try to follow the figure as much as possible. After all, we generally use a sweater method in spring. If you choose a bad style, it is easy to expose the upper body defect.

√ The upper body is thinner

There are obvious waist lines to choose a short sweater to help highlight the waist, with high waist pants thinner and high

√ The chest is large, the abdomen is wide, and the waistline is not obvious enough

Body, it is recommended to choose a loose and hip sweater to create an oversize shape, hide the belly to cover the meat, and be thin and lazy

× short body

Girls avoid choosing a long sweater, it is easy to lower one, and it is even more procrastinating to match

2. Design point affect style


Generally speaking, the version of the sweater is not very different. Sometimes the design of the collar can be renewed slightly, so we must take a good look at the design points with great fashion potential.


*The round neck series is even more eye -catching on the street


The round neck sweater can be said to be the most common and versatile among all styles. Without the comfort of the hat, the overall looks more light and age -reducing. At the same time, with some small accessories and small items Going up is full of personality.

Second, the method of dressing well


The overall round neck sweater pays attention to the leisure style, so it can be matched with a loose version to increase the lazy sense. At the same time, add some inside to make the collar or the hem reveal it to increase the layered sense of the shape.

→ accessories blessing:

Some metal -made accessories, such as necklaces, rings, etc., can brighten the dark -colored sweater shape. Or with some hats and headdresses that are the same as the content of the sweater, you can also make a harmonious dressing up and down.

*The hooded series is more decent

The hat -style of the hat is also more daily. Increasing hat can reduce the thickness of the back and make the sisters with “shoulders wide and thick” thinner. At the same time, the hat -shaped sweater will be simpler in design. During commuting, some coats can be added to create a mixing style of the formal sense of email.

→ Stacking recommendation: suit jacket, leather jacket, checkered jacket


→ Color recommendation: gray, brown, blue

After saying the style and selection skills of the sweater, we can try to match the specific combination of him and jeans. The overall matching direction towards the goal of “adjustment ratio, significantly tall and thin”, try to enlarge the advantages of the figure as much as possible, so that the shape is more interesting.

NO.1 small man/five or five points, pay attention to making waistlines


The general method of matching the sweater and jeans is to put it on directly, but for people with a small or five -point figure, it is easy to cause the problem of lowering and weakening the body. Therefore, we must always pay attention to: keep the waistline.


① High waist pants+short sweater:

Girls with such troubles try to choose high waist pants and slightly short sweaters to improve the waistline, but pay attention to the position of the waistline, which is basically located above the navel, avoiding the problem of imbalance in proportions.

② The sweater is plugged into the trousers:

There is also a way to expose the waistline. It is to plug the front sweater into the jeans. When choosing this way, you need to choose some lighter sweaters to avoid the embarrassing scene of “a thick belly” in the pants.

NO.2 Pants type Pay attention to modify the leg shape/cover fat

In response to some sisters’ legs are not perfect, and there are problems such as fake width and thick thighs, we also need to pay attention to the version of the jeans when wearing a sweater.


① The calf thick real micro -ralaxial decoration:

The jeans that are slightly opened at the foot of the trousers have a special contraction curve design on the knees. dream.


② False 大 wide straight straight blocking:

Many pear -shaped figures are facing the pseudo -width and there are many problems with the flesh on the inside of the thighs. A straight -type jeans are very solved!

This kind of pants are smooth, integrated, and there are no particularly complicated designs. It is simple and generous to wear.

· Pay attention to the points:

Straight pants are different from wide -leg pants. If the too wide version is matched with the same loose sweater, it will make the overall look bloated. Therefore, try to choose a slightly loose, and the upper and lower clothing still maintains a wide binding jeans style.


NO.3 Pay attention to improve the level/rich senses

Finally, it is a visual problem that needs to be created when wearing a sweater and cowboy. Although both are “versatile kings”, as a combination of fashion, it cannot be ignored in terms of color tones. It is still necessary to make progress or echo the color.


① The combination of gray coffee is very gentle:

When you are not good at color matching, but you don’t want to choose black and white, use gray -black jeans, and match the more classic and soft coffee sweater.


The jeans with a little water -washing flavor are not too deep. The saturation and lighter coffee sweater have a more gentle feeling of age. The combination of the two is perfectly echoed by fashion and temperament.


② Blue and green combination is more youthful:


When you want to use denim and sweaters to create a more casual youth, then Xiaobian will recommend blues jeans with relatively simple green tones.

The light green that represents vitality can play a white skin. If necessary, write a small print to increase the sexy. The blue -tone jeans on the lower body choose the nine -point type, exposing a little ankle to make it thinner, and make the shape more light.


There are actually many surprising combinations between sweaters and jeans. Today, the editor listed only a small part. More fashionable wearing needs to explore by themselves. Let us let us wear their own personality charm with sweaters and jeans!

Second, the method of dressing well

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