Is the wedding scene paying attention to the row or the public.

There is no uniform standard answer, but whether it is a grand patch or a low -key marriage, it does not affect the future marriage and emotional life.

Recently, a woman in Chongqing was married. She wore a white wedding dress and walked slowly on the overpass. She was difficult to walk, and she couldn’t move.

Seeing such a wedding scene, my heart is both enviable and jealous.

There is no harm without comparison. When I think of my marriage, I can only rent a cheap wedding dress. Now the wedding dress that people get married are “dragged with water”. The whole street is her.

The bride’s wedding dress is hundreds of meters long, dozens of people help her hold the skirt

According to netizens, a woman has gone through a wedding dress on a traffic bridge in Chongqing’s downtown.

There is no reason for the bride to walk home on the overpass on the overpass. Instead, it may be worthy of advocating. After all, walking is always more environmentally friendly and conservative than luxury cars.


However, the wedding skirt worn by the bride is eye -catching. The white wedding dress appeared on her. Of course, it symbolized that it was very significant. However, the tail of the skirt of this wedding dress was a little surprised.

On the entire overpass, her skirt surrounds the overpass, and the area has accounted for two -thirds.

The long skirt is about hundreds of meters. Visually, the two people need to hold the skirt every two or three meters. The number of hundreds of meters of skirts requires dozens of people to support it.

Otherwise, the bride can’t walk in front.

There is a row, but it also affects others


On this overpass, although it can only be walked, after all, the area of ​​the bridge is not large. With such a large scene wedding ceremony, dozens of people hold up their skirts, like a white long dragon entangled on the bridge surface, which is eye -catching.

However, pedestrians walking on the bridge to see this to avoid this.

Although everyone can understand such happy events such a happy event, is it really necessary to have a good concern. Is it really necessary?


Marriage is the most important thing in a lifetime. Some people invest a lot of capital for this. After the entire wedding, it is not only the neighbors knowing, but also wanting people all over the world to know.

The wedding in the big scene is very good, but this kind of wedding that pays attention to noodles really does not affect the future marriage life.

Even if there are millions of or tens of millions of weddings, if life is going to divorce after marriage, it will not affect divorce at all, or divorce.

Some people think that this is the meaning of getting away from marriage. It is not like marriage. It is like a model showing a show, and even more like some merchants’ promotional advertisements.


Just marry, if you have to know the people all over the world. Just like men often say to their beloved women, I want people all over the world to know that you are my woman.

However, their wedding weddings, their life after marriage was not as good as those who just held ordinary weddings and deeply affectionate couples.

Many women like to pursue beautiful weddings and romantic weddings. This is a common sense, and it is normal.

However, it is necessary to do everything. How beautiful and romantic need to do it.

Although the wedding is a necessity of wedding, it is also a form. The grand and magnificent wedding is the dream of every unmarried male and female, but the dream is beautiful, but the reality is sensible.

The hundred -meter -long wedding dress, compared with a cheap wedding dress, believes that many people choose a hundred -meter -long wedding dress.

However, if you return to the marriage life of chicken feathers, how beautiful and cheap wedding dresses are futile, and low -key weddings will be sought after by more people.

As a netizen said: No matter how beautiful the wedding, I don’t envy. I only envy people who can come to the old. This is envious.

Seeing this netizen said that, I was fortunate that I used a cheap wedding dress, otherwise I would be laughed at by everyone. Of course, I couldn’t afford such a expensive wedding dress at that time.

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