Hollow ceramic micro beads are indispensable multi -function fillers in modern high temperature -resistant insulation coating system

Coatings are a material. This material can be coated with different construction processes on the surface of the object to form a solid film that adheres to firm, has a certain strength, and continuous. The formation of this formation is called the coating film, also known as the paint film or coating. Most of the early paint is based on vegetable oil as the main raw material, so it is called “paint”.

Whether it is a traditional coating product with natural material raw materials or coating products with synthetic chemical products in modern development, it belongs to the agricultural production system chemical polymer material, and the coating film formed is a polymer compound type. According to the classification of modern chemical products, coatings are fine chemical products.

Energy -saving and consumption reduction and improving economic benefits are important conditions for the sustainable global economic development. With the development of thermal insulation technology, the technical content and added value of thermal insulation materials have been greatly improved. However, the current performance of thermal insulation material has very much room for improvement, and the market value is huge.

The heat insulation refers to the physical processes that heat from the temperature of the unit space from a higher temperature to a lower temperature to a lower temperature during the transmission of high temperature to a lower temperature. It is usually achieved by insulation materials, and heat insulation is also achieved through dynamic technical means such as air power.

Taking Dalian Yibang E-SPHERES hollow ceramic micro beads as an example, nano-level ceramic hollow micro beads are used. Its surface density is small and the pore rate is high. The air layer between micro beads no longer generates heat convection after heating. The coating formed by this coating introduces a composition with a very low thermal conductivity, forming a heating shield of static air and inorganic materials.

Summary: The internal air -cavity thermal conductivity is extremely low in the coating, and it has significant resistance to the transmission forms such as radiation, convection, molecular vibration heat conduction, etc., and even when the thickness of the coating reaches a certain level Thermal insulation effect.

E-SPHERES hollow ceramic micro beads can be used as a fillers for insulation, fireproof coatings, wooden plastic products (substitutes, imitation wood), polymers, adhesives, putty, glass fiber reinforcement materials, composite materials, refractory materials, refractory materials, fire resistance materials , Insulation materials, waterproof coatings, architectural materials, are widely used in various industrial applications such as aerospace, navigation, automobiles, pesticide carriers.

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