Summer is here, I believe that the frequency of everyone’s movement has continued to increase.

Some partners leave a message asking if there are shorts of sports that are specially worn. It requires a good breathability, not sultry, and the fabric must be worn well. Today, arrange for everyone.


This quick -drying fitness sports shorts are professional, super light and breathable spring and summer. There are many small details on the pants, which is worthy of a wave of experience.


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Basketman Summer sports shorts Male breathable casual running training fitness pants zipper fast dry thin pants pants

¥ 59


It can be controlled in any place. Whether you are running, playing, climbing, indoor or outdoor, or leisure home, you can wear all your requirements. It can serve you in actual combat and meet your daily match. The cost performance is very high. Essence

The biggest feature is its unique material fabric, plus the design of the eye on the pants, which is a fast -drying and breathable type that everyone likes. Holding the touch on the hand, the touch is soft, the pull is strong, and it has a clear ice feeling. The friction between the skin will not have a stabbing feeling.

There is no sense of restraint on the upper body, and it is easy to belong to the European and American version of the design, which is the American style that everyone is always talking about. Layered.


Black and gray colors are used for everyone to choose. In the summer, sweat and change clothes. Everyone can start with both colors.

The skin -friendly fabric is fashionable, fashionable and versatile, soft and comfortable, and the side breathable small holes effectively enhance the breathability. The overall looks smooth and clean.

Loose trousers belt, humanized design, everyone can adjust the size according to personal habits, and complete training or exercise.


On both sides of the pants are also equipped with large -capacity pockets, or zipper, preventing it from falling during the movement of portable items. It is convenient, safe and beautiful.


Quality assurance, each piece is carefully customized, the zipper is free up and down, it is not easy to buckle; the trousers also have a unique split design, exclusive exercise, and sweating.

Baller’s pants are very favorite, which can fit the brothers’ various types, and the professional ones are more reliable!

You can wear it as a ball pants. The men and women are common. Girls can also buy running to practice yoga. The heart is not as good as action.


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