Dressing is a simple and complicated question. It is simple because when you master enough skills, it will be very relaxed. It is complicated because there are often many young ladies stepped on the minefield and wear effects. very bad. Therefore, it is simple or complicated for you. It is completely determined by your skills, and there are different vane at different periods of fashion trends. Therefore, learning to wear can not be done overnight.

Each of my article is very careful, I hope that the wearing skills I shared can help everyone. This time I recommend a tight -fitting dress. This dress is more suitable for women with slim figures. If it is a slightly fat figure, please check other articles from Xiaobai. There is also a corresponding introduction. The younger sister is slender, the meatball hairstyle is very neat, and her tight body looks clean.


Her tight -fitting color matching is simple, but the sense of layers is very good. The upper body is fog blue, and the lower body is dark gray. There is a feeling corresponding to the “blue sky and earth”, and these two colors are very gentle, visual vision, vision Experience is good and will not give people a feeling of cold irritation. It can also be seen from this example that the color matching should be simple and not complicated. It is recommended that the color selection is mainly based on warm colors.


The younger sister had a small white strap in her body, and the zipper of the coat was not pulled to the top, which looked a little sexy. The fog blue jacket chose the design of the short -sleeved shorts. The abdomen was exposed about one finger wide, but the sleeve was relatively long. It could be hung on the thumb. The slender and beautiful, it is really “both fish and bear’s paw.”

The dark gray yoga pants on the lower body are tightly cut, and even seem to have an illusion of painting on the body. The advantage is that they are particularly expressed and easily put out of beautiful legs and hips, but the disadvantage is that it is too tight. a feeling of. There is also a white ω pattern on the hip, which is a small embellishment. The nine -point trousers have better leggings, and they will look thinner and longer.


This tight -fitting dress shows the beauty and uniform, highly tall and slender figure in the picture, and this dress makes people feel very vibrant and give people a sense of vitality and cleanness.

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