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Swallowing, coins, and even lighters, surgeons will encounter some “strange” cases from time to time. However, the story of swallowing a toothbrush was not taken out. After 20 years, the story was still alive, and even the surgeon was shocked.

Recently, the Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital took out a toothbrush more than 20 years ago for a Penteenth patient. At that time, the surgical video showed that the doctor had opened the gallbladder, clamped the head of the toothbrush with pliers, and carefully avoided the layer of “lightning zone”, and slowly allocated out of the patient’s 12 fingers.

The surgery is very smooth, and the entire toothbrush is 14 cm long. After more than 20 years of soaking, the bristles of the brush head have been “digested” by gastrointestinal fluid. The handle is dark green and black, and it is covered with stones, just like a “unearthed cultural relic” that has just been dug, stinky and hard.

Why is the 14 cm long toothbrush hiding in the stomach? And it is more than 20 years. According to the patient, due to critical illness, he was desperate, so he had the idea of ​​swallowing bristles. However, the problem was that the illness was also controlled later, and the patient also married his wife and had a child, thinking that the toothbrush had been discharged through the bowel movement.

Toothbrushes have not been discharged at all, but strangely, patients have never felt physical discomfort for so many years. Until 2014, he always felt a pain in the upper abdomen, but went to many hospitals to see. The diagnosis was high in transaminase and inflammation of gallbladder, but there was not much relief after the drug treatment.

Until the end of June this year, the patient became ill again, so he was admitted to the Third Hospital of the Municipal Hospital. As a result, the doctor frightened on the spot. After the diagnosis, the first plan of the doctor was to use a minimally invasive toothbrush with a 12 -finger intestinal mirror, but could not move.


Then I tried to burn the toothbrush with a coil. I did not expect that the quality of this “old antique” was too good. Fortunately, the operation is very successful. At present, patients are gradually recovering.


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