For girls who love beauty, no matter how much clothes are, the best one is always the next one.

Seeing that the weather is getting warmer, it seems not enough to buy heavy clothes. We can preview the trend of spring in advance to see what good -looking styles are in 2022 spring.

It happened that many bloggers also showed up in early spring. Naturally, the basic items such as sweaters, sweaters and jeans were indispensable. in


There is a high appearance rate of pants, that is, straight pants, which continues the comfort and casual style of winter, and can better modify the leg shape

Let’s take a look at how they interpret it!


Denim straight pants


The least pick -up is a denim straight pants. The ageless denim blue simplifies is easy to match.

Small and thin girls can choose small straight pants with moderate pants tubes. It is slightly loose than small pants and will not stick it tightly on her body.

, Especially suitable for girls with poor legs, use the same upper and lower trousers to modify the leg shape, and wear slender straight legs.


The advantage of small straight jeans is that the sense of commuting is relatively strong.

It will not be too loose or hypertrophy, neat and capable, mature with short boots and high heels, and feminine, and strong practicality.

The pants tubes are more loose and straight pants are similar to wide -leg pants. Its leisure sense is stronger. It is more suitable for pairing with shoes and daddy shoes. It is comfortable and cozy and more energetic.

Use a mop -up straight pants with a tube with a short jacket. The proportion of the figure is more than a little bit, which is very tall and thin. It is very suitable for girls with thick legs.


When it comes to suit pants, everyone will first think of a serious workplace life, because the design of the board and the dull black and gray often give people a sense of oldness.


This spring suit pants appear in another form, occupying everyone’s daily commuting, and it is quite fashionable. It is a suit straight pants.

Compared to the smoke pipes wearing cigarette pipes we often wear, this year is more popular this is the more loose wide -leg suit pants of the pants tube. It has better tolerance and can hide the fat on the legs. It is super suitable for it.

The meat is thin.

For example, this straight tube and wide -leg suit pants growing to the feet are more fashionable. Coupled with the characteristics of smooth lines and vertical sense, it can further lengthen the proportion of legs, which is very tall.

Essence The sisters of the crotch can choose this crotch with folding design, increase the design sense, and can also reduce the crotch visually


White straight pants

After spring, the color of the clothes is mainly brisk and bright, and a pair of white pants can help you quickly enhance your sense of fashion.

The characteristics of versatile can also help you save more matching time.

Different from other straight pants, white has high requirements on the body. If it is not “chopstick leg”, you must choose

Body -skinned and vertical suit, denim fabric white pants. You can also “make an article” on the waist. The double -bucking high -waisted design can move the waistline to shape a better waist proportion


, Use it to match the slim short top, proper hot girl style.

Casual straight pants

How can I have a pair of casual straight pants in my wardrobe that loves leisure style and loves comfortable sisters,

The fabric of the sweater is more comfortable and soft, full of vitality and youth.

In addition to the conventional closing design, you can also add some personalized designs to increase the sense of fashion.

Cover the mop -up straight pants through the feet, because

The design of the side split can reduce the stacking feeling of the feet, and it is even more sharp and thin.

Essence The young girl remembers a pair of high -bottomed daddy shoes with a high level of self -level. 4 pants suitable for thick leg girls, covering the meat is thin, and stylish!

2022 Spring straight pants are still the protagonist. These 4 temperament fashion, especially suitable for girls with thick legs

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