3 tricks to teach you the “camouflage” high skull top, the fashionable face is small, suitable for girls with less hair volume

A word has been popular in the past two years–

High cranial top


Liu Yifei, Jennie

, That is the standard high skull top girl, that is, from the front,

The vertical distance from the head to the hairline is high

Essence ▼

The benefits of the height of the skull, one is

It looks more hair and smaller face

The other is its own tender effect.

Of course, there are high skull tops, but


Nothing and nothing


After all, these are naturally born, can’t change, it is better to put energy on other places to make yourself more fulfilling. ▼

But if you

Due to small hair volume and depression

If you can try to “disguise high skull tops” to make the hair look more.

Of course, the hair loss is more serious, so you need to go to the doctor.

If there is a small amount of hair, and it is not very serious, it is recommended to try the following methods.


1. Scallow your hair


This mother knows very well that the hair can make the hair more fluffy, and the visual hair volume is more. ▼

So the question comes, what about the big volume? Can

Comprehensive consideration from the aspects of temperament, hair volume, hair quality

Large rolls are suitable: people with mature atmosphere, high hair volume, thick hair;

Small rolls are suitable: people with lively vitality, less hair volume, and soft hair. ▼

If you want to raise the cranial top,

It’s best to make the hair on the top of the head too rolled

At this time, it is more suitable to choose a small roll.

If you don’t like curly hair, you can prepare a corn hot plywood and only perm.

2. Cut a short hair

Anyway, perm is injured. If you don’t want to worsen any more, you can cut a short hair to try it.

When the hair is relatively long, due to the impact of gravity, there will be the power of pulling down to make the hair closer to the scalp. ▼

After cutting short, the hair becomes lighter

Not only does it look lighter, but the fluffy feeling will be stronger.

It doesn’t need to be too short, the length below the ears is similar, and it can also take into account the effect of modifying the face shape. ▼

If the amount of hair is not enough, you can try it


The root pad dedicated to lazy people

Like the hair clip, the advantage is that the effect is immediate, and the disadvantage is that it is not so natural. ▼

3. Wash your hair well

The last one should have feelings,


On the first day after washing my hair, my hair is the most


“Washing your hair well” sounds simple, but the difficulty is not small.

From the aspects of hair washing products, water temperature, massage methods, hair wipes, hair dryers, etc., etc. ▼

I have shared this before, and let’s look back at it.

a. Before washing your hair, use it

Wood or horn comb

Comb your hair smoothly;

b. Rinse the warm water for 1-2 minutes in advance and sham water

Rub the foam and wipe it on the hair

c. Massage scalp → hair root → hair tail, then rinse with warm water;


Take away excess water with a dry hair hat

Then use a hair dryer

Follow the direction of open hair scales

blow. ▼


In addition to the details that you should pay attention to in these life, good protection products must not be less.


When choosing shampoo, you can pay attention to the table work, mainly used


Soap, sulfate, amino acids


From strong to weakness, mildness from weak to strong, hair loss is more severe, and the scalp is not healthy, it is still more reliable to choose amino acid shampoo. ▼

Well, the above is a few tips for creating a high skull top.



No need to be anxious at all

The aesthetics will change, and the popularity has been reincarnation. Only with the fulfillment of the heart can we gain true self -confidence.


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