When the lives and deaths are survived, anyone in the nation will face the setbacks faced by the country. This is the obligation of you as the nation. During the Anti -Japanese War, countless children also participated in the Anti -Japanese War, because they knew that if the country was destroyed, there would be no future.


In a speech, Chiang Kai -shek said: There is no place to divide the north and the south, and there is no division of the elderly, all of which have the responsibility to defend the soil. This sentence is very reasonable. When a nation is in danger of destroying, anyone must defend his nation and his country. At this time, there are no teenagers, children, old people, and women, and they have only one identity -Chinese.

Nine -year -old child would rather die

In the Songshan battle of the Anti -Japanese War, a 9 -year -old child was captured by the Japanese. At that time, the Japanese army did not understand that a 9 -year -old child should go to school. Why should he join the war and put it into the battlefield to send it to death?

He went to the battlefield without any training. At that time, the Japanese translation said to this 9 -year -old child that you were so young, why did you go to the battlefield? This child said that his hometown was gone, and he was invaded by Japanese dogs. Can’t he be killed if he was not on the battlefield? Do you need food?

The Japanese were very angry after hearing what he said, so the Japanese took out their own knife and killed him. When the Japanese took out their own knives, the Japanese wanted to tease the Chinese soldier, so he told him how you died. The 9 -year -old boy said that I was dead now, and I would not surrender if I died. So the child was killed by the Japanese.

This case is not only one or two in the War of Resistance Against Japan, and more than 1,000 children like him died in the Songshan Battle. They are all a group of dolls. Nowadays, children of this age are living in the arms of parents and moms, but at that time, the children at that time they went to the battlefield when they were 9 years old. For the country, they sacrificed themselves. This spirit was unique to China.


The outbreak of the war in China, Japanese resources are tight

When Japan launched the war of invasion in China in 1937, people of the Chinese nation had understood that the Chinese nation had reached the time of life and death. At this time, all Chinese people have to pick up their weapons to defend their own, so China shatter the rumors of Japan’s destroyed China within three months, so that Japan knows that China cannot destroy. Later, as the war continued, the Japanese arrogantly provoked the United States and provoked Britain. Their fronts were pulled all over the world. Therefore, Japanese people needed a lot of materials to produce military products.

Japan is an island country. The materials produced by Japan’s island nations cannot meet the needs of Japan’s global operations. Therefore, Japan needs to quickly obtain resources. So Japan wants to transport Chinese resources to Japan, so Japan needs a stable and safe transport line.


At that time, the Japanese had two plans, one from the Yangtze River to Hunan and finally attacking Yunnan. The other is to directly enter the Central South Peninsula through Myanmar, and then attack these two lines to China. No matter which success, you can transport the resources of China to Japan or the resources of Southeast Asian countries to Japan.

However, at that time, China also needed a line to help countries around the world to assist China, equipment, and military resources to China. However, all the maritime routes in China had been decided by the Japanese Navy at that time, so there was only one road at the time, the Yunnan -Burma Highway, so the Yunnan -Burma Highway determined the National Games of China and Japan.

Attack Songshan

In 1944, the Chinese Expeditionary Force began to attack Songshan in order to open up the Yunnan -Burma Highway. At that time, the domestic people in China were also very nervous, so the expeditionary army recruited a group of soldiers from the country before sending troops. The youngest soldiers were only 9 years old and nearly 7,000, but there was no way.

At that time, the place of Songshan was easy to defend and difficult to attack. The geographical location was 10 points. If there was no heavy firepower, it would not be able to attack for a long time. At that time, the Japanese army made Songshan building a permanent defense work. Therefore, it was very difficult for our army to attack Songshan, and after the Japanese army built the fortress, they would kill all the Chinese people participating.


At that time, the Japanese army had a lot of expectations for this bunker. They said that the plane put a 500 kg TNT in the bunker, which could not destroy the bunker. At that time, the entire Songshan was hollowed out by the Japanese army, so the Japanese army said that the bunker could withstand the high -strength attack of the enemy for 8 months. At that time, the Chinese army knew nothing about this intelligence. The only intelligence of the Chinese army was that more than a hundred Japanese troops were stationed on this mountain, and the offensive was very dangerous.

Therefore, at the beginning of the Chinese Expeditionary Force, only a small number of troops were dispatched, but at this time, God did not stand on the Chinese army. At that time, the next heavy rain cut off the transport line of the Chinese army. Therefore, if you want to successfully meet the large troops, you can only win Songshan as soon as possible.

However, there were too many bunkers in this place, and they couldn’t get it quickly. At that time, our army lost nearly 8,000 people in the 95 -day battle, but finally successfully won Songshan. With Songshan, our army found that on the eve of the Japanese army, they would serve their comfort women and their prisoners of war with their prisoners of war. These prisoners of war had the 9 -year -old child.

There are more than 7,000 doll soldiers in the Chinese Expeditionary Army who joined Burma. Most of these doll soldiers have lost their loved ones in the country. They can only rely on the battlefield for the country. At that time, the expeditionary military casualties were too big, and there was no way to recruit them. Most of them died on the Burma battlefield.


These people are Chinese heroes, and without their dedication, there is no future of China. Many children are now in their 20s, but they are still old. They want the children of that period. When they were 9 years old, they played the Japanese on the battlefield.

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