In the cabinet kitchen, the platform for cooking and cooking operations. Use a high degree of color matching. The paint type, the roasted lacquer plate is a density plate, and the surface is baked by high temperatures (three bottoms, two sides, one light) at high temperature. The “paint” used for the cabinet only illustrates only a process, that is, the paint -to -dry paint treatment substrate door panels that are warm and dry after the paint is sprayed.

Thailand Installation has learned that the paint plate is characterized by fresh color and easy shape, with strong visual impact, very beautiful and fashionable, excellent waterproof performance, strong anti -pollution ability, easy to clean up. The disadvantage is that the level of craftsmanship is high and the rate of waste is high, so the price is high. When using it, you should also take care of it, and you should be afraid of bumps and scratches. Once damaged, it is difficult to repair it. It must be replaced as a whole. The color difference is prone to appear in the kitchen with more oil fume. At present, UV uses high -density boards as substrate materials, and has a variety of effect paint on the surface. A new type of cabinet door panel with environmentally friendly, highlighting, wear -resistant, and aging resistance after curing. The surface is high, and the highlights of the mirror surface are obvious.

There are many advantages. The paint film is plump and pure Italian quality, and the color is plump and seductive. Environmental protection and health, usually paint palettes are not baked, and they are constantly released. UV -baking door panels solve the century environmental problems. Not only is there less volatile substances such as benzene in itself, but also solidify through ultraviolet light to form a densely solidized film to reduce the amount of substrate gas release. Do not fade. By comparative experiments, it has proven that the UV paint door panel is compared with traditional plates and has better physical and chemical properties. It ensures that the UV paint door panel is not losing color and solved the phenomenon of color differences.

1. Do not let the cabinet and door panels be soaked in water. The cabinet and door panels are not resistant to the corrosion of water, which can easily cause the plate to expand and deform, and loose and prone. Therefore, the cabinets and door panels should be wiped frequently to reduce the residues of water as much as possible.


2. Do not put the just -cleaned tableware directly into the cabinet. This will cause the water in the tableware that has been cleaned to remain in the cabinet and corrode the cabinet, causing the cabinet cabinet to deform. The cleaning tableware should be wiped first and then stored in the storage cabinet.

3. The door panel of ordinary cabinets can be cleaned with soft cotton cloth. The high -gloss door panel is cleaned with a soft velvet cloth. Do not clean it with a wire ball or rough brush, so that it is easy to damage the surface of the door panel.

4. Wipe the general oil stain dirt remaining on the cabinet with a neutral cleaner or soapy water, and dry it with a dry cloth to avoid water residues; while stubborn stains are used Wipe the cloth instead of wiping with high concentration or corrosive solvent, which will cause corrosion of the cabinet.

In short, the editor of Thailand’s decoration network reminds the cabinets to pay attention to avoiding the corrosion of water and corrosive things, so that it can keep it clean and dry. This can not only keep the cabinet tidy, but also make it longer.

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