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[Plant cream and animal cream sharing dry goods]


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[What is animal soothing cream and plant cream]

Animal Francisco: (also known as Francisco), is a high concentration of fat from fresh milk from fresh milk, which is liquid -like, without any pigment and chemical stabilizer, and the nutritional value is between whole milk and butter. For the human body comparison Natural health. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to storage. If it is stored slightly at room temperature, it becomes soft and deforms. Animal cream cakes usually have to be stored in the refrigerator.


Plant cream: (also known as artificial cream). There is no dairy product component in its composition. It takes plant fat and plant protein as the main ingredient. Processing process. Therefore, planting milk contains a large amount of trans fatty acids. In addition, hydrogenated oil is harmful to the body and can be absorbed by the human body, but it cannot be metabolized. The United States has banned hydrogenated vegetable oils in food.


How to distinguish animal cream and plant cream]

The difference between passing rate and passing temperature

Section temperature: The temperature before the animal cream is beyond 10 ° C, but lower than 7 ° C can also affect the stability and amount of the cream, and the room temperature is below 18 ° C, so it is generally necessary to open a large air conditioner to add a little bit. Fighting water. The plant-based cream is completely needed. After the thawing is removed, the cream temperature can be sent between -2 ° C and 8 ° C, and the room temperature is between 6 ° C and 28 ° C. If the requirements are not high, the room temperature is 28 ° C and the cream temperature is above 10 ° C. It can still be passed, but the amount of passing will be slightly lower than the best pass temperature.

Passing rate: refers to the volume expansion rate after cream is stirred at high speed. The cream is passing by a large amount of air, making the cream swell into solids. Animal cream pass rate is very low, and it will only expand to 1: 2. Generally speaking, it can only be hit to 1: 1.5, that is, the cream with a volume of 1 liter can be charged by 1.5 liters after beating. The air allows the volume to reach 1.5 liters. However, plant cream has at least 1: 3 expansion. If the temperature is appropriate, it can go 4 times or more. [For example: Give a 8 -inch cake noodles (excluding decorative), and use 250 ml of animal cream about 250 ml, and it is easy to use it to abolish it without paying attention. But if you use lipid cream, as long as 125 ml is enough, and you are not afraid of playing. .

The difference between cream storage conditions: Animal cream is more delicate in preservation. Botanical cream can be stored in frozen, but after the animal cream is frozen, it will be separated by oil and water, scrapped! Moreover, the temperature of the refrigerator is high, and the cream must be deteriorated; when it is low, it needs to be separated by oil and water; if it is cold and hot, it will become condensed. So it is generally between 0 ° C and 5 ° C. The preservation period is also shorter than plant cream.


The difference in price: The price gap between plant cream and animal cream is very large, and animal cream is more than double the plant cream.

For many cake shops, the use of plant cream can greatly save costs, and stability and plasticity are better than animal cream! If the product made of animal cream is high, and it is troublesome to save, it will affect a certain amount of sales! In the market, it will be more inclined to be healthy for private house cake studios, and animal cream will be used! [For example: a pack of animal cream is 40 ~ 60 yuan, plus other ingredients, fresh fruits, etc. The cost of the finished product is no longer high! And if you use plant cream, it only costs dozens of dollars! .

The difference between operation difficulty: Because the stability of animal cream is not strong and the temperature requirements are high, the difficulty index of decorating animal cream is really high! Here, Xiao Meng’s experience of “abuse”, especially in summer, without mounting a flower, the cream has begun to become, let alone complete the entire cake. So you can cherish the cake made of animal cream!


However, there will be no such situation with plant cream. No matter how the temperature is, plant cream cake can maintain a very good shape. So the cake placed in the window of most cake shops is made of plant cream!

In summary, animal cream is healthier than plant cream, but animal cream is more troublesome in operation, stability is worse than plant cream, and the failure rate is higher. Save money and material! (Although from this point of view, there are many benefits of plant cream, but … Please continue to look at it)

[Nutritional value of animal whipped cream and plant cream]

Animal whipped cream is high, because it is completely extracted from fresh milk, so it contains nutrients such as vitamin A, protein, lactose, minerals, and calcium. Its main component is milk fat, and milk fat contains more than 30 % unsaturated fatty acids.

Plant cream is a artificial cream processed by special processes. It does not have milk products, and contains a large amount of trans fatty acids. In addition, hydrogenated oil is harmful to the body and can be absorbed by the human body. However, it is not easy to metabolize and cause health problems.

[But with the improvement of craftsmanship, “plant cream with anti -fatty acids” has appeared in the market. Some merchants have claimed that the harm of plant cream to the human body has been reduced to the lowest point, even better than animal cream! but! How do you confirm what you bought and eat with this plant cream? After all, the news has reported that many businesses have false publicity]


So for health


When buying cakes, be sure to carefully judge whether animal cream or plant cream.


[How to distinguish animal soothing cream and plant cream]



Plant cream: Because it is artificially synthesized, most of the colors are bright white, which is whiter than animal cream.


Animal cream: Pure milk cream is naturally milky white and slightly yellow.


Animal cream: As a natural extract, there will be a natural milk flavor. The more high -grade animal cream, the richer the amount of milk fat, the more fragrant milk.膻 膻 膻.

Plant cream: Because it is not a dairy product itself, its fragrance comes from the added flavor and spices, so it smells no milk flavor, or “fragrance”.

Try to taste

Animal cream: Because the melting point of animal cream is lower than the temperature of the human body, there will be a taste of the entrance, and it is not sugar. It needs to be seasoned with sugar when it is sent. Therefore, the sweetness will not be greasy. Very refreshing.

Plant cream: Sweetness comes from artificially added fragrance and synthetic synthetic synthetic synthetic synthetic synthetic synthetic synthetic synthetic synthesis, so it is more sweet, and after eating, you will feel that there is a layer of oil in your mouth.


[Then why do some people think the plant cream is delicious? Um … I think it should be plant cream after all, after all, it is based on the taste of the public. The “milk fragrance” is lighter! But everyone who has eaten animal cream knows that the taste of the two is very different, and the scent of plant cream cannot be compared with animal cream]


Look at the shape

Animal cream: The texture is soft, the temperature is slightly higher, it is easy to melt, the shape is unstable, it is difficult to make a complicated and three -dimensional sense of shape.

Plant cream: Plasticity and stability are high, so it can be used as a complex flower type, and the shape is very three -dimensional.

Experimental test method

Hand rubbing method: Apply a small amount of cream to the palm and rub it.

① Animal cream will soon disappear to the palm, and there are only a small amount of fat in the palm of the palm, like applying hand cream;

② Plant cream is still in the palm after rubbing for a long time. As the rubbing is lengthened, the plant cream will even be formed in the palm of the palm.

Sinky water method: Pour the equivalent animal cream and plant cream into the water at 20 ° C, respectively, and observe the phenomenon of the two.

Plant cream sinks to the bottom, and animal cream floats on the water;


① Plant cream: There are obvious precipitation, white.

② Animal cream: Some float on the water surface, partly dissolved in water, and milky yellow.

Heating method: Plant cream and animal cream with the same weight, respectively, and put it in a microwave oven for 2 minutes.

① Plant cream: During the microwave process, it is foam -shaped, the volume becomes larger, and it becomes turbid milk white liquid with suspension. It has the aroma of flavors.

② Animal cream: It becomes liquid. After the microwave is over, there is a layer of milk on the surface, with a strong hot milk smell.


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