Whether it is cold winter this year is not yet determined, but the combination

Low temperature throughout the year


The trend and the temperature in recent days,

This winter will only be colder than last year! The southerners who can’t enjoy the heating are going to start the robbery again …


There is no sun outdoors, there is no heating in the room, cold and humid …

Not only that, the existing heater is not strong.

The heat production difference, the small sun heating area is too small, and the oil heater heater is slow.

The problem of heating and humidity has not been resolved. It is not as comfortable to be warm and comfortable in the room in winter.

Fortunately time is coming today,

The matter of warming is finally different.

Although there is no way to let the southerners enjoy collective heating, but

New generation heating technology

But it can make the cold southern room into a “sunshine” room in spring. This winter does not need to suffer!

Of course, this is not a “idiot to say dreams”, it is exactly this one in my hand

Smart Mi Smart GR-H new heater.

Last year Lao Luo’s live room was sold for 4,000 units in just 7 minutes!

This year, a new smart model is released, and the heater is controlled with a mobile APP ~

The shape is also equipped with a drying rack. Lao Luo was moved to cry when he used it. It was very convenient to use the southern family!

In heating technology

Different from traditional heater,

Zhimi graphene heater uses

Graphene radiation heating


Graphene is the new type of heating material with the best conductivity and thermal conductivity.


Can radiate

The sunlight is the same far -infrared, and the calories are quickly and uniformly distributed.

It’s like a “invisible sun” at home.

After turning on the Zhimi graphene heater, you can soon feel the strong warm current

Put directly through the body,

Just like “sun -sun”, it is warm to the bones in 2 minutes.

At the same time, the at the bottom of the Zhimi graphene heater is designed to design the air inlet, and the panel is designed with a porosity outlet to form


Hot cycle flow.


The heat of the far -infrared radiation is more direct,

And quickly circulate with the cold air in the room,

Not only is heating nearby, but the whole house heat -making effect is also very good.

The calories quickly distributed to the whole house,

It seems that there is an invisible sunlight, which is warm,

The humidity and cold indoor improvement significantly improved.

Even the rainy southern winter, the room can be like spring.


And more intelligent than other heater ~ Zhimi graphene heater can be used

The “Mijia” APP on the mobile phone is remotely controlled without scope restrictions.


Usually, you can start heating in an hour before you get home.

Before recommending, I also put Zhimi graphene heater with

Traditional heater

A comparison test of the big graphene heater ~

Regardless of the heating performance, the method of use, or the price,

Zhimi graphene heater is a better heating option this winter.

People with heartbeat can look at the comparison first, and there are detailed evaluations in the back

Recommended reason:



New generation

Graphene heating


Quickly and uniform heating up,

The whole house is warm in 1 hour.



Break the heater technical barrier,

Get 3 national patents,


Stable radiation of sunlight, the same long infrared rays

Exploring calories and rescuing people with cold limbs and cold body.




Thermal circulation convection design,

Quickly emit calories, no noise, no dust,

The room is no longer cold and humid.

4. Mobile APP intelligent remote control;

Constant temperature setting, energy saving and power saving;

3 heavy power protection settings,

Use super peace of mind.



The shape of the shape is full, and the two colors are optional;

Simple operation and drying rack.


New generation of graphene heating technology

The indoor winter “changes” spring, no longer cold and humid

Graphene is a hexagonal two -dimensional two -dimensional carbon nanoma material in the shape of honeycomb.

The atomic structure is stable,

It has very high strength and flexibility, as well as very good conductive thermal conductivity.

Its heat conduction coefficient

Up to 5300W/mk


It is currently

Carbon material with the highest thermal conductivity coefficient

And special atomic structure can

Turn out the heat into far -infrared rays and achieve the effect of heating up.

The thermal radiation coefficient is as high as 0.9.

Therefore, in recent years, graphene has begun to be gradually being got

Heating industry


Source: China Zhiwang

Zhimi graphene heater is exactly the graphene


High -conductive, stable radiation far -infrared ability to maximize,

Bring a new heating experience to millions of households.

Unique graphene thermal structure


“Radio” like sunlight heating up



Give full play to the excellent thermal conductivity and thermal radiation of graphene

, Zhimi graphene heater uses 74 high -bending dragon ridge aluminum sheets as heating body substrate.

Apply a large area of ​​graphene coating.

Demolition Zhimi heater! Tempear thermal body is here

The area of ​​the spray area of ​​most graphene heater is larger,

The heat radiation effect is better, and the heat dissipation area is even larger.

This unique

The heating structure design has been certified by national patent.

When the Zhimi graphene heater is powered on, the heat generated by the aluminum sheet heating will stimulate a large area of ​​graphene coating to generate a lattice vibration, so as to

Stable radiating a large amount of far -infrared rays.

Far infrared

Is a kind of

The irreplaceable light that can increase the temperature in the sunlight

As the surface coating of the heater heater, the far -infrared rays produced by graphene radiation will

Quick radiation.

So open up


Large area spray graphene


The Zhimi graphene heater is equivalent to one more “

Invisible sun

The room temperature will rise rapidly, and the humid indoor humidity will also improve.

Cold storage measurement: 3S fast heat

Faster and even more even more than oil tin


In order to test the Zhimi graphene heater


Heating performance

We pulled the Zhimi graphene heater directly to


Cold storage, undergoing zero limit experiments

Use the cold storage of -4 ℃ to simulate a humid and cold indoor environment,

Putting Zhimi graphene heater


Compare the heating speed of the common oil heater in the home.

Two people are sitting at the two heater of the two heater


At the same time, open the highest gear of the heater,

Real -time monitoring of 20 minutes with a warmth instrument,

Observe the effect of heating the surface of the human body.

Can be seen obviously,

Zhimi graphene heater first after 1 minute,

Start the radiation warming.

After 20 minutes,

The person sitting in front of the oil heater, the body surface temperature rose from 4 ° C to 7.8 ° C.

The person of the Zhimi graphene heater rose directly from 4 ° C to 11.2 ° C.

3.4 ℃ high

Not only

The temperature is faster,

The human body has a larger heating area and a uniform temperature increase effect.

The hot cycle design, no noise, no dust

1H whole house warm

Although graphene has good radiation, there is no good radiation condition.

The “secret” of the fastest and uniform heating and uniformity of Zhimi graphene heater lies in

Multi -grid appearance design


The far -infrared rays of graphene radiation are better emitted.

There is an entry at the bottom of the heater

, Cold air for the room; front panel

The pore is the air outlet

Used for far -infrared radiation heat to the room.

Will not be like a skirting heater or air conditioner

Active hair drying cycle

Instead, the hot and cold indoor air is realized through the infrared radiation calories

Natural thermal cycle

There are neither noise, dust, and at the same time

Let the whole room circulate and heat up the indoor temperature quickly.

The whole house measured: heating balance

1h 4 ° C, warm but not dry

We also deliberately found an appointment


15 square meters room

, Smart graphene heater

Full House Heating Effect Test


3 positions in the room


Place Zhimi graphene heater and environmental tester.

At this point 1 and 2

The initial room temperature is not large, the temperature is about 20 degrees, and the humidity is 48%and 49%

Turn on the maximum gear of Zhimi graphene heater. After 20 minutes, the room temperature rose about 1.5 ° C, and the temperature of the two positions was more similar.

1 hour later,

The overall temperature in the room is about 4 ° C, and the humidity drops to about 43%.

The temperature of each corner of the room is relatively uniform, and the air is not wet or dry.

Recently, it was cooling down, and I also brought Zhimi graphene heater back to home for a real experience.


Unique “sunlight” heating method


The home environment is very warm and comfortable.

There is no design of noise and blowing dust



Don’t worry about having noisy daughter to sleep, her husband has rhinitis,

Especially suitable for our home.


Kill a thousand yuan big name! Undverted graphene heating method

Super heat penetration, warming into the bones

Graphene radiation

Far infrared rays can not only be used for full -housing heat,


The nearby heating has a lot of benefits for the human body

According to a large amount of data, far infrared rays are a kind of

6-16 μm wavelength invisible light wave

, Can radiate

Deep skin penetrated into the body.

Provide heat to the human body, promote blood circulation, and improve metabolism


The effect of steaming and dampness and sweating from the inside out.

*Physical therapy renderings, originated from the Internet

It can also act on the protein and small molecules on human cells, so that


Human biological and tissue recovery functions to reach normal conditions

Therefore, it has been widely used in medicine.


*Source China Zhiwang

“The Mechanism of Far Infrilled Radiation on the Human Body”

“Research Progress of Clinical Application of Far Infrared”

But most of the graphene heater on the market adopt the majority

The skirting design, graphene radiant heat up.

It’s ideal to heating environment,

But people cannot directly receive the heat of far -infrared radiation,

There is no better advantage of graphene heating, but there will be thousands of pieces.

Zhimi graphene heater not only sprayed a larger area of ​​graphene,

At the same time, the porous convection design that allows graphene directly to radiate far -infrared rays.




The effect of far -infrared radiation in the human body

Go out better,


Bring a new heating experience that takes into account the environmental heating and nearby heating.

Far infrared rays directly radiate the human body

2 minutes! Warm to the bone

I bought one deliberately

Retine -type graphene heater worth 1400 yuan and Zhimi graphene heater

Contrast human radiation heating.


It can be seen in the test of the warmth instrument that after 2 minutes of opening for 2 minutes,

No heat to the human body.

In contrast, Zhimi graphene heater,

After turning on 3S, radiant heat from the human body ~

After 2 minutes, my legs were warm red,

Obviously feel the strong warmth penetrating the pants to reach my calf skin, which is particularly comfortable.

Although there are currently no detailed information pointed out that the specific far -infrared radiation value that can achieve the effect of physical therapy.

However, the Zhimi graphene heater that can stabilize the far -infrared rays can allow people to receive the calories of far -infrared radiation.

From the inside out to feel real warmth, it is very friendly to people with cold limbs and cold body.


It is 1,000 yuan cheaper than a big heater

But the heat -making effect of the whole house is not comparable!


At the same time, I also carried out skirting graphene heater and Zhimi graphene heater

Comparison of heating effect under the same environment.

Slide View the next temperature test point

In the same environment and position, the two heater are within 1H

The effect of heating up is comparable, and the whole house is evenly heated.

But Zhimi graphene heater than kick -kicking heater

Cheap nearly 1,000 yuan, proper king of cost performance!


Not only cheap, the most important thing is that the Zhimi graphene heater has a comprehensive heating performance advantage.

Can make the whole house

Quickly heating and heating

, Can also bring


Thermal radiation effect that is beneficial to human body

*Radiation far -infrared test report

After getting home from get off work to open the Zhimi graphene heater, the first time

Give you warmth like “Sunshine”,


The hot penetration is super strong, and it feels that the warm current directly drilled into the bone crack.

Like usual cold,

The knee is easy to be cold, the limbs are cold


Girls, “absorb” the invisible far -infrared rays in front of the Zhimi heater, it is too comfortable ~

Then the whole room quickly warmed up,

Just like sunbathing, warm.


It is not humid and not irritable. Even the cold winter in the south can be like spring.


Safe and intelligent heater, connect to the Mijia app

The mobile phone is turned on, appointment, and timing





On the other hand, Zhimi graphene heater is also very reassuring. Families with children and elderly people can rest assured.

Mobile phone control, diverse functions

Not only convenient, but also energy saving energy and power saving

Traditional heaters can only touch control or have remote controls, but it is not convenient enough ~

Zhimi graphene heater has been connected to the “Mijia” APP,

The mobile phone can control the switching state, and there is no distance limit.

I am used to using my mobile phone to turn on the Zhimi graphene heater on the way to get off work ~

In this way, no matter how cold the weather is, you can feel the warmth of the face as soon as you return home.


The constant temperature setting of 10 gears

From 18 ° C-28 ° C to meet the heating needs of different people.


For example, when the room temperature reaches 27 ° C, the Zhimi heater will enter the preservation state.

Not only can keep the indoor environment more comfortable, but also energy saving and power saving.


~ It can sleep well, but also in line with the current economic environment of power limit, and parents of the previous age are willing to use it.

You can also use the app will

Zhimi graphene heater and other Mi -family smart home in the home to link

For example, humidifier.

Like a dry northern family at home,

While opening the Zhimi graphene heater, the linkage humidifier is opened together.

Sleeping at night, you won’t be dry and dry

Can even

Interact with Xiao Ai classmate

You can control the wise graphene heater with a movement.


Side of the machine

Touch button

, It is even more conventional. Simple and convenient, the elderly at home can also use it easily.

Multiple protection design, IPX4 waterproof

Safe in use, you can take the bathroom

Considering the use of electrical appliances


Zhimi graphene heater

Set up triple protection measures,

The unexpected safety problems at home are basically considered



high temperature


At the same time, the sensor and switch will be automatically disconnected;

Built -in machine


The switch will automatically power off once you feel the tilt.

Zhimi graphene heater also has a non -slip base to let the heater

Can be placed steadily on the ground of the tile

Zhimi graphene heater also reaches


IPX4 waterproof level,

Water splashes in any direction have no harmful effects

It is safer than ordinary heater.

*Test Report

As a southerner, it is too intimate, and

If there is no heating measures in winter, the bathroom is almost cold like an ice cellar ~

But with the Zhimi graphene heater, you can rest assured after taking a shower

Move the Zhimi heater to the bathroom to prevent children and adults from catching a cold.

There are also children’s lock switches in the Mijia app,


It is safer to families with children and pets.


Simple style is suitable for most home environments

Intimate drying rack design, high cost performance


Good heating performance

, Zhimi graphene heater

The detail design and appearance are also unique.


Pure white

black gold

Two colors, simple and versatile in shape, full of technology,

With any decoration style, there is no sense of disobedience.

And heaters

























Middle size, no place to occupy a place

You can put it down in one corner at home.


At the same time, a group of wall -mounted accessories were also given away. If you are willing, you can use the Zhimi graphene heater like a air conditioner

Wall -mounted

stand up,


Save space.

Also set a

Under -handed clothes drying rack


Lao Luo said all the use,



Underwear, socks, towels, and towels can be used on it to dry


For the southerners who are always unable to dry clothes, it is too friendly!

But need to pay attention to the drying rack

Be load within 1.5kg

, Don’t dry overweight clothing, also

Don’t treat it as a lifting. To prevent damage to falling off.

Brand Fang Zhimi is a main business appliance design and manufacturing company. Its products have both high -tech, high quality and cost -effective.

It is rated by users as a brand that “almost close their eyes to start with products”.

Not only innovative home appliance technology and design,

The quality control of the product is also very strict.

For example ~ The flash seams and segmentation requirements in product manufacturing are

0.2 mm

Inside, make the product more strictly seamless and full of texture.

Like this Zhimi graphene heater, it not only subverts the traditional heating method, but also breaks

Graphene’s heating effect is not directly technical barrier.


Graphene heat body, multi -mesh thermal circulation convection and high -temperature power -off protection design

All of the national patents,

The heating level of the electric heaters category is improved, and the cost performance is guaranteed.


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