The colorful schoolbags in the kindergarten have become the scenery on campus. A schoolbag that makes children like even increases his enthusiasm for going to school. With the continuous appearance of the anime image, the design of children’s schoolbags is diverse. So if you choose a schoolbag that is suitable for children and can make children like? Momnet Encyclopedia summarized experience for parents.

What is a children’s schoolbag

The schoolbag has become an indispensable part of campus life. It is used to play books and stationery, and it is easy to carry. The current schoolbags are diverse, especially children’s schoolbags. In order to attract children, they are even more diverse. Children’s schoolbags are generally made of ordinary fabrics, canvas or leather. There are straps, generally divided into columns in the bag. There are generally two types, one is behind the back, and the other is on the shoulders. Now there are wheel that can be dragged.


Parents are generally confused when buying schoolbags. How much is suitable for children to choose. The following is a reference for the size of the schoolbag. I believe it can help you.

The height of the A4 textbook is 29.7cm, so the height of the schoolbag is 30cm or more, and can be put in A4 textbooks.

1. At the age of 1-3, children in the young children in the small class choose a schoolbag with a size of 21-28cm.

2. At the age of 3-6, children in the middle class of young children in the middle class, choose schoolbags with a size of 28-36cm.

3, 6 = 9 years old, children in grade 1-3 in elementary school, choose schoolbags with a size of 36-42cm.

4, 8-16, children in grades 2-6 in elementary school, choose schoolbags with a size of 40-45cm.

In order to reduce the pressure brought by the schoolbag, the weight after the book packaging should not exceed 15%of the child’s weight.

What brand of children’s schoolbag is good

Most of the children’s schoolbags are based on anime image. With the construction of more domestic animation platforms and online animation websites, more animation images make children familiar and like. The following brands have made many children feel good.

1. Disney schoolbag

Disney’s cartoon character image is familiar and loved by people, and is a global brand.

Netizens’ experience: The schoolbags are very beautiful, high -end atmospheric grades, value for money.

2. Barbie Bag

With the popularity of Barbie dolls, Barbie has almost become the beloved of little girls all over the world, so this brand is particularly welcomed by girls.

Netizens’ experience: The baby style is very beautiful, the materials and workmanship are very good, the size is just right, very satisfied!

3. Transformers schoolbag

“Transformers” is one of the most successful commercial animations in history. A “Transformers” heat makes boys love this cartoon character.

Netizens’ experience: A great schoolbag, good quality. Children like the pattern of Transformers. I want to try another ultra -light next time.

4. Sponge baby schoolbag

Netizens’ experience: SpongeBob’s small schoolbag is really sticky, there is no difference from the picture, and it is very realistic. The niece particularly likes it. She also holds it when I go to bed. The price is worth it! The child is happy, everything is worth it, like it!

5. Katie cat schoolbag

Netizens’ experience: The color is very positive, very beautiful, and I was still worried that it would be small. My daughter was in the second grade. It was the best to be so big. The bag was lighter and very satisfied. The child is a little bit lost on his back, and he is too tired!

Which children’s schoolbag is better

Children’s schoolbags are mainly divided into three types. Different types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Generally, light and reduced weights are favored by parents.

1. Back school bag

Back shoulderbags are the most common type of schoolbags. Back schoolbags are better than shoulderbags. As long as the shoulderbags need to receive pressure on a single shoulder strap, the pressure is much larger than the shoulder schoolbags, but the shoulderbags look more elegant. The shoulders should be beautiful, but choose the shoulder bandwidth, and the schoolbags on the shoulders are the same, and the pressure is small.

2. Security schoolbag

The security schoolbag has a security positioning function, as well as other related functions, such as calling, monitoring and other functions. Generally speaking, it is very practical. With children carrying children’s safety schoolbags, parents can know the child’s current situation through schoolbags, and can talk to the child through schoolbags. Some security schoolbags also have intelligent security systems. When students cross the road, they strongly warn for passing vehicles outside 30 meters to effectively prevent traffic accidents. At the same time, they can be equipped with GPS positioning systems. Parents can find their children’s accurate position with a text message.

3. Tipping schoolbag

The tie rod schoolbag is the type of schoolbags that have risen recently. This kind of schoolbag looks like a trolley case with wheels at the bottom. The biggest benefit of a lever schoolbag is that it can reduce the load of children’s back.

Children’s schoolbag price

The price differences of ordinary children’s schoolbags are mainly affected by brands, fabrics, and styles. Well -known brands, such as Disney Mickey’s brand and Barbie’s brand, are relatively high. Below is the average price of good sales in different brands of schoolbags, for reference only.


1. The price of the Disney brand on a backpack is 50-100 yuan, and the lever bag price is 120-150 yuan.

2. The price of Barbie brand on a backpack is 60-120 yuan, and the lever bag price is 120-150 yuan.

3. The price of the Katie cat brand is 40-100 yuan, and the lever bag price is 200-300 yuan.

4. The price of Ultraman brand on a backpack is 40-80 yuan, and the lever bag price is 90-250 yuan.

5. The price of the Snoopy brand on the shoulder bag is 60-140 yuan, and the lever bag price is 100-270 yuan.

6. The price of the MR.P brand is 60-150 yuan, and the lever bag price is 230-300 yuan.

7. The price of the Ai Duo brand on the shoulder bag is 60-90 yuan, and the lever bag price is 130-250 yuan.

The plush style is cheaper, and its love is cheap. Its lovely appearance design often makes children love it.

How to buy children’s schoolbags

Based on the actual situation of children’s schoolbags, it is best to choose a lighter and can reduce the burden.

1. Whether to decompress. At present, many schoolbag manufacturers have begun to focus on the carrying system of schoolbags. Students’ books and various learning utensils have more books and various learning utensils. Studies have shown that children’s backpacks are too heavy will cause the back of the spine, side convex, forward or distorted.

2. Size. Select the size of the backpack according to the child’s body. Generally speaking, the waist stress point of the backpack should be on the waist socket above the tail. The fulcrum of the shoulder strap should be slightly lower than the shoulder (10 cm is appropriate), so as to facilitate the adjustment and force of the force band, and it is comfortable to carry it. The size of the size has a feeling of falling, otherwise there will be a sense of vertical sense, so that the waist is not in place.

3. Materials. When choosing a backpack, many parents often pay more attention to the color and appearance of the backpack. In fact, whether the backpack can be strong and durable depends on the material. From the perspective of the webbing, the price of ordinary webbing and high -quality webbing can be 3 to 5 times worse.

4. Portable. Children’s use of a back strap schoolbag is not only easy to carry, but also convenient for walking, running, and ride.

4. When buying, pay attention to the manufacturers of schoolbags. Generally, the general brands will examine the production technology and quality credit of the authorized merchant when they are authorized. Therefore, the purchase of children’s schoolbags must recognize the genuine brand authorization.

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