Roller skating is here? I’m not happy to dry with my friends

While drying with friends

Also pay attention to the maintenance of wheel skates

1. Treat wheel skates carefully:

Roller skates are sports appliances. Only by getting good maintenance can we bring you fun for a long time and achieve good sports results.

2. Bearing maintenance:


If the bearing is contaminated with dust, it can be cleaned with a dry cloth or abandoned toothbrush, and do not use water or alcohol to clean the bearings.

3. Do not glide on the rain or humid ground: Setting on such a ground will cause water and dirt to enter the bead bearings, and the sealing performance of the bearings will be reduced.

4. Avoid humidity, sand, oil and dust: These things can pollute the bearings.


5. Replace the wear brake as soon as possible: It is best to use rubber brakes, because it can extend the service life.

6. Wheel maintenance:

The wheels will gradually wear with the increase of use time. It is best to check the position of the wheels once a week. The position of the wheels will greatly improve its service life.

7. After using the shoe, it should be tied to the ring: this can keep the shoe shape.

8. Inner lining cleaning:

Wash with warm water, put in detergent for soaking, do not have to clean, soak for one night, take it out the next day, and dry it.

9. Preventing foot virus:


Sports socks can maintain the appropriate humidity, clean the sports socks in time and remove the inner biliary.

10, protective gear cleaning:

Like the knee pads and elbows, it is easy to absorb sweat, and it is easier to get dirt when falling, so it must be cleaned regularly. Sanitary and healthy!

A pair of good roller skates can be worn for 2-3 years. Correct maintenance can extend the service life of the shoes!


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