Almost every family will use tiles if you renovate at home. Whether it is floor tiles or wall tiles, the full glaze tiles are gradually sought after by the public. Although the price is a bit high, the full glaze is a kind of polishing process on the glaze. A special formula glaze is currently a transparent face glaze or a transparent convex flower glaze. The full glaze tile glaze with full glaze glaze is smooth and bright like polished tiles. The pattern is rich, the color is thick or gorgeous.

1. Features of full glaze tiles:

. Strong decorative function


Full -throwing glazed tiles are widely used in the family decoration engineering, which can show a relatively magnificent effect. The glaze of the full glaze tiles is smooth and clear, exquisite and seductive. Color, the overall color, rich patterns, and crystal clear, giving people a bright visual sense. The polishing technology of polishing tiles guarantees the surface of the full -glazed tiles, and the pattern derived from the antique tiles allows it to show an elegant taste. Use full -glazed tiles to allow home to improve a character instantly.

2. How about the full glaze tile

The advantage of full -glazed glazed tiles is that its patterns are particularly excellent. Not only are the shapes and gorgeous shapes, but the color is also very good. Not only is the color rich, but also very layered. It looks like other types of tiles. , It looks high. Matti’s full glaze tiles are based on the true top precious stone materials of various countries. The color is richer in color, the texture is more realistic, and the touch is closer to natural stone. Therefore, Matte’s full glaze is also known as “natural stone”.

3. At first home decoration selection of full glaze tiles because of its two advantages is its brightness. Many houses living in the low -level will choose it to increase the brightness of the home. Consumer choices, but this advantage still exists, so if the environment in the home room is relatively dim, it is a good choice to decorate home space with full -glazed glazed tiles.

4. Advantages of full glaze tiles


Full -glazed glazed tiles have rich glazed textures, and all kinds of decoration styles can be perfectly matched. It can also be applicable whether the living room and bedroom can be applied, and the surface of the full glaze tiles is good. In terms of firing, compared to polishing tiles, it is more environmentally friendly Relative radiation will also be less (currently all tile radiation is actually in the controlled range, you don’t have to worry).

5. Full glazed tile appearance and feel

The appearance of full glaze tiles gives people a smooth and shiny feeling. The stone patterns under the glaze are cleaned naturally. After the texture and the upper -layer transparent glaze are fused, if the cake covered by the glue has a mirror effect, it is touched by hand, smooth and soft.

6. Disadvantages of full glaze tiles

At present, the full glaze tiles on the market are relatively thin and lack of wear resistance. If there are many places as floor tiles, it is obviously not good.

Secondly, if you have to thicken the glazed layer of the full glaze, a large amount of air bubbles will be generated during firing, which will make the full -glazed tiles worse in the future, and the loss of light will be severe.


How to choose full glazed tiles

How to choose full glazed tiles 1. Careful identification


The most prominent feature of full glaze is smooth and translucent, the single gloss value is as high as 104 degrees, the glaze surface is delicate and smooth, the color is thick or gorgeous, and the pattern is delicate and colorful. When identifying, take a closer look at the overall light, and touch the texture with your hands.

How to choose full glazed tile 2. The quality is heavy


Full -glazed glazed tiles must also measure the water absorption rate, listen to the sound of knocking, scrape the tile surface, and look at color difference, etc. The methods are basically the same. It is not possible to think that the price is cheap. At the same time as the cargo is more than the three houses, we must pay more attention to the quality of full glaze products.

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