Qingqingzi, green clothes and yellow clothes, Zai Xuanzai yellow

3 种简单植物染,制作专属你的“小美好”

These delicate and soft plants dye

3 种简单植物染,制作专属你的“小美好”

Full of strong poetic and painting, creating elegant and eternal

Today, let’s learn three simple plant dyes, which simplifies the ancient law, and can make its own “little beauty” at home, enjoy the fun of hand, and meet natural grass and trees.

First, knocking method: “Green Luo” cloth bag

3 种简单植物染,制作专属你的“小美好”

1. Prepare materials and tools: cotton, small hammer, salt water, clip

3 种简单植物染,制作专属你的“小美好”

2. Prepare the green lobes and spread it on the cloth

3 种简单植物染,制作专属你的“小美好”

3. Cover with the cloth on the other side, use a small hammer to knock hard to make the plant moisture print the cloth surface

4. Take out the leaves and soak the cloth in salt water to strengthen the solid effect

3 种简单植物染,制作专属你的“小美好”

5. Choose a place with sunlight to dry to avoid direct sunlight until it turns dry

3 种简单植物染,制作专属你的“小美好”

6. Cutting, editing ropes, making bags, finished products are completed

Second, flowers dye: “Rose” silk scarf

3 种简单植物染,制作专属你的“小美好”

1. Prepare materials and tools: silk scarves, fresh rose petals, white vinegar, non -woven filter bag, water basin

2. Pick fresh rose petals (except flower stamens), put in non -woven filter bag for later use

3. Pour 2L water in the water basin, 1L white vinegar. White vinegar is equivalent to “media dye” in plant dyes, which can enhance the effect of red.

4. Put the bag in the water and rub it hard, release the pigment, and rub it all the time to red

5. Put in a silk scarf and rub it, and make it uniformly color

6. It is recommended to keep at 45 ° C and soak for 30 minutes

7. Wash with water, dry, finished product production

Third, Yunran: “Onion” cotton cloth

3 种简单植物染,制作专属你的“小美好”

1. Prepare materials and tools: onion skin, alum powder, raw lime, stainless steel pot, cotton cloth strip, filter

2. Wash the onion skin, take 200g in a stainless steel pot, add 2L water and cook for 30 minutes to extract pigment for 30 minutes, last 2-3 times

3. Use fine network to filter the dyeing fluid to be blended together for later use

3 种简单植物染,制作专属你的“小美好”

4. Boil water with water for 10 minutes, rinse and dry it in water

3 种简单植物染,制作专属你的“小美好”

5. After being loosened, put it into the dye bath and dye.

6. The cooked time is about half an hour after boiling the dyeing fluid

3 种简单植物染,制作专属你的“小美好”

7. Alum 5g plus water 1L, limestone 30g of water 1L, as a discyrmic agent for later

8. Take out the cotton cloth and screw for about 30 minutes to dye

3 种简单植物染,制作专属你的“小美好”

9. Re -stain in the onion dye solution for 30 minutes and add salt to solid color

10. After removing, wash, dry it, and finish the finished production

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