Many mothers really prepared a lot of things in order to be able to confine. But it is easy to ignore the preparation of shoes. Especially in the summer, some mothers even solve them casually with a pair of sandals!


The elders often say “cold comes from the feet”, which means that the cold is more likely to invade the body from the feet. Especially the postpartum mothers have weak bodies and are prone to sweating. If they do not protect their feet when they get out of bed, they are prone to physical discomfort. Therefore, how to choose a pair of suitable confinement shoes is very critical, so how can we choose the right confinement shoes?

As a postpartum special shoes, compared with ordinary shoes, confinement shoes have many unique characteristics, which can be generally summarized as these points.

1. About quantity


Conclusion shoes can be prepared for two pairs. The confinement shoes can be worn not only during confinement, but also can also be used as shoes that I go out after confinement, so it is okay to buy a few more pairs. In addition, the two pairs of confinement shoes in confinement are more convenient for washing and can be worn alternately.

2. About size

Most mothers will have swelling in the second trimester of pregnancy, and the postpartum edema will not fade quickly, and a certain recovery time needs to be required. Therefore, the size of the shoe is 1 ~ 2 larger than the size before pregnancy, so as not to put on not comfortable.

3. About design

The simpler the design of the confinement shoes, the better, it is not the design of the shoelaces. The design of one pedal is the best. Especially the mother of cesarean section, the recovery of the wound takes a long time, and cannot bend over and worn clothes. In winter, confinement shoes can be designed with loose mouth, which has good warmth and is not easy to transparent.


4. About details


① The confinement shoes are softer

Compared to ordinary cotton shoes, confinement shoes are more warm and non -slip, and they are also softer, which will not cause the mother’s footsteps to cause pressure. So we must try on the confinement to ensure its softness. Or bend to test the softness of the confinement shoes next.

② Break -out sweats with confinement shoes

Because mothers are prone to sweating after delivery, occasionally getting out of bed, it is easy to sweat. Therefore, confinement is generally made of cotton, which is better than ordinary home shoes.

③ The warmth of confinement shoes is better


Because the mother needs to keep warm during confinement, and the amount of sweating will cause the soles of the feet to cool. A pair of good confinement shoes must have good warmth, and sweat absorption is high, so that the mother can avoid cooling. Therefore, confinement shoes must have a heel to avoid confinement disease.

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