I have shared the cuts of dresses, bottoming shirts, and jackets. Today I want to share with you a pair of trousers.

Winter pants are best matched with small pants, which is comfortable with large elasticity. Fortunately, it is matched with clothes and shoes. But people with poor legs are not good -looking.


This pants that I will share with you today can be warm and comfortable, and can also hide the flesh and thin, especially there will be long legs. That is high waist wide leg pants

Many people like to wear wide -leg pants in summer, but I think the wide -leg pants in winter are more than the cannon in the summer. Mainly the thickness of the ingredients in winter can play a good function of hiding meat. Summer is not good.

No nonsense, let’s take a look at today’s style pictures

Don’t like black, it’s okay to change the color. Do it yourself anyway, even if each color comes, there is no problem in doing a dozen.

In fact, as soon as I saw this, I felt a sense of peace of mind. Thick fabrics, high waist models, do you feel that you do n’t need to wear tights, and you do n’t have to worry about the flesh on your stomach. It will also lengthen the legs of the legs


Share the tailoring of the M code


High waist, 6cm wide waist. Two buckles, don’t worry about the waist roll. It can also have a good effect.

It is necessary to push the board with other numbers according to the waist circumference.


The size of the fabric, the size of the hip section is subtracted 2cm on the basis of the net body for versions.

The copy method of the 6cm wide bending head on the cutting film can be performed according to the following legend. This method can be used in all bending heads

After removing the waist, make a side pocket on the front film

If you do n’t understand the diagram and push method of the top -breaking diagram above, you can click the circle link below to enter the circle to learn system. Start learning from the most basic.


(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

The production process of pants and sewing process commentary

Fabric selection, micro -bombing woolen fabric, cashmere fabric can also be available

Washing water treatment should be performed before the fabric is cut


The tailoring of the tailoring tablets requires the stuck parts: the front and rear waist, a single double zipper sticker. All should be sticking to the lining above 30d. Ready the waist is prepared.

Sewing process:

1 The part that needs to be sticky, first stick to the lining. The waist is spare with a net print.

2 Switching front slice sloping pocket

3 Before and after the suture, the inner and outer side seams, the front and rear crotch seams, the crotch seam pressure seam reinforcement to reinforce the crotch seam. You can

Sewing the waist and scalding

4 Put the front and middle zipper, and the zipper part will take double -line suture reinforcement. This must be reinforced, otherwise the zipper is opened, and the zipper is very troublesome



6 -foot mouth curl edge


Okay, it’s done the whole

The making of pants is relatively simple, just careful.


Okay, this is here today’s sharing

If you like it, you can try it by hand. If you don’t understand, you can leave a message or a private message in the comment area.


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