The seemingly bland bicycle can stretch for more than 200 years. There are countless fans and happy? The charm may be that the seemingly simple structure contains unlimited potential and possibilities. In fact, each small component in your eyes has a doorway.

Bicycle runs smoothly and quickly, there is a component that it must be mentioned that is Hua Drum (HUB). The transmission of power in the cycling, the agility of braking, the improvement of efficiency, the smooth gliding, and the pleasing sound of the ride all rely on this one to rely on this one. Little flower drum. There are many flowers on the market and the shape is almost the same. How to see the doorway and find our own pair. With this problem, let’s study the inside and outside of the flower drum, and introduce the gadgets of Huagu.

Flower drum type

There are various types of bicycle flower drum markets, and the types are different. According to the materials, there are iron, aluminum, titanium, and even carbon milogy; in the installation of spokes, there are straight flowers drums and elbow flowers; In the following, we are divided into two categories of flower drums in a practical way.

Commute casual flower drum


One -in -one single -speed flower drum:


The use of ordinary commuting cars is mostly iron and has a tower base structure. It can be replaced separately.


Inner transmission drum:


That is, the gear gear is located inside the flower drum, so the durable maintenance is simple. Tongtong cars use 3 -speed drums, such as Shimano casual series Nexus; and higher 8 speeds to 11 -speed flower drums, such as the SHIMANO sports series ALFIN and SRAM G8, G9; and the top gear drums in the top of the Roreford in Germany, as high as 14 speeds.

Drum Drum Flower Drum:

There is a rear flower drum that drives the brake mechanism when the chain is rotated.

Athletic Sports Drum

Mountain car flower drum:

Mountain off -road flower drums can be divided into V brakes and disc brakes. The number of spokes in the mountains is generally 32 and 36, mostly large intensity barrel shaft structures. Unlike the highway with thin fast -moving rods.

Shimano SLX -level mountain flower drum.


Highway car flower drum:

Highway car drums are named for highway riding, and its focus is on the smooth smoothness and minimum power loss. The classification of highway car drums is relatively single. Only the number of spokes is different, and the problem of compatibility of tower base and flywheels. Generally, 28 spokes are used, and the flower drum shaft is a fast disassembly pole.

CZ 11 -speed highway vehicle straight pulls the flower drum.

The venue car flower drum:

The venue bicycle uses dead flying flowers drums. It does not have components such as tower bases and jacks. The flower plate is fixed with nuts, and there is a different tooth number flywheel on both sides of the flower drum.

NOVATEC venue car dead flying drum.

Flower Drum Structure Analysis

The shape of the flower drum has different colors and different sizes, but the structure is nothing more than a rolling roller; a thick or thin shaft center; a set of fasteners like a nut or fast -disassembly stirring; Steel bowl and steel beads are replaced by Pei Linhua’s drums; in addition, there is the only component tower base on the bicycle. Let’s appear in turn.

The main body of the flower drum:

The main body of the flower drum is the largest part of the flower drum. The spokes and steel bowls are installed in the connection chain and wheels. At the same time, it has the greatest impact on the weight of the flower drum. It is generally made by steel or aluminum. However, the flower drums of carbon fiber auxiliary materials are limited and are only suitable for some high -end road vehicles. The material of the main body of the flower drum, processing technology, and special design determine their grades and prices.

CNC overall drum main body.

Structure diagram of the bead flower drum structure.

Axial heart system:


The axis can be said to be the largest part of the force. The main body of the flower drum is connected in series. The weight of the whole car and the driver, as well as various bumpy shocks, bears the axis. The material selected by the axis is ordinary steel, chromium molybdenum steel, and 7075 aluminum. Coupled with moisturizing and wear -resistant rollers or Peilin, it constitutes a shaft heart system, which can be described as the most laborious part.

Tower base:

The tower is connected to the flywheel and transmits the power output of our legs to the flywheel, which drives the operation of the wheel set. In addition, the tower foundation also has the characteristics of a single transmission force so that we can enjoy the relaxation and fun of the downhill. The tower -based structure includes: tower base, jack, circular card spring, and loose beads. Many big -name flower drums are famous for tower bases. For example, Swiss DT has a unique tower base structure and performance. (For more specific content, please refer to the following)

Quick disassembly rod:

The quick -disassembly lever makes our travel and car repair easier. Only with the fast -disassembly tie rod can the wheels quickly disassemble the wheels, so that the cycling can also enjoy the fun of replacing the tire in the F1 arena, which is particularly sought after on the road. The main body of the fast disassembly rod is a shaft pole of the root steel or titanium, one is a nut, and the other end is not only a lever; there is also a fast disassembly that penetrates the axis, which is much thicker than the previous axis. With the fell -down match, both ends of this tie rod are fixed with spiral, so the convenience decreases slightly.

Trouble of the bead bearing


The rolling flower drums are also used in the riders, the better, the more difficult to use the more and the more difficult it is to use. In fact, it cannot be so simple. The reason behind it is that after a period of running -in for a period of time, the moisturizing degree is significantly improved. The forest flower drum is actually composed of marbles, but it is more fine and modular. For example, the four -axon flower drum adds a bearings to multiple stress points, and the marbles have been polished or run in advance, so that the initial riding The experience is naturally lubricated and smooth, but the modularity and fineness may not have the skin of the ball, that’s all.

Jiuyu’s entry -level roller road flower drum.

At present, the flower drums on the market are available from one or two hundred to six or seven hundred. Two hundred rolling flower drums and low -end bearing flower drums can also meet the needs of riders, and those nearly a thousand yuan belong to the top flower drum. And the pursuit of more cooler appearance and more attention to the crispness of the sound spend a little more silver. Car friends who pay attention to performance can choose the four -bearing flower drums of the big brand. Such flower drum craftsmanship is solid and reliable, and it is also excellent in weight control.

There are more and more brands of bearing flower drums now. DT, RIVAL, XXF, Chosen, Novatec … Among them, the light series launched by NOVATEC of Jiuyu, through the use of aluminum tower base, aluminum shaft heart, and flower drum shell to reduce weight, weight, and the weight is reduced. At the same time, both cost -effective. Shimano’s flower drum prices are also increasingly affordable. Reliable performance and conservative design are their consistent characteristics. The craftsmanship improves the smooth rolling smoothly through the fine polishing of the pearl beads. In the normal range.

Rolling and bearings, a classic and one precision, how do you choose? In fact, it is also very simple: the advantages of rolling pearl flowers are low price, reliable structure, convenient maintenance, and disadvantages is that the sealing performance is easy to damage. It is troublesome to replace maintenance after being damaged by non -module; It is not easy to damage. The degree of lubrication during air rotation is high, good sealing, and high integration. The disadvantage is that special tools need to be changed when replacing bearings. The price is high. The price budget is limited, and you can choose a ball flower drum.

Missile is equipped with bearing flower drums.


Tower base to say

The secret effect of Tagaki is often ignored. In fact, a large part of the flowers of the flower drum and the efficiency of the transmission efficiency are determined by the tower base. Under the same riding conditions, a bicycle is better than the normal. distance. Imagine that if you do a global long -distance travel or ring French contest, such a long distance of hundreds of thousands of stampered, each stepping energy is farther, the result is naturally different.

The bicycle tower base is removed from the exposed part of the flywheel. The tower base is the platform for installing the flywheel. The 8 to 10 speed is shared the tower base. In principle The problem that is generally encountered in use is that the 11 -speed (11 flywheel) tower foundation needs to be converted to 8 to 10 speeds. The pads need to be considered to consider the strength of the tower, such as Novatec’s four -Peolin card -type flower drum tower -based sleeve with a “anti -bite system” to increase the strength. In the king flower drum, it is supported by rolling bearing, which can also improve the strength of the tower.

The tower base and the axis heart are connected by the spiny wheels. The density of the thorn claws (jack) and the structure of the flower drum barrel determine the frequency of the flowers of the flowers. The higher the density of the thorn paw, the more the sound is continuous. When the maximum 120 -ranging flower drum galloping down, what we hear became buzzing. In addition to more dense sounds, the tower base of high -density diuretic paws responds faster. Because the occlusion is closer, when you step on your feet, there will be fewer gaps encountered, which will help force when off -road. When cross -country riding, it often steps on and stops. The advantages of the high -sound tower base are self -evident, but there are disadvantages for benefits. More to reduce life.

There are also some flower drum manufacturers who do the opposite, and completely abandon the spine wheel structure in the tower structure. For example, there is no spine wheel in Chris King tower, but transmission is transmitted through the positive bite of the two cone gears, and it slipped after slipping. There are also some brands of spiny wheels that are directly fixed on the main body of the flower drum, and only spiny teeth are on the tower base. Anyway, the small tower foundation is also undergoing this innovation, and various technologies continue to challenge the classics.

Precautions for Flower Drum Maintenance


Regardless of the roller or Peolin flower drum, riding for a period of time is always gathered in fine sand and oil pollution, and the internal precision components are worn and corroded. Some things you need to pay attention to.


1. When disassembling the side cover of the Peolin flower drum, the wrench should be flattened, and the force should be evenly applied to prevent the side cover from flattening the inner hexagon of the side and the axis.

2. If there are conditions when installing Peilin, try not to remove and faste it with a knocking method, because improper strength is easy to damage the gap between Peilin tube and internal steel balls.

3. Pei Lin must ensure the correct position and the cleaning of each place. Pei Lin’s resettlement should be pressed in the average force. Essence It is confirmed that the installation of Peilin is in place, and it should be shaken by the axis.


4. The bead flower drums need to be cleaned inside and outside, and pay attention to the tightness of the nuts of both ends. After the tightness, the axis should not shake and move left and right. Pay attention to the same packaging, and do not hurt the bead bowl and jade, so as not to stuck.

Tower -founded spiny wheels re -wipe the outside and wipe the outside.

The flower drums that wipe the parts re -assemble the fastener.


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Inner transmission drum:


Drum Drum Flower Drum:

Quick disassembly rod:

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