In the cold season, the weather in the south was cold, and it was frequent and snowy. The northern room is warm and extremely dry. The cold in the south needs to get rid of dampness, and the northern dryness needs moisturizing. “Fragrant warm and cold homework, the window is dark and the window is dark,” today we use “incense” and “aroma” to improve the humid and dryness of the north and south of Xiaohan.

Yunxi monk house, winter moon guest is coming, the warm incense is burned, the room is like spring. Therefore, Zhan Ke loves poems: “Warm incense 炷 炷 炷 故 故 故 故 故 故 故 故 故 故 故 故 故.”

Incense refers to the incense incense to contaminate the aroma. The south is humid, and the outside of the spice can make the living room elegant, remove the moisture, and add warmth. Inside can improve righteousness, pleasant love, soothing emotions, and calming the mind. A warm fragrance in winter is an excellent way to treat guests. Another pot of black tea, drink tea with friends, and warm tea warm heart.

Song Li Song “Listen to Ruan Tu”

In this picture garden, Takashi Stone, the branches and leaves cover Weng Yu. There are beautiful ladies, burning incense, flowers, and fan attendants. The front of the front of the couch has a waist, straight legs, below, and mud. This side is used to lighten the incense burner and the bed compatriots.

The historical origin of the Chinese incense burner can be traced back to the “Ding” of the Shang and Zhou dynasties, and the sacrifice can be used. The furnace designed for incense is about the court of the Han Dynasty. There are many styles of incense burners, including large, small, square, round, long, and short. The materials also include copper, iron, tin, wood, pottery, porcelain, purple sand and jade.

The copper furnace is suitable for lining incense. The ancient people of copper smoked incense furnace pay attention to cover with wood to avoid fragrant taste. The tin -made furnace quality is soft and easy to deform, but the production process is simple and does not increase the gas. The iron incense burner has a fishy gas, and it cannot be scattered for a long time. It is easy to rust and elegant gas. When there are jade rhymes in the porcelain furnace, the incense does not get upset when it is practical, and it has always been loved by incense.

Celadon incense furnace Longquan Kiln in the Southern Song Dynasty 9.6 caliber 13.7 bottom diameter 7.0

Wen Zhenheng’s “Long Tuzhi” in the Ming Dynasty: “Three generations of incense furnace, Qin, Han Dingyi, and officials, brothers, Dingyao, Longquan, Xuanyao all preparations for rewards, not daily use.” Good incense burner appreciate If it wasn’t for this way, the personal line incense, the simple fragrance is enough.

The picture shows the line fragrance of the elder sister of the Live Fayer. The incense is inserted on the fragrant insertion, and the incense is inserted on the “grass incense” in the tea cup. It is broken, paved in the tea cup and mixed with gray with gray, with a unique fragrance.


The tea cup can be idle, and you can also use the tea cup or small bowl that cannot be used by accidentally broken, so that it can achieve new beauty in another place. It is difficult to find the broken pine branches. After drinking tea, do n’t throw away the brewed tea leaves.

There are many types of scent, and the cold and humid south is suitable for the scent of wet removing turbidity. The natural medicine fragrance when burning, mild qi, can be damp, turbidity, dispel evil, and calm the gods, purify the space, and in the season of cold, it is the best protection for family members and colleagues.

The ancients will be furnished in the winter of fragrant bergamot to use their fruity aroma. The incense is a bit like an orange, the peel is thick and uneven, the lemon yellow or pale green, the aroma is busy. The bergamot is a variant of fragrant 橼, also called bergamot and Buddha’s finger, and the most popular in Zhejiang Jinhua. Its fruits are open, so the name is a bergamot. They are not very delicious, and they are generally made into honey or dried.

The fruity aroma is not strong. If it is placed in the room, the number must be large. In the Ming Dynasty Gao Yan’s “Zunsheng Eight Books” said, “When Xiang Yan came out, Shan Zhai’s most important thing was to get Guan Guan’s second kiln large market, or Qingdong Magnetic Longquan plate, bronze green green disk Difficulty of Meni blue plate, cinnabar red plate, blue and white plate, and white disk, which is wonderful.

The Palace Museum “The Mirror of the Qiu” of the Beauty Picture “

Xiao Han’s courtyard closed moss, and the makeup mirror was boring to lean on Yutai.

In the picture, the beauty of the body is in the severe winter season. Dozens of bergamot placed in the bright red glaze plate in the right of the Matsurge.

More than a dozen bergamot placed in the house and pleasing himself. If you just put it on the pillow, one or two is enough. Most of the fruits of rutorite contain lemon oil, flavinoside, orange beanidin, and flavonic bean essence. Modern pharmacological research has the effects of lowering blood pressure, slowing the heart rhythm, etc., which can relax the mood. I smelled the incense before going to bed, and the dream was sweet. It is not as convenient to buy bergamot to buy bergamot. It can use aromatherapy in the north.

Aromatherapy refers to aromatherapy that conveys essential oil effects through the skin system and respiratory system. There are many ways to aromatize, such as steaming, massage, bathing, etc. In the north heating, the room is dry, and there are often nasal pain, itching, dry skin, itching, and pain. If it is a sensitive muscle, there will be various allergies. In addition to the moisturizing of basic skin care, the humidity in the environment is particularly important.

The humidifier is naturally standard in the north, and the opportunity to use aromatherapy is more moisturizing. Add essential oils to the aromatherapy machine. In the moist air, the plant has a fresh taste. Not only can it inhibit bacteria, moisturizes, and moisturize the lungs, but more importantly Smell can bring a pleasant mood.


The picture shows the newly designed aromatherapy machine used by girls, and it can be placed on the desk at work.

Although the aromatherapy machines of various brands add essential oils, they will mark one point: “Please use the Essential Oil (essential oil) of 100 % natural extraction ingredients from plants in this machine. When oil containing a solid of impurities, it will cause failure, please do not use it. ” In terms of use, synthetic spices must not be compared with 100%pure natural essential oils. Be careful when buying.


Special attention: Chinese medicine believes that aroma has the effect of qi, and pregnant women use it with caution.

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