The long and hot summer is coming. Compared with AJ and coconut, changing to a pair of lightweight and comfortable slippers is the really good choice for going out and appreciating outdoor charm. Go to the beach to step on the waves and play on the ball. No matter what scenes, slippers are always the protagonists of summer.


Considering that due to the rise in temperature, the slippers style is about to become more and more hot, we also prepared a summer slippers for everyone who likes outdoor and sports. May wish to start with the styles of slippers in advance, so as not to wait until the price of slippers takes off before starting to regret it.

Pyk State “Haier Brothers” joint slippers


In terms of the most popular street slippers, the “attitude” from Peak is naturally the choice of “who I am”.


It is equipped with a full -handed technology midsole, and this time is returning with the “Haier Brothers”, comfortable foot feel and wild visual texture will undoubtedly become one of the most popular styles in this summer.

Li Ning × Disney joint slippers

As a new slippers co -branded by Li Ning and Disney, the simple and versatile style is its most attractive key. It integrates Disney’s color system, bright and eye -catching ultra -high value, combined with the price before and after 100 yuan, and it also makes it become it to become it becoming the price of 100 yuan. It is worth the cost -effective options for student party.

Li Ning Badfive slippers

Badfive slippers created by Li Ning’s actual enthusiasts use the excellent shocking technology of the shock absorption back to alleviate the impact when walking on the ground, create an effective rebound feet, and can be with the BADFIVE series that was previously released. Boots and jerseys echoed, a set of sports vitality.

Anta Coca -Cola joint -name slippers


Cross -border joint names often bring us unexpected surprises. For example, Anta and the world’s largest beverage brand Coca -Cola joined forces. The set of joint slippers created by Coca -Cola will continue the vitality elements of Coca -Cola and a sense of fashion. The summer breath Completely.

Step URBN slippers

After signing Lin Shuhao, the old -fashioned domestic brand Tubte also began to work in the field of fashion. As a new work of the summer swimming pool series, the light foaming outsole gives this special Step URBN slippers with outstanding foot feel, high bombs comfortable and also brings the effect of shock absorption.

adidas adilette


As one of the most recognizable sports slippers on the market, adidas adilette’s versatile attributes and excellent comfort have accumulated a large number of fans. Simple and versatile, you can also hold it easily with stockings, bringing a bright visual effect.


Nike benassi jdi


The classic shoe type Benassi from Nike has a versatile and enduring fashion style. The variety of rich color matching is the secret of its youth resident. You can always come up, and always exude classic charm.

Puma Leadcat

Black gold color color matching has always been synonymous with top texture. The Leadcat slippers created by PUMA, as the name suggests, use a well -known black gold color combination, with a fashionable temperament and a calm texture shock. Available.


adidas adilette boost slides

Earlier this year, ADILETTTE BOOST SLIDES equipped with BOOST cushioning was officially released. The entire pair of shoes presented in black and white tone. The black upper was distributed with breathable holes and presented Adidas iconic three -line logo with the same color effect. Who do n’t want to try it?


New Balance X NORITAKE


The New Balance, who has always shown people with a slow -paced attitude, has also launched this model that is fresh and lovely in the summer. The left -footed upper position is presented as a brand logo, and the right foot is decorated with cartoon boys and girls avatars. It is a necessary choice for couples this summer.

Before the summer is coming, you who like outdoor travel, you must remember to pick a good and comfortable slippers in advance, say goodbye to fat houses and lazy time, and be ready to experience the native taste of life outdoors.

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