Almost half of the people who choose to install the pots and the pots under the platform in the interior decoration. To choose to buy the bowls, many people first consider how the quality of the basin under the stage, and its price. If you want to know a pelvation, you also need to start with these two aspects. Today we will help you understand.

台下盆怎么样 台下盆价格贵吗

How about the basin under the stage

Advantages of the basin under the stage

The advantage of the basin under the stage is that it will not destroy the flatness of the table when using it, which is more convenient to clean. In the visual effect, the basin of the lower stage will be more modern and love people. Compared to the potted pot, the price of the pot will be more expensive, and the installation will be complicated at the same time. The facial washing platform should open a hole according to the inner size of the basin of the pelvic basin, and use it to place the pelvis. In order to fit with the countertop, the parts of the pot in the table with the countertop must be integrated with the table and bonded with a special bonding agent. If the pot is broken, it is impossible to separate the basin from the table from the table, and it can only be replaced with the table. Therefore, from this perspective, we better choose the lower part of the well -known brand to ensure the quality and reduce the possibility of damage to the lower part of the stage.

Disadvantages of pots on the stage

台下盆怎么样 台下盆价格贵吗

Because the diameter of the pot on the stage is larger than the hole dug on the table, it is equivalent to directly resting on the table. When installing, you only need to put the tablet with the seams of the table with silicone, and the construction is more convenient. If the pot is damaged, you only need to remove the silicone and pick it up directly from the table. There is also an advantage on the basin on the stage, that is, you can make more changes in the shape, so there is a large room for style choice, and the decoration effect is ideal. When washing hands, water is not easy to splash from the pot, but it is more difficult and troublesome in the cleaning of the washbasin, and because it is relatively high, it is not suitable for children to use.

Is the price expensive on the stage?

TOTO Basin -style washbasin LW596RB Potted Basin Genuine Household Popular Potted

Price ¥ 1660.00-2540.00

· Brand: TOTO

· Model: LW596RB

台下盆怎么样 台下盆价格贵吗

· Color Classification: LW596RB Pot does not contain water LW596RB+DL363 faucet

· Material: Ceramic

台下盆怎么样 台下盆价格贵吗

· Size: 550 × d: 370 (mm

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