High -speed railway “wedding car” her wedding was particularly romantic. On December 26, the Huaihua Meteorological Observatory issued a Blizzard Red Early Warning, with the deepest snowy snowy 22 mm, and highway and national road temporarily closed other roads. This day happened to be the marriage period of the bride Gao Jie and the groom Lu Hao. The bride will marry from Huaihua Mayang to Huaihua Hecheng. “I felt a little embarrassed at that time. According to the tradition, the groom was going to drive to pick it up.” The bride said, “Later, because of safety considerations, I thought of taking the high -speed rail.”


The high -speed rail that the bride said is the newly opened Zhang Jihuai high -speed rail on December 6. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes from Mayang to Huaihua. “It’s too convenient, otherwise I don’t know what to do.”

The bride then bought a ticket for himself and the four bridesmaids. Everyone carried a makeup box and luggage on the G1367 train. The groom also rushed to Huaihua South Station to welcome them.

“When I got off the high -speed rail, the staff guided the station. I especially thanked them. Thanks to the high -speed rail, our wedding can be held smoothly on time.”

Although Huaihua raised the snow that day, the bride felt that this was a different kind of sweetness and romance: “Together, they have white heads, white heads to old, and the meaning is very good.”


At the wedding scene, the groom said affectionately: “Because of this accident, we have infinitely looking forward to the future. We are along the way, thank you for your efforts.”

The bride’s experience was also hot after being published by my girlfriend to the Internet.

Netizens have presented blessings, “Perfect interpretation, love is two -way go”, “This wedding car is old”, “Harmony is a wedding car, the meaning is also very good” “brave and not arrogant, will definitely be happy!”


Some netizens praised the Chinese high -speed rail “awesome, wind and rain.”


Source: Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency, People’s Railway

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