Hello everyone, this is the garden and poetry, I am spring. When I went to the flower market before spring, I often saw some stalls selling micro -landscapes. The price was really not cheap and really good -looking. Some plants used in some landscapes seemed to return to ancient times. Some landscapes were very artistic. Many flower buddies can not go out now. It is better to create a micro -landscape at home. Let’s share it with the flower friends in the following spring to use which materials and containers can create micro -landscapes.


1. The choice of micro -landscape container


The containers that can be selected by micro -landscapes include fish tanks, stumps or more distinctive flower pots, and so on. In short, see what containers are in the home. It is more appropriate. It can be used for micro -landscapes. The glass and wood materials are the best, because the glass is transparent and can clearly observe the growth state of the plant. It can also be very good. Keeping the humidity around the plant, the wood has a simple temperament, which can create a poem -like mood. Flowers can also add their favorite things to the landscape to increase the sense of lively to the landscape.

2. Which plant is suitable for miniature landscape

Plants used to create micro -landscapes are generally more damp plants. For most micro -landscapes, moss is the key to creating artistic conception. In addition, plants that are particularly suitable for creating micro -landscapes are ferns, because most ferns are fern. The plant is super yin resistant, especially moist. The disadvantage is that the fern plant aesthetics is slightly worse. At this time, the flower friends can use red net grasses. Watching leaves and bells of the bells of the leaves, especially mesh grasses, in a dark environment, the leaves are not easy to fade easily. Essence

3. What should I do if I do n’t have that kind of plants mentioned above? The selective application of the green plants at home can also create a beautiful and natural micro -landscape


Most of the green dills in the home of flower friends are also a plant that is very suitable for creating micro -landscapes. Bamboo plants will make the micro -landscape elegant. Ivy can create a waterfall -like spirit. Incorporate a lot of color to the landscape, such as mint, such as mint, prefer humid vanilla plants, can also be used to create micro -landscapes, and will also add aromatic atmosphere to the landscape. In short, those leaf -viewing plants that like dampness can be used to create micro -landscapes. Flowers can take materials on the spot.

4. Which plants are not suitable for creating micro -landscapes

Most succulent plants are not suitable for creating miniature landscapes, because many succulent plants like to dry and have sufficient growth environment. Although the succulent plant is planted in the fish tank, it looks beautiful, but it is basically difficult to be difficult To maintain the initial state, most of the flowers of flowers prefer light. In micro -landscapes, even micro -view -view plants cannot bloom well.

Sometimes when you think about it, many people in ancient times used rockery, stones, trees, flowers and plants to create landscapes in their own gardens. There are a lot of love at all. Especially now, because of the epidemic cause, the time of idle time, flower friends can try to create some micro -landscapes, not only can enjoy the beauty, but also improve air quality and get two birds with one stone.


Do you also know which plants can be used to create micro -landscapes? Welcome to leave a message below to share.


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