Putting on micro jeans, a sorrowful lady’s breath blows. Not only retro and elegant, but also the functional effects of micro -jeans, easily cover the meat of the thick legs. At this time, there is still a sense of fishtail. In short, micro -pants are beautiful.


The slim horn design, the clouds are as good as the water. The feet of wool pants are overflowing between walking. There are no obvious seasonal features, cross -seasons. The elastic mid -high waist design, the fabric is soft and elastic, and it is thin to cover the meat.

The thin and slight version, simple, generous, smooth, intuitive and generous. The cross -edged stitching design of the pants feet is bright! The high waist design is gentle and can cover the small belly. The important thing is to show long legs. Nine points and trousers: two options.


Comfortable denim fabrics, simple and pure micro -La Denim. The pure color and fashion blue, the trousers have no extra decoration, simple but not simple effect, a little playful, with the gentleness of years, the whole of literature and affinity. Simple slim -fitting version brings a more comfortable dressing experience.


In the middle waist design, the three -dimensional high waist tailoring effectively collects fat to make the waist look slimmer. Fashion front bag design, fine car sutures are fine and more fine. Fashion flared pants, classic versatile figure. The design of Yucker, lifting the hips and abdomen.

3D three -dimensional tailoring design, hidden excess fat, is even thinner. Inconsistent craftsmanship guarantees quality, retro traits, and details can withstand scrutiny. The design of the pocket pocket, the classic hip lifting. The agile eyelashes are more fashionable and eye -catching.

Elasticity is just right, comfortable and not tight. Fracus’s micro -trousers, the lack of angle design stretch the leg lines of the legs. Metal buttons do not fall off, double lock -edge technology, pants are pulled many times without falling off. Win smooth zipper. The pants are not scrubbed multiple times, and the hair is not touched.

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